Violent Humor


by Nicky Nodjoumi
13-Dec-2011 Throughout my work, uniforms of Western business suits and Iranian clerical garments portray the authority of a male-dominated world. The discourse of these elements integrates humor that operates to humiliate political leaders and their violence, while pointing out immanent weaknesses of the human condition. I employ lines of divisions in my compositions as well as visible cuts across the figures and their surrounding environments to reflect not only oppression, but a sense of dislocation >>>


Sorry, surrealist collage does not impress me.

by bahmani on

Nothing against the work, surreal collage is not as easy as it looks. Well maybe it is.

This is just more of the same obvious metaphors we all know too well and have seen over and over again in other Iranian art like this, this one being a somewhat newish and the latest fashion for us, perceived as new and inventive.

Since we don't tend to get out much to see the technique used widely in other works by other non-Iranian artists, we save this one from falling by bah-bah-ing it out of fear of hurting the artist's feelings. I mean he worked so hard on it.

This work most clearly defines without uncertainty, the all too usual imagery for oppression, sexism, political and personal censorship, and all those same old usual typical tyrannies. Oh and don't forget the occasional use of pornography to emphasize the importance of hypocrisy.

Really? Is the mere reflection of our reality such new news to everyone? Is this the first time you've looked in the mirror? If so, then you'll like this kind of art. Although I doubt any one of you will like it enough to ever buy a piece. Well maybe if you can talk him down a couple hundred. Then again, where will you ever hang it?

I wonder if Nicky can create a clever collage depicting the Iranian art lover who dares not buy Iranian art? What would that look like? Maybe a frightened man bent over to look at a giant magnifying glass with a magnifying glass, while a monkey sits on his back picking his wallet while throwing feces?

The problem with using surrealist collage in regards to Iran and the greater Iranian situation, is that each one of these is completely obvious as to what it is reflecting, nothing left to the imagination and more a statement of facts than an evocation of ideas or ideals, or even emotions.

All you can say about these, is, "Oh, I get it!" And then you move on to the next one, and say, "Oh, I get this one too!" None of these makes you even angry.

I know this seems cool, but my standard of cool is that I need art to help me work out my issues and solve my problems without doing it for me. Not ask and answer all of the questions in a nice neat package. Or in this case, cleverly arranged collage.

Sorry, that's just my opinion.

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Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Kazem for your comment

by Anahid Hojjati on

I am glad you have this link so I can listen to it later. Before I saw your comment, I was about to write:" I don't get these paintings as much as others make me feel that I should be getting them". I guess now I can listen to the interview if I want to understand the details more. Artistically, these paintings are very beautful, since I can't even do simple drawings, I am always impressed by beautiful paintings but it would be nice to undertsand what the artist has in mind in each one of them. In general, for paintings, I like the ones that you understand easily. This is my preference, I feel like art and especially arts like painting and photography need to be more self explanatory.


His thoughts behind these paintings

by kazem0574 on

I wanted to know what goes on in his mind when developing this art, so here is an interview with the man himself.

Vimeo video clip:   //

Esfand Aashena

Interesting art. Nice.

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


A Master Painter of Iran

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Nodjoumi's paintings ranks amongst the best of his generation. In an interview with an  Arts Journal, "Brooklyn Rail," he discusses his roots, friends and the influences which have shaped his works. At some point it would be nice to blog that interview. Meanwhilke, suffice it to say that what you see in here is one of the most sophisticated contemporary Iranian paintings. No respectable house should be without one.


Outstanding. A genera of

by vildemose on

Outstanding. A genre of his own.  


 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Born December 11, 1918

Jahanshah Javid

Among the very best

by Jahanshah Javid on

Nodjoumi's is one of my favorite painters. His play with reality, brutal reality, is quite exceptional.


I wish I could see this one live.

by عموجان on

Look very interesting.