Shall we dance?

Photos from: "My Life as A Persian Ballerina"

by Haideh Ahmadzadeh

From "My Life as A Persian Ballerina". Born in Tehran in 1930 into a mixed family of a Tartar mother and an Azerbayjani father, Haideh Ahmadzadeh started dancing at the age of seven in a country that was struggling to keep up with modern times. Dancing for girls was not an accepted or desirable occupation. Her love of dance made her overcome many obstacles and with the approval and backing of her mother and later her husband Nejad, she got to the top of her profession. With a great deal of hard work, discipline and drive, Haideh and Nejad founded a Ballet Academy, Iranian National Ballet Company and Iranian Folk Dance, Music and Song Group. They performed regularly for State guests at home and abroad, their travels wrought with a great deal of incident and adventure. When the Islamic Revolution put a stop to all artistic activities in Iran, Haideh and Nejad had to leave a lifetime's work behind and seek new adventures in the West >>> Excerpt


Haleh Sabet

Khanoom Ahmadzadeh

by Haleh Sabet on

I just finished reading your book.  Thank you so very much for bringing so many wonderful memories back.  My time at the Ballet Academy and Talar Roodaki were the best years of my childhood and teenage years.  Thank you and Mr. Ahmadzadeh for all the wonderful things you did for introducing the art of ballet to Iran and also introducing the Persian culture through dance to the world.  So sad to hear about dear Marion's death.  I never forget you guys.  Thanks again.  Haleh Samii (one of Cinderella's Gholam Bachehs!?)


Recreation of the Iranian National Ballet in Les Ballets Persans

by Taban Teyhoo (not verified) on

Thank you for a wonderful (article) book. I am sure you know that the Iranian National Ballet Company, that you made a great effort with your husband to run and unfortunately was dissoulved after the revolution, has been recreated in Sweden by Mr. Nima Kiann since 2002.

I am proud that this young artist successfully revived the forgotten cultural heritage of ballet and made your great work not to disppear.
Last March (2008) I had the previledge of attending a gala perofrmnace in London celebrating him for reviving the Iranian National Ballet in his dance company of Les Ballets Persans.
Thank you again for a mostly interesting book and that you made such a great work to present Iranian ballet internationally!
Zendeh bad!



by Haideh Ahmadzadeh (not verified) on

Thanks for your positive comments.I'm happy to hear that young Iranians are interested in our past and rich heritage.
With best wishes,



by Haideh Ahmadzadeh (not verified) on

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments about our work. We hope that you enjoy the book & spread the word around!

Haideh & Nejad


I didn't know Iran had ballet!

by Anahita85 (not verified) on

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, from a young Iranian who was born after the revolution and who has hardly seen Iran they really opened my eyes to a side of Iran i thought rarely existed!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Les Ballets Persans of Nima Kiann

by Darius Kadivar on

take a look at what a young Iranian dancer in Sweden is doing in order to revive the Rudaki Ballet Company dissolved after the revolution.

Personal website:


And that of his ballets company foallet unded in Sweden and touring European cities:


Abbas Atrvash

A Great Couple

by Abbas Atrvash on

Well done Mrs. Ahmadzadeh! You and your husband did an extremely valuable service to Iranian arts and artists. During
1960s and 1970s, any country I used to live in, I witnessed your efforts and efficiency
in introducing and presenting the best of Iranian dance in the best possible manner, which made Iranians feel very proud.

I hope, soon, we see the day that people of Iran pay to both of you the tributes you righly deserve.

My respect and regards to you.


Haideh khanoom

by farsi (not verified) on

What beautiful pictures, I must say I got goes bumps looking at them. Growing up after the revolution sometimes it is hard for me to imagin how wonderful and rich Iran's culture used to be, before the revolution.
Shad Bashid


Miss Ahamdzadeh

by Eradatmand2 (not verified) on

Thanks to ladies like you Iran will always remain the motherland we all have in our hearts. Thank you for being an avant-gardist, Hopefully others will continue the path you begun...