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Photo essay: Seeing friends and sights

by Monda
I flew to Ankara to visit an old college friend. After three days in Ankara, feeling very heavy-hearted, I hopped on the buses to see the most amazing archeological sites in Anatolia. After about a week of serious sightseeing, I went to see friends in Izmir. My friend and her family recently left for Turkey, after about 20 years of living in the US! Now, I had to talk with her about how it felt to make that move. I fell in love with this particular suburb of Izmir, Foca. Check it out:

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Great shots of Istanbul!

by Monda on


On Rumi by Shamloo

by Monda on


(Not sure if this belongs here, but didn't know where else it could go) 


راستی‌ ردّ واین جان، در مورد استانبول


با وجودی که آنکارا به نظر من از ایران خیلی‌ بیشتر از استانبول داره، من هم به زودی هوای استانبول را خواهم کرد.

دوستان مشترکمان هم در استانبول اقامت داشتند، نه آنکارا.

سر شما رو می‌بوسم، مرسی‌ از کامنتت.



Thanks Shazdeh!

by Monda on

: )

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Monda dear: all your photos are very nice, but ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

My favorite is #29 ... most good looking!


شراب جان...


منهم دیگر در پخش خبر بد عجله ندارم! اصلا دیگر گفتن ندارد.

به امید دیدار همگی.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سیما جان ، آنها که رفتند، آدمهای خوبی‌ بودند و خدا را شاهد میگیریم که ذکر و خیر این افراد خوب همیشه حاضر و در قلبمان محفوظ است.

بنده از سنّ پایین موسیقیی اصیل ایرانی را شروع کردم اما کلاس ۴ که بودم بنا بر سفارش یکی‌ از دوستانم بعد از ظهر‌ها در کلاس پیانو هم شرکت می‌کردم،از ایشان چند کلاس دیدم که راه گشایی بودند برای سالهای بعدی من.

صدای شیرین ایشان را به خوبی‌ یاد دارم،برخلاف دیگر معلمین..ایشان بد اخلاق نبودند و از بازیگوشی ما بی‌ حوصله گی نمی‌کردند و یادشان به خیر که دیگر عالم ما این چنین افرادی را به خود نخواهد دید.

هنوز به دیگر افرادی که ایشان را میشناختند، من جمله مادر جانم،خبر فوت ایشان را نگفته‌ام که اینان دیگر طاقت غم عزیز دیگری را ندارند و سخت دلگیر هستند و ما معذور از دادن خبر بد !

خدا ایشان را رحمت کند و صبر به عزیزانشان دهد.



Bah bah, haz kardam

by sima on

Turkey is fabulous. And I always get a kick out of the fact that so much of ancient Greece is actually in Turkey. Another tit for tat!

Red Wine jan I can't help commenting on your comment. Samin and Evlin Baghcheban were my uncle and aunt, and my first music teachers. I'm crying already. It's not going to be easy going there for me either. I know what you mean.

Ari Siletz

Proud of you Monda!

by Ari Siletz on

Thanks for standing up for all of us regarding Rumi. Well done with your protest. And also you did a service to Turkey. Otherwise they would have to live with the idea that one of their own wrote the world's greatest literary masterpiece in someone else's language.

Red Wine

ماندا جان

Red Wine

ماندا جان واقعا لذت بردم چرا که با اینجاها احساس نزدیکی‌ می‌کنم و انگاری که خودم آنجا بوده ام.سپاسگزارم.

دیگر بعد از مرگ اولین خانم شهر آنکارا آنچنان برایم دیدنی‌ نیست و بغضی عجیب مرا در بر می‌گیرد و احساسی‌ شکننده که حتی قادر به جایگیری در یک آهنگی غم انگیز پیانو نیست و اصلا قابل توصیف نیست.

اما دلم برای استانبول تنگ شده است و در اولین فرصت دوباره به آنجا خواهم رفت و که آنجا بوی روزهایی را میدهد که هنوز در ایران بودم و عجب دلخوش و صد عجب که هنوز دلتنگ آنجا و دیگر بی‌ طاقت.

دست بوس شما . . .

شراب قرمز.




Ari, there's some justice after all!

by Monda on

Just saw a credit on the Konya tour! :o)

I had reported to the tour company that from that moment on, I could not Trust Anything out of that tour guide's mouth! Therefore, demanded a refund on that whole day trip! Now, I do recommend 7worldtravel. Because They do take their job seriously.

Your joke my dear was so good! 


Beautiful pictures, with comments too!

by didani on

Thanks for sharing Monda jan.


Tit for tat

by Majid on


Dang it Ari! that was a good one!



Ari Siletz

Revenge for all the Tork jokes

by Ari Siletz on

Some Perisan gave a Tork a whole bunch of Farsi words and said jomleh besaaz. The Tork composed the Masnavi.


Lovely clip,

by Monda on

No matter how many times I watch it. Thank you Hoshang jan.

The misspelling of Khanom by the way had skipped me!


Hoshang Targol

Wonderful Evlin Kahnom.

by Hoshang Targol on

got this yesterday, hope you like it. Very nice pictures, looks so relaxed and laid back. I always get a chukle about fighting over Mulavi's 'nationality', cheers



by yolanda on

Wow! They call Rumi "Turkish"........not long ago, a guy on IC called him "Afghan" poet 'cause he was born in Afghanistan......there was a long debate......everyone wanted to take his glory! Wikipedia calls him Persian poet!

Thank you for sharing!


Yolanda, about Konya

by Monda on

Molana's mausoleum, sorry to share, was rather anticlimactic to me. There were hardly any artifacts directly from him, except for a few pens and handwritten (?) pieces. It was a mere tourist attraction.

And on top of it, I heard several tour guides referring to the poet philosopher as, the Turkish leader of the Whirling Darvishes! That piece got me so disappointed that I sent a complaint email to the day tour company, to hire more educated tour guides. Even though our tour guide, after my clarification, corrected his information.



by yolanda on

Hi! Monda,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo collection....some of them look like postcard, like #1......your title photo, a hamvatan playing tar, was taken in Konya.........Did you visit Rumi's tomb in Konya?......I am very envious...I wish I could visit Konya one day........#41, the hammock, is great....looks very sturdy! I like all the food photos.....very tantalizing and colorful!

Thank you for your post in my blog.....I decided to thank you here 'cause the other blog is winding down!

Please take care!



Oh Faramarz don't go for Turkish pedicure!

by Monda on

They have totally different setup than we do here! One girl had my leg hanging in the air for like 40 minutes, just to massage it! I had to take 2 ibuprophins that night!

I enjoy semi-ran down places more than new ones... feel cozier to me that way. Glad you liked these shots. 


Nice Pictures Monda

by Faramarz on

It looks like a quiet and relaxing place to vacation. I also liked the peaceful cats and dogs with no worries in the world.

Maybe a fixer-upper kind of a town!

I liked the foot picture too! I should get a pedicure too one of these days!



Anonymouse and Anahid, Thank you!

by Monda on

@Anonymouse: I agree. However, I trust my intuitions once in awhile. I even do quite a bit of researching about some places... considering compatibility with the cultures, work opportuinities, living expenses, etc., before I leave.

@Anahid: Glad you like these photos. Thank you for your nice comment. 


Thanks Ari!

by Monda on

Complements from you tend to sneak in a special place inside of my brain : )


Azadeh jan, ghorbone mahabatet

by Monda on

Not much more (not counting my new interigue with zumba  : )

Azadeh Azad

Wonderful pictures, Monda Jan

by Azadeh Azad on

What other talents are you hiding from us? :-)). Thanks for sharing.



Anahid Hojjati

Very nice pictures, many good ones to mention a few but I will

by Anahid Hojjati on

Very nice pictures. I started taking notes of which ones are the good ones but there are many great ones. Some that I liked were: 11, 12, 50, 51, 40, but it is better to look at all since there are many good pictures here. Thanks.

Ari Siletz

Beautiful pics, Monda!

by Ari Siletz on

   Cats, dogs, parrots, fruits, classic cars, antique statues, even a few people--what an eyefull!

Agree with JJ, you have a great eye. #51 gets my top vote--a strong sense of inside and outside, both wonderfully inviting.


JJ Jan, lotf dari : )

by Monda on

I'm naturally lazeee when it comes to these things! Not that I'm proud of it, just how I am. So glad you liked these shots! Now that I know, I'll look for more on other locations (found one memory chip in the pocket of this skirt that I washed after the Bodrum trip... sad but at least it wasn't my passport :o)


Very nice photos!

by Anonymouse on

These are indeed nice photos but going on vacation and falling in love with a place is not like living in it.  When you live in one place the place looks different.

Everytime I go on a vacation, even in Iran, I want to pack up and move to that place!  I too would like to move to another country to live, at least in my retirement. Retirement - there's another word for vacation! 

Everything is sacred

Jahanshah Javid

Koja boodi ta hala?

by Jahanshah Javid on

I was really surprised by these photos. Yes, they were very nice and I enjoyed them a lot. But as a publisher I wondered why this was the first photo essay you have ever sent this way? You have a very good eye and I hope you don't deny your fans this wonderful talent of yours.

The tar zan and his parrot is just out of this world:

Look again at the luscious colors of this pomegranate:

And with the skinny cat:

Nice frame for a great piece of art:

And bad nagzareh!

Great car, great shot: