Staying alive


by Sima Chakamian

Sima Chakamian is an accomplished Iranian woman artist who was born, raised, and trained in Iran and now lives in San Diego, California. Sima started painting in young ages and spent years in after school painting classes learning and practicing. In college, Sima attended the College of Fine Arts in Tehran University. Since leaving college, she has worked on her own and has created some of the most breathtaking works of art >>>

* Portraits
* Flowers
* Coffee Table
* Bamboos



Excellant Art Work..

by nicksaf on

Thank you for posting these awesome paintings on this web site. Usually ordinary normal poeple with no understanding of painting & art can not appreciate these work! They always complain and gripe as some have done in the comment page. To me Ms. Sima Chakamian art work are very original and unique.. I can tell b/c I do draw and enjoy painting, but not anywhere close to what she has drawn. Just look at her paintings and the subjects and complexities as how she has displayed our culture within her art work. Some day when I am in San Deigo I would like to visit and meet her and learn a bit. Thank you for posting, she is a true Iranian with great talent and admiration and beauty.

Thank you. nick

A fan of Iran, Esfahan!



by Nader on

Your point is well taken, but we are not here to compare different styles, and/or at least on this particular thread I am not worried about people with similar work that have a hard time selling or marketing their similar creation.The focus of this section was to introduce this lady and her work to people who do not know her, and I found our friends comments in this regards a bit harsh and unfriendly.After all, the main idea behind posting such thing is to promote another Iranian artist without unnecessary criticism.That's all!Thanks for the reply though...




by Saman on

Unfortunately there’s some truth to Anonymoses comment. Thisstyle of art has been around for a very long time and has very little marketthese days. There’s an ocean of starving artists who are just as talented asthis one and having a difficult time selling work due to lack of originalityand the wide spread of this type of style.

However, if we’re not supporting the artist by purchasingthe work … we probably shouldn’t be putting it down either. Every artist needs encouragementand this one is for sure a talented artist who might one day create a super uniquestyle of his/her own.

A lot of hard work’s been put into each one of thesepaintings and it takes a more than average creative mind to paint these.


No need to defend such marvelous work, however....

by Nader on

However, I really like to know the secret behind that post!?

Not original enough?

Could someone please explain to me the meaning of it?


Maryam Hojjat

Great Artist!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Proud to be Iranian with having such an artist!



how much more original???

by sanam.s on

Not to defend my mom, but what do you mean by making a work more original?????? This is her style and that's what she has been doing for over 30 years and she is known for it. 

 I guess you need to define the meaning of Original 


Yes, that's Osho... And many

by S.S (not verified) on

Yes, that's Osho...

And many thanks to Jahanshah and Nader for adding my mom's paintings.



by ThePope on

is that the Indian mystic Rajneesh (Osho)?

Anyhow, BEAUTIFUL paintings...


Beautiful paintings

by Anonymoses on

 Concerned Iranian  -- these aren't original? to capture human beings, in a moment in time, the essence of their soul isn't original?

everything doesn't have to be five circles with neon pink doodles thrown in to be considered art. in fact much of contemporary art is kind of pathetic imho.


Very good job!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

I really appreciate the incredible effort that she puts into making these paintings. I wish, however, that she would use half as much energy in making a more original work of art. She can do it, I am sure.


Absolutely Breathtaking!

by Mehman on

Yes it is!


Absolutely Breathtaking!

by Nader on

Jahanshah jan, thank you for posting this.

I have the honor of knowing her daughter Sanam that happens to live right here in Silicon Valley. An accomplished photographer!


oh, I just love these painting. Awesome

by Bavafa on