Bad News For America Residing, Yet America Hating Iranians


Bad News For America Residing, Yet America Hating Iranians
by Anonymous Observer

I’m not feeling well.  Some kind of a cold.   Have been sitting at home all day.  I can’t go for my daily run, and my sinuses feels like they’re going to explode any minute.  So, to relieve some tension, I figured I write a blog and pick on some of my favorite punching bags: the America residing, yet America hating Iranian douche bags.  You know the type, the Chomsky loving (after all, he is one of the “good” Jews), “imperialist” (whatever that means in the 21st century) hating, yet imperialist benefiting, chelo kabab eating, blog writing, manufactured outrage specialists who live among us.

Did I say imperialist benefiting?  That’s a good one, if I may say so myself.  It’s actually the point of this blog.  So, listen up losers: you are America.   However you “arbadeh” that you hate imperialists and wars and military action, you are a part of the whole thing.  You fund every bomb that is dropped in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.   Every time you go to your favorite shamshiri restaurant to stuff your fat faces with chelo kabob, every time you buy a car (assuming that you do not ride olaghs to work), every time you put gas in your car to drive to your jobs at the local university—or the car dealership as the case may be—every time you have taxes taken out of your paycheck, every time you write a check for your internet service to write this nonsense online, every time…well, even you have the requisite amount of intelligence to figure out the rest…you are contributing to the 21st century empire that is the United States of America.   So, what do you have to say about that?  Feel bad?  No?  Are you going to come up with some weird “safsateh,” (or may be a poem) telling us how YOU are not a part of this economy and this system? It ain’t gonna work.  It is what it is.  YOU are a contributing part of the system.  But, no worries.  There’s good news.  There are actually two distinct steps that you can take to remedy this situation:  Here they are:

The first option (and the less effective one) is to purchase a black sharpie from your local Staples.  Now, come April 15, 2012, grab the sharpie and write, in large letters, on your IRS 1040 form this sentence:   “I am an all knowing Iranian.  I love Noam Chmosky and I hate imperialists.  Therefore, I refuse to pay taxes so that I do not contribute to various wars around the world.  Merci, as we say in Iran.  By the way, have you been to Iran?  It’s great.  They have two meter long chelo kababs and cheap opium.  I go there every summer.  And the mullahs are very reasonable.  Don’t listen to Zionist propaganda by the Jew controlled media. No sanctions please.”  OK, a bit long, you may try to write in small letters.   But anyway, carefully fold that form, address it to the Internal Revenue Service and then tell us how that works out for you (free advice: lawyer up.  See you in Ft.  Leavenworth).

The second, and more  practical option is, of course, for you to pack up your “jol va palas” and your “kaseh koozeh,” purchase yourselves a one way ticket on Iran Air that you brag about being safe and  head on down to the freedom fighting, Zionist slaying, Imperialist punching-in-the-mouth (is that even an expression?) non nuke-loving Islamic Republic of Iran, where you don’t have to see fat Americans (and possibly Jews—OMG!!) around you all the time.  Easy enough, no? So, why haven’t you done it already?  Why are you on lamenting America’s misdeeds?   Why, bothers and sisters, why?     

 ***The blog photo has no relation whatsoever to the blog’s content.  I just felt like sharing my favorite Degas painting with everyone.     


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G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

Criticizing the American policies is accepted by anyone who believes in democracy and citizens' right to dissent. However, the problem arises when Iranian-Americans who vehemently attack US "imperialism" whitewash crimes committed by the regime in Tehran!!!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Mammad has a

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


point here. Mammad has a job; is paying taxes and is not living off the government. He does not like some American policies. One may argue that Mammad is being a good American by warning them against stupid adventures.

I have a friend who went back to Iran and started a business. He does not step on the IRI toes. He does not "kiss" up to IRI but does not mess with them either. He is making money and has a nice life there.

We live here to be free to dissent. I am sorry you are mixing "going on welfare" with "opposing American policy". I know people on welfare who are as "pro American" as it gets. I know millionaires who criticize America all the time.



Tabarzin good post, we feel your pain.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Something we have in common is that we feel the humiliation as a result of what this regime is doing to our people for the beneft of US Hedgemony.  Our souls have been wounded by forces out of our control and not only could we not protect ourselves, we could not protect those we care deeply about.  It's no secret that 1979 was a national tragedy and it resulted in what we have had for the last 33 years, what has been described by historians as the dark days of Iran.

On the plus side, you and I have not seen the insides of the 1000 planes a year flying across Europe for the last decade, with in some cases totally innocent people, on their way to experience a life of torture and interrogation in one of the dozens of secret prisons set up by the cia.  We must never feel sorry for ourselves in order to bear our pain, but seek to make it right in a way that we value. I haven't figured out what that is for myself yet to be truthful, but I'm on my way as I hope you are too.

By the way are you anywhere near London?

My Name Is Borat

Applause !!

by My Name Is Borat on

And to think this came out of having a cold.

Heaven help them if you had the flu, AO.  :-) 

Feel better.



by Mammad on

I do not know how serious are you in writing this, but asuming that you are serious, here is my two cents:

1. Whether we like it or not, or whether we intended it or not, the fact is we are all citizens of the U.S.

2. Democracy is not just the rule of the majority, but more importantly the right of the minority to dissent - if in fact those who oppose the American Empire with its 700 military bases around the globe are in the minority. 

3. Precisely because we pay the taxes that we do, we have the right to dissent because in a democracy - if you believe that the U.S. is a democracy - we should have a say in how our tax money is spent.

4. As far as I am concerned, the ONLY difference between me and the "all American" citizen is that the Boeing 747 that brought me to the U.S. on March 12, 1978 arrived later than the boat that brought the ancestors of the "all American." Otherwise, people like me pay more taxes, and contribute more - much more - to the American society than your average Joe Smith, and have been model citizens.

5. Millions of the "all Americans" do not also agree with what the U.S. political establishment does.

6. If I want to kiss the U.S. leaders' rear because I am allowed to live here and thus should not dissent, then I prefer to go back to Iran - if I could - and kiss the rear end of an Iranian! I live here because I can dissent.

7. Finally, my moto is: I respect the American Republic - despite all of its difficulties and unequaliities - but I despise the American Empire because it has been, since at least WW II, the most important source of misery around the globe, from U.S.-backed dictatorships in Latin America, to U.S.-backed dictatorships in the Middle East, the 1953 coup in Iran, the Vietnam war, its one-sided support for Israel .......




by Reality-Bites on

My point wasn't about white and non-white people or American born people themselves. of whatever colour.

Chomsky, to take your example (whom I don't think is an American hater as such, but rather a stern critic if US foreign policies) is not a hypocrite in the sense that he is not an American hater from another country, who always blames the US for everything, but has moved to the US to enjoy the standard of living, relative freedoms and comforts there, while using that very freedom to continually bash it. He is a born and bred American.

So, by "these people", I'm referring to the hypocrites who detest America and openly tell everyone they detest America, but have CHOSEN to move and happily live in the land they proclaim to hate so much. 

And I didn't just talk about Iranians. I did say people from different places. 

Anonymous Observer

Anahid Jaan - Only you would know

by Anonymous Observer on

if this blog applies to you.  :-)

Anonymous Observer

Bahram G and Amirparviz....

by Anonymous Observer on

: Thanks for the well wishes.  I am feeling a bit better today. Perhaps I will go out for a run.

..: I don't know what happened to one of your prolific comments on this blog. It appears as if it has been deleted. In it, you had alluded to the possibility that I may suffer from certain psychological "issues?" Thank you sir for that observation.  Indeed, I feel as if I do have a myriad of psychological and psychiatric ailments.

It's all that Kafka I have been reading. Finished "The Trial" and now I'm on "Metamorphosis." Kafka causes you to become delusional. Perhaps I need to watch a little TV. Haven't turned the TV on for over a month now. Anything good on these days? I read that Chmosky has joined American Idol as a Judge. Here:


Is it true? If so, it's worth watching, I guess...


Anahid Hojjati

I read the blog AO too

by Anahid Hojjati on

I understood this much that it does not apply to me because I prefer Imperialism to the mullas and I support sanctions, so I can pay my taxes. Am I correct?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Who do you mean by these people? There are a few who are very critical of America. One if Chomsky who I don't like very much. He is American born; has a paying job at MIT and is not on welfare. But he does seem to have a deep hatred of America. One more is Jimmy Carter! He seems to also have a deep hatred of America. But Iranians for most part came here legally. Have jobs and do not live on welfare. So who do you mean please? 

Most real America haters I know are American born and white! What do you propose we do with them? The Iranians who are really anti-American are few and far between. Most of them left over types who don't even live in America.

Anonymous Observer

Thank you RB - Finally someone who actually read the blog

by Anonymous Observer on

and understood it.  


If I may

by Reality-Bites on

I don't think AO's blog is about criticizing the US government for specific policies, which every citizen of every country regardless of their origins, has a right to do. Indeed, there are many areas where the US deserves criticism and in some instances outright condemnation.

This is about those hypocrites who have nothing but deep seated hatred for the US and continually trash everything about that country and blame it for all the world's ills, while having CHOSEN to live there and benefited from the opportunities and the living standards it has afforded them.

This hypocrisy by no means limited to Iranians or lefties for that matter. I've seen people of different nationalities and various political and religious backgrounds behave with the same shameless hypocrisy towards the US. Take some of the millions of Latino immigrants for example (and I stress "some", not all), who have immigrated to the US (many of them illegally), live on welfare and other US provided benefits and yet have no allegiance to the US and do not even recognise its sovereignty over large parts of its territory, like California, Texas etc. 

And before I get accused of brown nosing America for having the gall to agree with AO on this hypocrisy, for what it's worth let me point out that I don't live in the US and never have. What's more, I'm very critical of many US policies and actions (support of authoritarian regimes, always vetoing UN resolutions against Israel, rushing to wars without any thoughyt/planning their aftermaths etc). But neither am I blinded by irrational and ideological hatred to think everything it America's fault.

Anonymous Observer

Come on, you know who I am talking about

by Anonymous Observer on

See, this is the problem with us.  We are not a nation of readers.  We  are just hysterical, knee jerk, emotional jerk offs.  Please read the blog first and don't turn this into a safsateh style discussion about democracy and right to criticism.  Of course one can, and must, criticize bad conduct of any government.  If you had read the blog, you would have noticed that I even criticize the U.S. in the blog.  I call it an empire.  Did you read that part?  Do you think that being a 21st century empire is a good thing?

But the people who I am referring to go way beyond criticism. They have no interest in being a constructive part of the American societies where they live. They want to make a buck, use their American passports to travel freely to Europe and Dubai (because their beloved Islamic Republic's passport is looked upon as dog poop by the majority of the world) and then retire to the home that they bought in Tehran a few years ago.

And you can see who these people are very quickly. Just read their writings. They bad mouth the U.S 24/7 and then try to justify every atrocious thing that the IR does. That's who I am talking about.

Plus, no one has answered the questions raised in this blog.  If you despise everything that America does, why do you contribute to it so that it can continue to carry on with its plan of world domination? 


VPK based on ideals I agree with you

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Deep emotions like hatred have their place, value and uses in evolution.  Freedom means to have the ability to do good or not, and value it how you wish.

Personally, I don't like it when the hate is selfish and doesn't address helping the whole, but again who am I do dictate my value on anyone else.  That's unconscionable.  

People should honestly be able to do what the f#%^ they want to do and deserve the understanding to not be judged as people, but maybe have their values judged.   i felt this blog and some comments were judgemental of certain people and in disregard to their freedom and therefore mine.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I go a step further than you do. How about if USA did not do anything bad to me or my nation. I just came and got a citizenship. Then became a law abiding tax payer. Why should I not criticize policies I disagree with?

This is not the Soviet Union or IRI. It is a free nation. Maybe I think it was wrong to invade Iraq or to bail out the banks. It is my right to have my say. If they do not want to listen fine but at least I get to say my bit.

The problem with some Iranians is that they live under the IRI mentality. They do not understand that right to criticize is a very important right. If you don't then you are basically shirking your duty as a citizen. I have also many times phone my representative and even White House to provide my support. That is also important to let them know I support a policy. Without that how do they know what people feel about them. In fact that is why there is constant polling going on.

Bahram G

Hope you are feeling better

by Bahram G on

I can understand why you feel the way you do about those of us who live in the US by choice yet we don't take it fully to heart. Well, let me tell you something that may not have occurred to you or anyone else. This is an imperfect world we live in and America is a piece of it:). Thus, granting that, it is okay to point out faults and deficiencies in the hope of making things better and setting things on a better track. Binary black and white thinking is the way very young children tink and view life.I believe your blog serves a good purpose by reminding us about being appreciative of the fact that America as imperfect that it may be has given us a home away from our home.And I do believe that a person can love Iran and also love his adopted home. That's the beauty of love. It is or can be most inclusive. So is the case with hate.So, you got to vent when the "cold" had you down? It did us some good to think about this important topic. The "love it or leave it" was the cry of the 60s by those who derided the hippies and the opponents of the Vietnam war.I say love it and be like a good lover do whatever you can reasonably do to make your love a bit better.Thanks and get well.Bahram g


Maryam you were never the religous type????? What happened?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You say,

"However, Shame on anyone who critizes this country & Its loving
people as living here and enjoys all the benefits as a citizen."

Consider the thousands of real cases of vietnames children who's parent and entire families were wiped out by the US Government in cold blood, many of the children raped by the Loving American people you mention.

Many of them were adopted by "good humans" from all over the world and some even by Americans, you think they have a right to criticize America or no? 

Even their adopted parents were ashamed and disgusted with the United States of America, which is why they felt it a duty to adopt real human victims of these tragedies, not because America is such a great country, but out of trying to address their own sense of Shame and wanting to do good as a human.

Do you feel if you are a citizen of the USA, the US government has every right to own your soul?  Or do you see your soul as not the possession of any government?

Did you know that according to the Iraqi government, 50% of all the children in Iraq today are orphaned.  No doubt some will make their way to America, not because it is such a great country or it's people are so lovely.  The goodness beauty and truth embodied by people that adopt such victims does not belong to a country, it is human beings living and acting within the bounds of their own soul.  You don't think that these Iraqi children will have a right to criticize the govt of America? 

Did victims lose the right to criticize, because they are the recipients of blessings made possible by the US govt?

Reflect of this a little, it could give you an Aha moment.

So if a person were in a pirate boat and you were in your boat with your family and he blew up your families boat, killing some relatives and then after stealing your parents resources as well as stealing your innocense gave you the opportunity to come on to his pirate boat, do you have any right to criticize him?

Think about human dignity before you answer?  America has lost its way in the world because of narrow minded people that say Shame on anyone who critizes the USA not its loving
people as they are living in the usa. 

I'm sure the first real opportunty they get, they will leave America, if only because they have a conscience and reaiize their freedom is a hoax in a society they can not better and characters they can not defend, but that may take them 30 years or in some cases of poverty sadly never.

On a lighter note, is it okay to go on vacation to the USA, while criticizing it?

I have friends in california and the winters in Europe are cold.


Maryam Hojjat

I Love Americans & America Eventhough

by Maryam Hojjat on

I am against some of its forgien policy.  The fact American Govenment thinks about Interest of its people & America must be an example for all other nations in particular IRR like to think about IRAN & IRANIANS' welfare not only Khodiha.  However, Shame on anyone who critizes this country & Its loving people as living here and enjoys all the benefits as a citizen.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


America is a large nation with lots of variations and subcultures. It is not one monolithic thing. What if I like Obama and don't like Bush? That puts me in the same category as a good 30-40 % of Americans. What about the opposite? Just because you criticize some aspect of America does not make you America Hating. 

The problem with some Iranians is they think monolithic. It comes from a tradition of dictators. You either support the Shah or hate him; same for Khomeini or Mossadegh. No room for middle ground. Well it does not work for me. I support some American policies and oppose others. It is my right as an American.

In fact it is my duty to bring up the mistakes when I see them. Otherwise I will be derelict in my duty to warn her mistakes. What person will not warn his friend when he is about to step into a well! It would be unpatriotic and irresponsible.



by Arj on

Dear AO, I do not live in the U.S. (and not fond of chelo-kabab) either. But was wondering; am I allowed to like Chomsky and criticize U.S. and Israel?!


AO, there you have part of your answer...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The bitter reality of failure and not being accepted by a seemingly "racist" host country, could turn the rejected bitter immigrant into a hatefull individual towards it's host country. This is not limited to US, and indeed it is more common in Europe, specially amongst muslim immigrants.

Having said that, I moved to US after doing my studies in Europe, and as a whole I find US and americans as good and welcoming country and people, even considering the post 9/11 atmosphere. America is by no means a fault free society. Nowhere is. But the fact is that all of us, exiles or not live where we live by choice, which takes us back to your original question.

Good , and if I might say, a timely blog. Thanks.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Anonymous Observer

The blog is specifically addressed to those who live here

by Anonymous Observer on

So, it does not apply to you.  That being said, it appears as if you lost a loved one.  For that, I offer you my sincerest condolences, regardless of the circumstances of the loss.

And the blog is not about brwon nosing.  It's about reality and hypocricy. 


Mutatis mutandis

by Tabarzin on

What is with the America brown-nosing?

On a personal level, I don't live in America and couldn't be paid enough to live there ever again - or to visit it. Every bad memory I've ever had occured in America. American greed was responsible for destroying my motherland 32 years ago and made me an exile where I cannot go back to live amongst my people because of its government but I remain alienated from the insidious mainstream culture that America has spawned like a cancer all over the planet where I am. Every dart and malice I have ever experienced through the past decade has emerged from America. America warped people I loved into shallow, soulless, cultureless and rootless autmatons beholden to America's one true god: the almighty $$$. America snatched the love of my life, a native, indigenous daughter of the land, away from me in the prime of her life and mine. America has made me and many like me into what Fanon called the Wretched of the Earth. Why and for what reason should I love America, especially since I don't even live there anymore?