West by East

Graphic art from Asia to celebrities to...

by Shirin Donia
shirin-donia.de: I am a young, German-Persian artist. I was born in 1980 in Germany. At the age of two years I painted, lying on the carpet for several hours per day. An inspiring environment fostered my creativity, because at a young age I became acquainted with many foreign countries and mentalities. In extensive travels I studied people, art and culture. Stays in London, the Caribbean, Florida, South Africa and Asia mark my openness and my artistic spirit! >>> shirin-donia.de

Joe L.

i like it

by Joe L. on

these are nice

Jahanshah Javid

beauty, of course

by Jahanshah Javid on

Your work is full of color, mystery and life. And beauty, of course. Many could make wonderful covers for magazines, CDs, posters or commercial advertising.

My favorites:

Around the world with Marilyn: //iranian.com/main/image/139249

Bed of Roses: //iranian.com/main/image/139264

At the Beach: //iranian.com/main/image/139267

Brigitte Paris: //iranian.com/main/image/139247

20 Year Old: //iranian.com/main/image/139274

Race Machine: //iranian.com/main/image/139280

Badu: //iranian.com/main/image/139283

Self Portrait: //iranian.com/main/image/139289

Hepburn: //iranian.com/main/image/139259

When Dolls Love: //iranian.com/main/image/139260

Hepburn Golden Gate: //iranian.com/main/image/139261

Milk Cow: //iranian.com/main/image/139291

Shark: //iranian.com/main/image/139292

Lettitia: //iranian.com/main/image/139301

Geisha: //iranian.com/main/image/139230

In Bed over Hong Kong: //iranian.com/main/image/139233

Hong Kong Passion: //iranian.com/main/image/139234

Eyes Shut: //iranian.com/main/image/139236

Yang Mi: //iranian.com/main/image/139237

Stop the Fight: //iranian.com/main/image/139243

Romy 1: //iranian.com/main/image/139251

Romy 2: //iranian.com/main/image/139252

Grace Rouge: //iranian.com/main/image/139253

Louis Armstrong: //iranian.com/main/image/139254

Dean Wanted: //iranian.com/main/image/139256

Umbrella: //iranian.com/main/image/139262

Esfand Aashena

Nice! Most would make good wall arts.

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred