How The IRI Murdered My Cousin


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

As the anniversary approaches for the most profound man made disaster that struck our nation in the past century, the 1979 revolution, I think that we should take a moment and remember some of its unfortunate victims. My cousin was one such victim. For the purposes of this narrative I will call him Omid.

He was one of my favorite cousins. His father, my dad’s brother was my father’s closest sibling, and consequently our families spent a lot of time together. We lived in different cities and spent summers with one another. We were very close.

It was some time in 80’s. The first news about his arrest came by phone. We had a frantic call from his family saying that “pasdars” had picked him up the night before as he was standing on a street corner waiting to meet one of his comrades. Apparently, he had recently become involved with a leftist organization (not MKO). He hadn’t done much…just a few meetings. It turns out though that one of the guys in the organization had been arrested, and under torture, had agreed to “cooperate” with the regime. So, he had been going around calling for meeting and rendezvous’ with everyone that he could think of, and then setting them up to be picked up by the regime’s agents. It was only a few days after Omid’s 17th birthday.

Time went on, and Omid remained in prison, without trial, without a court hearing and a lawyer…well, let’s not turn this into a comedy. Then the summer vacations came and we went to his city. The sad highlight of the trip was our anticipated trip to the prison to see Omid. We had to fool the guards into thinking that we were his siblings because those were the only people who were allowed to visit him. We arrived at the prison gate. It was an unbelievably sad scene. There were hundreds of crying, chador wearing mothers on top of one another, who were gathered in the dusty, unpaved entrance of the prison, holding out their “shenasmehs” and trying not to lose the rare opportunity of seeing their children. So, we held out our “shenasnamehs” also and convinced the machine gun holding pasdars that we were his brothers and sisters. It was pretty easy to fool them considering the chaotic scene there.

We got in and got a “hozoori” visit. That meant that we could actually sit down with him in a corner of the prison, as opposed to having to speak to him through a phone and from behind a screen. We weren’t really free to talk, though, as there was a pasdar standing next to us and listening to the whole conversation.

Omid was ecstatic to see us. He said he missed us…missed spending summers with us. Considering that this was another summer, and then seeing him there…it was just too emotional. We talked about soccer. His sister quietly, and in codes, asked him if he was being “harmed”, i.e., tortured. He smiled and didn’t answer. We had another visit with him and then left the city. His parents were concerned that he was getting “hozori” visits, because they had heard that “hozoori” visits were given to the prisoners who were going to be executed. Perhaps it was mullahs’ sick definition of “compassion”.

Three months later, the shocking news came via a phone call. Omid’s parents had gone to visit him at the prison for their regular weekly visits, and had taken some homemade food for him too…but were told at the gate that they should go to “shahrdari”, i.e., the morgue…to “retrieve” him. He had been hanged with a crane that morning…

What follows is a description of Omid’s final hours according to a cellmate who was later released.

The night before his execution, someone from the prison’s clinic had come to collect Omid and a few other prisoners. A couple of hours later, Omid was brought back to the cell. He was tried and sits down, holding his forehead. He tells the cellmate “they didn’t leave a drop of blood in my body. I don’t know how many bags of blood they took, but it was more than one, may be three. I’m tired and can’t stand up.” He lies down, and goes to sleep from apparent exhaustion. A few hours later, about 4:00 am, names begin to be called in the prison’s intercom, the ominous sign of executions. Everyone wakes up in terror and quietly listens to see if tonight is their night. Omid’s name is called. He turns to the cellmate, nods and says this last sentence: “please tell my mother not to cry”. He then sheds a few tears. The guards come and take him away…He was still 17.

It turns out that they were drawing the blood of the executees a few hours before their execution and were sending the blood to the war front to be used for the war wounded. They would leave just enough in the body for them to survive the few hours before their execution.

Omid was one of the tens, or hundreds of thousands who have been victims of this inhuman, anti-Iranian regime. A regime that has made death the cheapest commodity in our homeland since it cast its dark cloud of ignorance, backwardness and violence over our ancient nation. And a regime that wont hesitate to continue its murderous ways just so that it could remain in power. But its victims, the Iranian people, will not allow it to do so. May this 22 Bahman be their last.


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by Monda on

Upsetting link....  Thank you for sharing.


Dear AO

by Sohraby on

تسلیت عرض میکنم و به‌ امید پیروزی مردم ایران بر اهریمن ۱۴۰۰ ساله.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you all

by Anonymous Observer on

who have left your kind messages since my last comment.  They mean a lot.  Writing about my cousin's story brought back all the emotions that I went through those many years ago.  I remembered our last conversation as it was yesterday.  I remembered his mother as she embraced him, held him and didn't want to let go at the end of the visit.  She was begging that filthy pasdar for a few more minutes...a few more minutes to spend with her son...I can still remember her smelling him as she was holding him, just so that she can remember his smell until next week when she could see him again...I remember her quietly sobbing in the car on our way back home...

But Omid was just one face, one person, out of thousands of Iranians men and women who perished in IRI's gallows.  This is their story.  All of them.     

Anahid Jaan:  Thank you for your offer.  But I prefer it if you dedicate a poem to all those who perished, not just him.  Perhaps you can use the name Omid to refer to all of them, as they were all, symbols of hope for their families.

Thank you all again for your kind remarks.   


NAZI Dr. Mengle lives on in IRI - Cannibal Mullahs

by Dont_censor_me_again on

Thousands of Doctors enabled this ghoulish cannibalism.

The Mullah's didnt come up with this in Halal Butchers class.

Some brown-nosing Doctor (probably interned at Cedars) recommended this for a few sacks of rice.

Just like the NAZI's Dr. Mengele.

The regimes political prisoner death toll is min. 30,000+ range; with thousands of boys/girls meeting this fate in summer of my family own eyewitness accounts.

An army of Doctors had to do this...not one or two taking orders.

Sorry to burst the Iranian Doctor myth of practicing selflessly in Tehran Clinic or famous plastic surgeon doing nose jobs in Beverly Hills or Park Ave.

Shame on you Cannibal DOCTORS.....admit your complicity and expose these cannibals 



Maryam Hojjat

I am broken by your story!

by Maryam Hojjat on

How savage are these Akhoonds!  May The IRAN be cleansed from any Akhoond soon.


ویران شود قبله ای که بر آن سجده میکنند...


از ما بهای گلوله خواستند. از مادران داغدار پول نقد طلب کردند تا پیکر بی جان و به خاک و خون کشیده عزیزانمان را به ما تحویل دهند. سوگواری بر خاک خفتگانمان را منع کردند...

ملت ایران میداند این قوم از کدام تبار هستند. ویران شود قبله ای که بر آن سجده میکنند.

تسلیت عرض میکنم...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I just read your article and am truly sorry. My deepest condolences to you and your family. It is very painful to even read and fills my heart with sadness and sorrow. I don't know what to say so I will repeat  May this 22 Bahman be their last.


AO jan: I couldn't finish

by vildemose on

AO jan: I couldn't finish are not alone.
Something similar happened to my cousin but he managed to get out. However, he has never been the same and he suffers from PTSD and can't sleep without the lights on...

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

It sounds like , had your cousin lived, he would be my age today.

I went thru the same deal he did,  under similar circumstances, around the same time .

I made it out of there alive, and he didn't.

His blood was not shed in vein, I assure you.


Ali P.



by AsteroidX on



AO jaan

by Mehrban on

I really can not grasp and understand but am only at awe of these people's capacity and need for murder.  As if they substitute murder for happiness they so fear.   

I am truly sorry for your loss.  It is heartbreaking and enraging.  Maybe one day we will look at the days of IRR as a distant past while all of our demons personified themselves in a freak show that called itself a Republic.  


This story makes me respect SADDAM Hussein

by zanboor_ghavi_mannyslawyer on

Yep.  Indeed, despite my hatred for Saddam, I can't but secretly admire his courage.  face uncovered, totally unmoved, faces death with no worries...not many can do that

regardless of his animosity with Iran, Saddamcould have elected to be like Saudi Arabian Kings, bow to America, but he didn't .

He didnt take marching orders from the Americans.  He used them in his fight with Iran.

Darius Kadivar

AO Jaan Hamrazmanam ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Yves Montand - Les Feuilles Mortes


Edith Piaf sings the english version :

  May indeed  this 22 Bahman be their last ...

hamsade ghadimi

مشاهد ناشناس

hamsade ghadimi

بسیار ناراحت شدم از خبر حادثهٔ پسر عموت.  میدونم که اون جای بهتریه از ما و اگر خدایی باشه، یک زمانی دوباره میبینیش.  البته میخوام پیر شی‌. پسر خاله من در آن زمان به جبهه رفت.  با اینکه از خانوادهٔ غیر مذهبی هستیم، اون بسیار دو آتشه بود زمان جنگ. تو جنگ، به گروهشون حمله می‌شه و اون تنها نفری بود که قسل در رفت.  تا این روز غیر از فحش چیزی نداره برای این دولت خونخوار.



by yolanda on

Hi! Sargord Pirouz,

     How can people concentrate on the positive when a 17 year old was executed and his blood was drained before he was hanged?

    You are such a faker! I thought you have some conscience and I thought you came here to give your condolences! I was so naive!  No, you came here to ask people to forget about IRI's animalistic nature! It is not going to happen!


Anahid Hojjati

Dear Anonymous Observer, this is so sad, Sorry for your loss

by Anahid Hojjati on


 Dear AO, your story touched me.  I have a poem with following link which in it,, I have named some friends who were executed


In the comments, a reader of IC told me about her friend who was also executed and I included his name in the poem.  If you want, I can include your cousin's first name in the poem.  You can also describe him in few words like if he were funny, shy, in love which I then will include in the poem.  Read my poem and let me know what you think.  Memory of these young people has to be kept alive.  Again, I am sorry for your loss.



Sargord Pirouz

Sorry to hear about your

by Sargord Pirouz on

Sorry to hear about your loss, Anon.

I I lost my favorite cousin, too. Only in my case, my cousin lost his life from injuries sustained in war. (I actually have his military hat on a shelf- I'm looking at it right now.)

I can tell you there are times I am critical of the conduct of the war, and that perhaps government mismanagement contributed to his untimely death. But I've found that sort of reasoning doesn't help.

You never really get over the loss. But life goes on. And what I've found to work for me is to remain steady and concentrate on the positive.

Not saying this will work for you; only this is what works for me. 



by yolanda on

Thank you for sharing this deeply personal and tragic story. It was very painful to read it. I am sure it is 10 times more painful to write about it and re-live the horror. Wow! He was only 17! He was so brave and sweet 'cause he thought about his mom first when he heard his fate.....he was an amazing human-being! ........IRI is so cruel!!!   IRI has not changed....less than 2 weeks ago, IRI hanged 2 people without notifying the relatives.....

I like the last sentence of your blog:

May this 22 Bahman be their last.


Anonymous Observer

Thank you Arthimis

by Anonymous Observer on

you are correct.  And as I mentioned below, this story is representative of hundreds of thousands more.  I personally know of quite a few others.  I share your hope for an Iran where these are ancient horror stories that we share with our children's children in order to prevent them from ever happening again.


Dear Anonymous Observor

by Arthimis on

هم میهن گرامی‌، این ماجرای دردناک شما و خانواده شما و کشته شدن نا‌ جوانمردانه پسر عمو شما هم چون هزاران ایرانیان دیگر که بدست اهریمنان اسلامی و این رژیم جنایتکار شکنجه و کشته شدند، باعث بزرگترین تأسف و شرمندگی برای تمامی‌ مردمان دنیا و بخصوص ایرانیان راستین است... تسلیت از صمیم قلب به شما، خانواده آن فرزند دلیر ایران و تمامی‌ ایرانیان با وجدان... به امید روزی که چنین اعمال شیطانی برای همیشه از ایران ریشه کن شود. به امید پیروزی ایران و ایرانیان راستین و با وجدان بر اهریمنان رژیم اسلامی اشغالگر ایران. زنده با ایران.

Anonymous Observer

Samsam, MM & Nur

by Anonymous Observer on

Thank you all for your thoughts and words of condolence.  

MM: What would IRI apologists say?  They will start talking about IRI's "space technology".

Nur: I know all about IRI, and (Khomeini's personal) vendetta against the Shaykhi sect.  We have relatives who are Shaykhis.

Samsam: Thanks for the compliment.  Omid was a very smart kid.  Used to be "shagerd aval" in his class all the time, and used to toture others (including me) in math.  He also thought me how to make a "badbadak" using flour dough as binder and the "sepestoon" seeds (from the sepestoon tree) as the glue! 


AO jaan

by SamSamIIII on


Thanks for sharing .Knowing about your values I am sure he was from the same calibre . thanks to reign of Zahaak most of us have a few dark spots of sorrow in our memoires and for that I share your loss & grievance . God speed & steadfast patience to both you and his loved ones.

Amen pilgram

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Khoda IRI-ra la'anat koneh

by Nur-i-Azal on

Belated condolences.

Our family had distant relatives who were murdered by this regime early on as well. These were the members of the Ibrahimi family in Kirman, i.e. the hereditary leaders of the Karim Khani Shaykhi school, who were murdered by the Kirman Komiteh apparently on the direct orders of Khomeini himself.


I feel ur pain

by MM on

I am very sorry for you loss.  Many of us have horror stories like the one you went through.  Sharing them will ease the pain, but I know that the pain never goes away, only to resurface from time to time, some times more than others.

I wonder how the IRI sympethizers would justify IRI actions when it gets so close and personal with stories like yours?

Anonymous Observer

Thanks Azarin

by Anonymous Observer on

He was just one victim.  There are hundreds of thousands of other victims with similarly horrifying stories.  Their stories must be told.  I encourage everyone with similar accounts of IRI's victims to share them with the world.

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

After reading the terrifying tale of your cousin's murder, I'm just heartbroken, as if Omid was my own cousin...

So sorry for your loss...Az.