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by Masih Zad
manirooniam.com: Developed centuries ago in Heart , once one of the most important cultural centers in the world, Persian calligraphy and miniature painting have remained a staple form of art to Persians. Persian calligraphy is a living entity with infinite number of personal touches that give a peculiar mystique to this art. Masih Zad is the artist whose exquisite art of breathing life into the patterns whose mystical meanderings leave a soothing effect on those who appreciate rhythms and cadences in Zen-like calligraphy. Born in 1984 in Esfahan, also known as "nesfe Jahan" (half of the world), Masih has always possessed the passion and exuberance for Persian art. Living in Esfahan, a city of a tremendous variety of arts, Masih started out with restoring subtle old Persian rugs to their old glory at the age of 13 >>>