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Photo essay: Prisoners remembered at IRI school in Buenos Aires

by Jahanshah Javid
To mark the anniversary of the 1979 revolution, and remember those in prison for thought "crimes", I paid a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran's school in Buenos Aires on José Antonio Cabrera Ave. I and my French collaborator, Fabrice, tied ribbons with names of prisoners of conscience.

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Great heckleing , and maybe another business opportunity

by bushtheliberator on

dear Mr. Javid,

   They might not be as hot a product as Russian girl cams,but you could test market 100 piece sets of Iranian prisoners of conscience  ribbons. I'd prefer my set were sent to Najaf.


Simple actions, much Needed!

by Monda on

Thank you for sharing yours.

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Well Done

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

JJ, you make me proud!  Zendeh bashi hezar sal!


Little ribbons of hope

by Shemirani on

Che ghovate Deli mide ! Great action !

Freedom for our people.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


If the school is Built &paid by IRI...

So why they 've to come up with that protest ?

Ribbons made in Farsi & latin for the political prisoners held by IRR ?

just asking.



JJ did you see the Shameful BBC propaganda today?

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


As if to make my point Crystal Clear. It says "Libyas Militias threaten stability" says Amnesty. ( which is just doing its job as propaganda source for militaristic powers).  I wonder why Amnesty doesn't say, Islamic Extremists threaten Libyas stability????? Maybe because the west used them and loves them for what they are doing? By writing this way the west pretends it did not support the islamic extremists and does not agree with them.  Its as if the USA/UK/France hold no accountability for Libya and the majority of the people who supported Ghaddafi in the west of Libya.

BBC Goes on to say, "Libya's militias fought and toppled former leader Muammar Gaddafi last year" THE Lies, deceit and manipulation, for christs sakes. No they did Not, THe USA/UK/France blew up  through aerial bombardment the entire Libyan National Army and used their dromes and islamists to unlawfully kill gaddafi.  These extremist muslims hardly did the fighting!  Should say, "The USA/UK/France fought and toppled former leader Muammar Gaddafi last year" I guess NAto the worlds most powerful military alliance is embarrassed at its mission of the annihilation of Libya with a population of just 5 million people in exchange for gaining control of Libyas Oil.

Thank God the late shah understood the wests policies and acted wisely in such a way so as to open the eyes of Iranians. JJ Please for all our sakes, not just the children of iran, but humanity in general, please make a stop by the USA/UK/French embassies and put ribbons of our beloved iranian countryment and women who suffer torture, imprisonment and death at the hands of US/UK/France policies Against the peace. progress, human rights and freedom of Iranians.  No to supporting islamic extremists.  


Iranian activism needs to focus on Iranians priorities.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Most Iranians are fully aware, with exception of Dunces that have been easily manipulated to think that west wants freedom and democracy for iran that the USA/UK/France are responsible for stealing Iranians Freedom in 1979
by betraying the late shah and fully supporting extremist mullahs in not just Iran but continuing to support them in all secular muslim countries, up to and including today.  While the so-called leader of human rights and democracy, the USA, talks out of both sides of its mouth publicly, their actions
show they only support anti-secular extremists, in libya more people have been tortured in recent months than during the entire ghadaffi reign and sadly all aid organizations have now left Libya after reporting saving thousands of torture victims and no longer being able to cope.  The US/UK/French Embassies all deserve our fair
comments and JJ needs encouragement from all of us to put the names of tortured & murdered Iranians around western embassies in particular.  What would be ignorant is to remain quiet,
while our homeland and freedom are lost to their so-called policies.  Anyone that puts Iran first kows what I mean.  Iranian Freedom and Democracy matter, and being a sell out in favor of the west doesn't suit Iranians legitimate aims.  The News for Iranian sell-outs is, IRI is not Iranians only issue, but also important if not
more so are those that brought IRI to power and help them stay in power.  These same countries are preparing for war and we must all remember and be aware that for the last 5 years the USA has not given any support or backing to any progressive Iranian opposition groups (as opposed to the ones they fund, like mek).

Love and Light my Compatriots.

Mash Ghasem

فرامرز جان مرسی

Mash Ghasem

همینجوری که شما نشان دادید ،جنبش آزادیخواهانه مردم ایران در چهار گوشه دنیا متحدین خود را دارد. دمت گرم و سرت خوش باد.


مش قاسم



پيام همبستگي مادران ميدان دمايو آرژانتين به مادران پارک لاله ايران و حاميان آنان در سراسر جهان


Mash Ghasem

Following up on Framarz's comment

by Mash Ghasem on

JJ, if I'm not mistaken Iranian "Mothers for Peace," actually have been in contact with Madres de Plaza de Mayo, and there has been messages of solidarity exchanged between the two groups. I'll try to see if I could find those texts in Farsi. If memory serves me right, it must have been almost two years ago or so.

If you have the time and opportunity, it would be great to follow up.

Dam shoma va Fabrice joosh! 


Thank you!

by Rebecca on

We need more activists like you. Hats off to you and your friend.

 Long Live Freedom!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

God bless you and also all Political Prisoners .


JJ de Plaza de Mayo

by Faramarz on

Very admirable JJ.

Maybe while you are there you could start the Madres de Plaza de Mayo for Iranian political prisoners.

Argentinians should have a good sense about what can take place in the dungeons of the Islamic Republic.


Well done JJ, Thank you, : )

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the crimes of IRI and its supporters (Internal extremist & corrupted Mullahs & External/USA/UK/France with your actions are not forgotten.  If you get a chance don't forget the USA/UK/French enbassies too please, this is equally as important and symbolic. especially now. Sadly IRI and war, may be on the agenda soon, the USA since it does not want the good of Iran will put aside giving the opposition a chance at regime change, which it has completely side lined and not given the light of day in the last 5 years and this so the USA can as Leader of the Hypocritical World/Free World for Dunces, ultimately pursue its inhuman ambitions.  The IRI is proving the west can not contain the IRI in any other way.  In the past and today, since the USA doesn't want freedom or democracy for Iran it has puts all its resources both institutional and financial to help extremism spread in order to set countries like Iran backwards economically, and politically, that is why the leader of the west the USA loves islam for iran ultimately and puts all its efforts in actively crushing the moderates and secular forces mostly by manufacturing dissent and using popular opinion to portray the beneficial for Iran secular and moderate forces as tyrants, dictators, crooks, torturers etc (as if the USA is in a position to preach acting far worse in most cases) so by removing forces that bring peace, progress and human rights (through misrepresentation) and helping fund extremists like khomeini situations like a war with an extremist IRI are bound to happen, and the west is surprised that it can not contain extremists (as if hitler types are containable), these games have always ended the same way.  Harming the big powers far more eventually by forcing them to fight each other to the death and leaving the little powers in poverty, backwardness and ruins too.  If the USA would just learn to cooperate with the resource rich countries like Iran instead of betraying the late shah by firstly misrepresenting the late shah as a dictator, corrupt megalomaniac and then supporting khomeini as they deceived iranians who trusted the USA and today wish to keep tyranny on them then they would save themselves painful and costly world big wars which have no guarantees.  By acting as if all the wealth in the middle east is only at the discretion of USA and using the democracy card solely as a manipulation of the people, this is very ignorant.  So long as the national interest of USA matters more than the national interest of Iran or China or Russia, you will likely be tying many ribbons not just in this lifetime, but for many life times to come.  Please for me, make a stop by the USA/UK and French embassies and tie some ribbons there as for me I'm depressed and not doing much more than surfing.


More power to you

by Souri on

Great action!

Actually i'm still puzzled how you did it!

That one was powerful.

Azadeh Azad

Bravo, JJ

by Azadeh Azad on

and thank you!

We shall overcome,


Mash Ghasem

JJ strikes again!

by Mash Ghasem on

May the force be with you!