Suddenly last summer

Political Art

by Ari Siletz

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Aug 17, 2012
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American Dream

These are great pictures

by American Dream on

These are great pictures of what happened in Iran in the near past.  It is interesting to note that inside Iran no one carried the 1978 Iranian flag.  It is also interesting to note that recently reform leader karoubi said that his movement is continuing the path of Ayat'Allah Ruh'Allah Moosavi Khomayni.  It appears no matter how much things change...things remain the same.


If was a river

by ramintork on

You would sometimes see a change of colour in the stream, you would occasionally see the water turn red, sometimes green, see migrating birds come and go, sometimes the stink of a big floating carcass would put you off, but Ari you would be that big beautiful salmon that always sparkles against the light and shows that the river is alive!

Last summer was certainly a big summer in most of our lives, the only other time I had felt this way was when I lost my mother, or when I was madly in love.

We all found hope, our love for Iran was rekindled, we were glued to the screen of our TV and computers, listening, twitting, writing good and bad poetry, create fantastic or lousy Art!

Stood by the side of those we wouldn't normal say Hello to!

Fell for a fallen girl called Neda, found our modern day Sohrab, 

Held different Iranian flags, but stood together nevertheless!

It isn't over but Thanks for documenting it.





by yolanda on

Thank you for posting this beautiful collection of artwork with interesting and humorous comments. I truly enjoyed reading all the comments. My favorite is the sand sculpture in #5!



This is great!

by IRANdokht on

What a great idea to have a chronicle of the events of last summer in pictures. I really liked the comments that you left on some of the photos too and now I can't take this song out of my head...

Great work! Thanks



Ari, you did it again..

by Sid Sarshar on

As usual, your depth of analysis is commendable.  I liked your humor on #19.

Thanks for a very thoughtful essay.

Passing Through

Dear Ari

by Passing Through on

I Do Appreciate Your Timely And Wonderful Collection Here.

The One Thing That We All Iranians Should Remember Is That Although The Demonstrations Are Not At Significant A Level As They Once Were, Neverthless, The Fire Of Anger And Injustice Is Very Much Alive And Burning Within The Hearts And Minds Of A Great Many Of Our Brothers And Sisters In Iran.

This Present Regime Has Done Its Best To Tell The World That All Is Normal. Everyone Knows What Happened: The Fraud; The Massive Oppression Of The Demonstrators; And Finally, The Outrage Of The Rest Of The World In Support Of Our Brothers And Sisters In Iran.

The One Thing That We Should Continually Seek To Do Is To Keep The Ideals And The Expectations Of The Grass-Root Movement Created By Our Brothers And Sisters In Iran Alive: This Movement Initially Started By People Demanding That Their Votes Be Counted; However, Soon There After, It Transcended In To The Issues Of Human Rights, And A Demand For A 'Secular Democary' In Our Beloved Iran Where Religion And Government Are Kept Separate.

Our Brothers And Sisters In Iran Deserve Better Than This: The Darkness That Descended Upon Our Beloved Iran Thirty (30) Years Ago In The Form Of An Islamic Republic, Must Be Totally And Completely Removed. We Should Learn From The Rest Of The 'Civilized World', And Establish A Wonderful And Permanent 'Secular Democracy' In Our Beloved Iran.

As I Have Said Many Times Before, Nothing More, And Indeed, Nothing Less .....

Tks Again