We are Majid too

Historical figures in hejab in support of Majid Tavakkoli

by Mokhtar Paki

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The Past and the Present
Jul 22, 2010
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JJJ you just don't get it. Forced scarfing = forced confessions

by Anonymouse on

Scarf is not humiliating.  Many women do it here in America by choice.  The news was that Majid was forced to put a scarf so he could be paraded like they did with forced confessions.

What did we do in response to forced confessions?  Did we go and sing abu atta? Someone "thought" putting a scarf is "support" and many practical jokers who itch to fool around (myself included) put on a scarf and we think it'll "catch on"?

Does the word playing to the hands of this regime and torturers mean anything? Have you seen any support inside Iran for this men wearing scarves movement?  This is a foolish gesture and discussion but then again we don't have anything better to do. 

Everything is sacred.

Jahanshah Javid

And therefore...

by Jahanshah Javid on

Obama, you believe the scarf is humiliating.

I got my answer.



JJ, no, I have no problem!

by obama on

Why should I? That wouldn't be degrading them. That means they are supporting this movement in spirit. After all, Takhti, my hero, was in JEBHEYEH MELLI. Thank you JJ! LONG LIVE IRAN DOOSTAN!

hamsade ghadimi

lovely work

by hamsade ghadimi on

lovely work.  i also enjoyed the art4green project.

just like anything else, not all may have a favorable opinion of an art project.  even if we generally agree on current opposition, we may not like an art project (such as this one) which is promoting the current opposition.  the artist did not try to dishonor these characters but just the opposite.  when i zoom in the art4green project (see link provided in first comment), i see honor and barvery in the faces fo those men, the same feelings i have for the characters depicted in these paintings (with or without roosari).


I don't approve these depictions. They can be insulting.

by Anonymouse on

One artist's impression is not eveyone's acceptance.  It's like putting a rosary on Muhammad or Ali or Hossein.  Remember the Denmark artist's cartoon on Muhammad?

You guys may like it but do you think people in Iran would like it?  In fact, some people in Ahmadi's camp believed or advertised that Mousavi's supporters were putting green leashes on dogs and other stuff.  While Mousavi's supporters said those were Basijis and they wouldn't approve of it.

So now here you are saying what you "think" is right, is actually right. I use my own experience from this summer and common sense judgement.  This is no political dynamic. Pushing it is ghormeh sabzi smelling thoughts

!Political dynamic my buttocks

خود گویی و خود خندی عجب مرد هنرمندی؟

Everything is sacred


Thank you JJ and Shifteh

by vildemose on

Thank you JJ and Shifteh jan.

Shifteh Ansari

Mowj is going off the air

by Shifteh Ansari on

In their latest editorial piece they say they are going off the air until further notice.



I read somewhere that one of their principles was arrested and tortured and they don't feel safe at this time.  Another news website, Raah-e-Sabz-Omid is on its way, they say.

Jahanshah Javid

New Mowj site

by Jahanshah Javid on

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Obama, I apologize for questioning your respect for women.

But you forgot to answer my questions in the bottom. You said, Why Takhti? We shouldn't decide for him! He and the other personalities in these series are dead and should be left alone.

Ok. So my question is, would you still oppose a painting of Mossadegh with a green fist instead of a roosari? Or Takhti with an arm band that says "democracy" instead of a chador? Or Hedayat with a pen writing "azadi"?

Using historical figures to promote contemporary political movements has been done in virtually every nation. These paintings are no different.


Mowjcamp is hacked

by vildemose on

Mowjcamp is hacked again.




JJ, you misunderstood me! I respect Mohammad, Ali & women!

by obama on

Mohammad and Ali were great men who were Takhti's role models. What I said was, if the painter would put chador on them, Pakistanis would be marching on the streets, since THEY would find it degrading.

Also, I never said and will not say being a woman is so humiliating and disgusting ... as you are trying to interprete my wrintings. I said, if one wants to degrade a person, they would call them what they are not. I am sure most women would find it insulting if you could call them men. The same is true for men! Each sex has his/her general charaxteristics that is programmed in their DNA.

So, it is not a question of degrading the opposite sex, it is about being proud of whatever sex you are. My mom is an angel, and I would never dare saying such thing about women as a whole. Please JJ give me a break, I am not that ignorant!



by freenet on

Beautiful work. Love it,  I hope to be able ti see some of this work some day.


خدایا من نمیدانم


خدایا من نمیدانم

چه معنا داره که شیطان

کند سر پیچی‌ از انسان


چه معنا داره

بیش از صد هزار

پیغمبر آوردی

و حتی یک نفر از این پیامبرها

 ‌ز دیگر نصف انسانها نمیباشد

مبادا آن امام راحل! ما

راست میگوید 



اگر من جای تو بودم

به نافرمانی شیطان

مروری تازه می‌کردم

پیامی تازه میدادم

برای کل انسانها

فقط یک زوج

از خود

من پیامبر میفرستادم

Ari Siletz

Obama, you're part of the work

by Ari Siletz on

Your indignation is part of what the artist has used to energize his paintings. 

In his historical fiction, he asks a lot from these heroes, given their times, and concludes that they would wear the solidarity hejab despite the indignation of many viewers. 

In this way, he makes the powerful point that our past heroes still humbly stand with the people, come what may.

Top notch work, as always!

Jahanshah Javid

Claiming our heroes

by Jahanshah Javid on

Obama, you seem to be saying that the hejab and being a woman is so humiliating and disgusting that only Prophet Mohammad, Khomeini and all those involved in brutalities should be shown with the chador.

Takhti, Mossadegh, Sattar Khan, Hedayat and all other great male personalities featured here do not become less than heroes if you paint a scarf on them.

What Mokhtar Paki has done is to say that our heroes are with freedom and democracy, not with the oppressors who think they can "humiliate" our student leaders by forcing them to wear the hejab and parade them as "less than men".

Wold you have a problem if Takhti was painted with a green pahlevani arm band, or Mossadegh with a green fist, or Sattar Khan with a green mustache?


Not respectful to put chador on a deceased hero! Why not Ali?

by obama on

Do you really think Takhti would wear hejab for any reason? Can a dead person protest this photo? It would bring value if he were alive and approve of it, but now it doesn't bring his stamp of approval. Doesn't add anything to the movement.

Takhti would support the movement and would fight right in front without wearing a hejab! We should put hejab on Khomeini & the entire regime not on our heros!

We choose to wear it, and I would be one of those as well and I am not ashame of it, but why Takhti? We shouldn't decide that for him! He is not one of us! He is our hero! Let's put chador on ali or mohammad and see how pakis react!

My word is not against the movement that I totally support, it is only the portrait of Takhti with chador! These brave men would never wear that! Why is it so hard to understand that different people have different values and we should respect that?



by Monda on

I visited mokhtarimage.com and found some really fascinating work there too.  


Nazy Kaviani

Mokhtar Paki

by Nazy Kaviani on

I have had the good fortune of visiting Mokhtar Paki's studio and to look through his impressive collection of beautiful paintings which are nostalgic, thoughtful, and uplifting. I applaud his participation in the campaign to support Majid Tavakkoli. We don't know whether the national heroes in the paintings would have participated in the "hejab campaign," but I am certain of one thing. The following link shows Babak Takhti's photograph. He is the son of "Jahan Pahlavan Takhti." He donned the hejab and had his picture taken for Majid Tavakkoli. His is one of hundreds of pictures in Jahanshah's "Be a man" collection here:


And here's a link to some of Mokhtar Paki's works:



Any Action against IRI Dictatorship Matters -Very Creative Work

by Sbolch on

I also enjoyed the collection on art4green.com which didani shared.

Impressive campaign Gentlemen! Good Luck.  

Jahanshah Javid

Nothing insulting about responding to repression

by Jahanshah Javid on

Please state what is insulting exactly? To wear a scarf in support of a student detained by a ruthless government is insulting? Is it not 100 times more insulting that a agents have dressed a student in women's clothes in order to "humiliate" him?

All the men who have worn a scarf in defense of Tavakkoli are saying there's no shame in being a woman and their action is in direct response to repression at home. The Islamic Republic wants to put down the opposition. The opposition is firing back.


Insulting! You are going too far! Leave our hero alone!

by obama on

Don't push it! You are being ridiculus! Stop it, before it gets ugly!

Jahanshah Javid

Right on

by Jahanshah Javid on

Support for Majid Tavakkoli has taken many forms. You took the artistic route and brought in historical figures who -- no doubt -- if alive, would have sided with the innocent and the bused.

My favorite is Takhti :o)


Tastless and ridiculus

by Kooshan on

This is ridiculing our heritage and has much negative connotation to it than any positive impact.

Ari Siletz

Have been a fan of Mokhtar Paki's works

by Ari Siletz on

Glad to see well recognized talent show solidarity with the campaign.


So they are, acknowledge when acknowledgement is due!

by didani on

Please zoom in ...


You can take part too!