Style with substance

Spring/Summer 2007 collection

by Bahar_Shahpar
"Producing in New York, Bahar Shahpar designs using only ecologically sound materials, minimizing waste and overall energy consumption in every instance possible. Fibers are evaluated according to the methods used for their cultivation, processing, and finishing, and vintage trims, natural buttons, and unbleached organic cotton linings are incorporated into most pieces. Combining turn-of-the-century femininity with a sharp playful edge, the line balances style with substance, honoring artisanship while maintaining a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. It is clothing for a cultivated consumer." >>>

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Apr 17, 2010
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i like your work! i'm 21- i

by nina (not verified) on

i like your work! i'm 21- i think that matters.
don't listen to these .....
you go girl!



by Ken (not verified) on

Your work is better than anything I've seen on the "reality" show Project Runway. I hope we'll be hearing more from you in the future.


Mrs. Shahpar still has very

by Anonymous3456 (not verified) on

Mrs. Shahpar still has very valid reasons to be proud. Neither I not Nima belittled any of her daughter's abilities. There is no reason for us to blindly clap for things we find not worthy of praise. In this case, Nima has spoken for himself, I see nothing original in her pieces, her pictures sucked and the modesl look gross. In my post I mentioned that skinny is appropriate for the fashion industry as long as shuresh dar nayad. This young lady has many years of success in front of her. She will be criticized many times over. She doesn't need vakil modafe to help her. I am sure she and her mom are proud, as they should be, and have enough janbe to handle criticsm. The girls are too thin. Shame on a doctor not to second that.


You are all wrong! Why is it

by Nima (not verified) on

You are all wrong! Why is it that we have to accept everything another Iranian does because they are just ‘Iranian’? If you people feel that you should dispense your unconditional support to any “Iranian success” you people are bunch of fools! Constructive criticism, debates, valid arguments are the foundation of a healthy community. What’s wrong with you people? Are you blind? Can’t you see clinically sick girls in those pictures?

Don’t worry, you’d have a great time enjoying my Persian charm over tea and chelokabob. I am as Iranian (or Persian) as Ali, Asghar, Dariush and Amir, I love Iranians and I want to see Iranians succeed and for our culture of love to take over the world. I would challenge anyone who’d want to label me as a self-hating Iranian.

BUT, when I examine the teeth of bulimic Iranian girls at my clinic, and they just crumble with the slightest touch of the mirror, because they have been exposed to so much stomach acid, I have to get angry at the cause.

And “Jon”, there is a clear relation between thin models, dieting, teenage girls and anorexia.

There was nothing wrong or inappropriate about my comment! Mrs. Shahpar, Please advise your daughter to change those pictures. I wish her the very best.


Style with substance

by Saeed A. (not verified) on

Here we go again trying to put down one of our own. No wonder we are never a community that can't be messed with like the Jewish community. All we see in each other is negative. Personally, I like a little more than skin and bones on a woman to make love to. However, The subject here is fashion and how Miss Shahpar is presenting it. We should celebrate our achievements and accomplishments stories within our community. God knows we have enough people around the world to blame us for everything. So I say to Miss Shahpar, you go girl and I hope you become another international success story to make us Iranians proud.


can anyone please this audience?

by Diane (not verified) on

I can't believe the critical comments. All Mr. Shahpar did was to proudly post an article about his daughter's clothing line, which prompted a host of negative comments ranging from his daughter's lack of ethics, that the article was off-season, the weight of the models, the out-of-date style of the shorts, the photographs are not creative enough, etc.....

What's wrong with people that they can't just appreciate this woman's creativity and a father's pride in his daughter?


you go girl

by sepideh (not verified) on

once you are well established then you can get models with a few more pounds on them!!


Inappropriate comment

by Jon (not verified) on

Dear Nima -

How about you appreciate art for what it is worth. Although anoxeria is an important issue, placing blame on the fashion industry or the entertainment industry is placing the blame in the wrong place. Models are skinny, but you forget that many people are skinny without being anorexic and may have better health than you and I. I am a physician who treats patient with eating disorders, and their self-image issues arise lack of emotional support and many times abuse from the people within their immediate environment. Unfortunately, in western cultures, we have lost our appropriate reference point for a healthy body weight. The percentage of people who are overweight/obese in society is rising at an extraordinary weight, and people think it is ok to be fat, when in reality obesity is expected to cause the average life span of this generation to be less than their parents for the first time ever. Mr. Shahpar's joy should not be spoiled but greater than ever as his daughter has become successful and visible Iranian in the society that often portrays "Middle Easterns" as such a negative light.


I second that Nima. Even

by Anonymous34567 (not verified) on

I second that Nima.
Even model thing girls aren't as thin as these. Anyone notice the rib cage bones on this chick. Also, the style is out of date in my opinion, especially the shorts she has. And the pictures are not creative. They look like they were taken in my back yard.
It is great to see iranian artist making a name for themselves. She seems talented and probably doesn't have much funding. Next time, i would use more creativity in the pictures. Choose models that are thin but not gross looking. At least one that isn't ALL bones, a little meat is nice.
The details like the button are cute and the tight skirt is very nice. On the whole, nothing to be excited about.
Your daughter seems great. But if she wants to commit to social responsibility, she should look beyond the pretensions of the ecosystem and think about the image she projects. Even unintenionally. She is using sick looking chicks to market her material. Thin is appropriate in the fashion industry, but dige shooresho dar nayarin!


Very pretty and feminine

by Diane (not verified) on

I think the fashion line is lovely, as is the model.


Fall is around the corner

by Abjeee (not verified) on

Very nice but don't you think is a little bit late for this article?


I am sorry Mrs.Shahpar, I

by Nima (not verified) on

I am sorry Mrs.Shahpar, I did not see modernity, decrease in ‘structure’ or a sign of ‘Edwardian easthetic’ when I clicked on your daughters webpage.

I saw clinically anorexic models!

We all can survive without fashion. As hard as it is to accept by most people, we can very well survive without fashion. What we can’t accept are the growing numbers of teenage girls, including many Iranian girls, who die from starving themselves to death, trying to look like one of the models on your daughter’s website.


I am sorry to spoil your joy, but some ethics would be great. If you’d like I can introduce your daughter to some of the most beautiful girls I know of, for the purpose of displayig her art. Oh, and none of them are either on a diet or hooked to an IV.