Yankees for peace

American city votes against war with Iran

by Omid Memarian

The eight-member city council of Oakland, home to nearly half a million people, unanimously passed a symbolic resolution opposing any U.S. attack against Iran Tuesday November 6, 2007, in a bid to pressure lawmakers in Congress to reestablish their constitutional authority over U.S foreign policy and war policy and funding. Before the city council meeting began, about 15 concerned Oakland and East Bay residents spoke out against the U.S. entering into another war. Dozens of others rallied in front of City Hall in support of the resolution>>> FULL STORY

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Down with Government by Aggression

by Hamed Haeri (not verified) on

No matter how much the neoconservatives want to destroy the values and the principals these United States was built on yet we see the grassroot will never conceede and relinquish its hard earned freedom by submitting to them. In the city councils, rural committees, universities everywhere will hold their principal of not imposing their will on others by the way of force and aggression. Long live United States of America. Down with government by aggression.


President Bush...! Can you hear me? When are you going to

by Anonymous^5 (not verified) on

start bombing of the Islamic Republic? Are we supposed to write you a letter of invitation?


Dr. Maleknasri , America has

by Nader - West Covina (not verified) on

Dr. Maleknasri , America has had the most stable democracy since the day it was established. Even at times when other democracies such as France and Germany fell into fascism and monarchy, U.S kept its republic system. Are you saying that there was no election held and suddenly a court decision appointed Bush as the president? There was an election held and he won fair and square. Towards the end, there was legal dispute which, though a beautiful democratic process, without a single drop of blood being shed, a court n Florida stopped a recount process. That is democratic in itself. Something we never had in our motherland, did we?


we could try to push for the same

by rezashirazi on

We Iranian all over should try to push for the same resolution to be passed in our local cities to first educate people and second show them people are not supporting the War. We should print this resolution and mail it to our local and national goverment to first let them konw that such a thing has already been done if they don't know about it yet and second ask them we like to have the same resolution to be passed here. that's the least we could do to prevent the War.see copy of the resolution below;





by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

although the americans are for peace, the unreasonable Wars do not end. why? Every body may make her-/himself her/his owne Answer. And please acknowledge the following:
4 in 10 reservists serving in Iraq need treatment.
US troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are often plagued by mental health problems such as depression months after they return home.
A Pentagon study published in the journal of the American medical association has discovered that signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, alcohol abuse and conflicts in relationships are often only showing up in a second medical examination given to the troops some three to six months after coming home.
"The study shows that the rates that we previously reported based on surveys taken immediately on return from deployment substantially underestimate the mental health burden," the authors write.
The study also found that the mental toll of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan affects 42 percent of National Guard troops and reservists and 20 percent of active-duty soldiers.
One other problem uncovered by the study was the army's difficulty in treating alcohol abuse.
Out of nearly 90,000 soldiers who were screened during the study, about 7,000 admitted to having a drinking problem, while only 29 signed up for rehabilitation services.
Veteran's groups and members of Congress have repeatedly criticized the Bush administration for failing to adequately fund programs that care for the physical and mental health needs of active soldiers and discharged veterans.
the american soldiers has no motive pulling in to the war. Drugs, alkohol and whores does simply not work. The Humen being must have motives of any kind. otherwise they experiment such unpleasant destenies as the Gorillas(GIs). the wars go on, although the americans do not want any war! Please think and make us of principles of Logic. Greeting


Yankees vote for peace

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

But it will not help them. because in America poeples Vote is not worth even as much as a PAPASSI. Even their Bushy Bushy, well, he is not president because peoples voted for him but because a Cort has decided so.
The question to be formulated is: Why they have voted for Peace and not for War? has any body an answer? Using a typical - though not presentable - way of farsi speaking one could say: It is AS TARSSE KUNESHOON that they have voted so. Better no War than diving down in Persian Golf for ever. No american soldier will ever go back home alive. Greeting


Yankees for peace

by A.S (not verified) on

It is refreshing to see such events & news from America. As one who does not live in US, such news and outcomes re-confirm my beliefs. I believe the American people recognise other countries rights and are prepared to live with their fellow human beings peacefully and harmoniously. I also believe that there is a lot that Iranians and Americans have in common. I believe they can count on eachother’s trust and friendship. Historically Iran has never benefited from their powerful northern neighbour, consequently Iran can not trust this powerful country, as she has always failed to deliver what had been committed , not only to Iran but also to others, this may be due to the fact that this country has never practiced freedom even for their own people. One can not expect much from them when they mistreat their own people. The important point here is that America should avoid pushing or causing Iran to be forced to form a relation with such an unreliable country. This would not be beneficial to either, Iran or America. My thanks to all those who helped pass this resolution. Let us now work to get US to take the next step and begin talking to Iran