Rostam #3

Early sneak peek at next comic book

by bahmani
We've received many emails and inquiries from the readers of Book 1 and Book 2 of the Rostam comic book, asking specifically "when is the next one coming out?" So, we thought that it was probably a good idea to reward all the loyalty and kind comments on our continuing adaptation of the Shahnameh and the adventures of Rostam, with an update.

We are pleased to say that book 3 is coming along very well (as you will see), even in spite of the difficult challenges of translation and the often jump forward, jump back tendencies of Master Ferdowsi! In this issue we (finally!) tackle the Deev head on and we know many of you have grilled us to no end on that (thanks!). Suffice it to say, I think you will be pleased! Book 3 will also have some new surprises that we obviously can't get into here.

A special thanks has to go out to Karl Altstaetter and his team at Hyperwerks, as they have dug far deeper than we expected and helped us tackle some of the most difficult artistic challenges. The result we think, will be a  book which is by far the best we have created from an artistic standpoint to date. Also top kudos to Bob Napton for helping us with the story and for simply "getting it"!

Look for Book 3 to be available in February. We will do our best to meet the Norooz crunch, so be patient! Thanks again for all the letters, emails and phone calls (please keep them coming), we really appreciate the support and look forward to continuing this wonderful project.

Jamie Douraghy, Cameron Douraghy, & Bruce Bahmani

To learn more about the project and the American comic book adaptation of The Shahnameh and adventures of Rostam, visit us at:

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Hoo: This is not Manga

by bahmani on

Hi Hoo (funny name!)

Thanks for your opinion, except our comic is not drawn in the manga style. You may want to research the original and highly respected style of Manga which often carries high sex undertones, and is considered greatly in Japanese culture. Our comic book is drawn in the American style, which is possibly what you are confusing with Manga. If the almond shaped eyes of our illustrations is what is confusing you with an Asian look and Manga, than know that we specifically wanted to depict our beautiful almond shaped eyes in our characters as much as possible to give as true a look as possible without becoming stereotypical. These preliminary roughs are also only a sneak peek at the upcoming book 3, I recommend that for a full detailed view of how our characters really look, that you visit our site // Also feel free to email me to discuss your opinion I greater depth. Thanks again.


I love these

by XerXes (not verified) on

I always buy at least 10 copies, keep 3 and give the rest to my co works. They are great and makes me proud.


I don't like manga. There

by hoo (not verified) on

I don't like manga. There are too many lines and the eyes look particularly fake.


nice work

by hajiagha on


I wish I be there to give you some hand