Reality in fantasy

Paintings by contemporary Iranian artists

by Various Artists


To Anynomous77 from Iranian Reader

by Iranian Reader 2 (not verified) on

I really am glad you agree. You know, people get all worked up about conventional politics (elections, war talk, this and that) that they forget that the politics of the art world, say, is every bit as important. I mean, isn't the politics of meaning and value at the heart of all politics?

I also agree about Chitsaz. I was most struck by his work first of all, then I went back and checked out the rest again and was also blown away by them.

I don't know why I keep wanting to say, how I wish... I don't know wish for what. But that's the effect of good art!


Ali Chitsaz

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Is exceedingly good. Good luck and hard work. ;)

To Iranian Reader

I so agree with you. Saatchi was one of the main culprits in turning art into an abyss of one-message-advertising commodities with no substance whatsoever.


Excellent stuff

by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

I do not fail to be amazed anew by every new post from Iranian artists. These guys not only are talented and accomplished but actually have something urgent to say. So unlike art in America (the "art world" I mean, not underground and underrepresented stuff) that has become increasingly vapid and vacuous. I remember back in the eighties when absolute meaninglessness officially became the yardstick of exhibited art.

OMG, how I wish...

Nazy Kaviani

Sisterly Snapshots and More

by Nazy Kaviani on

Aaaahhhh! These paintings are wonderful! Each artist's work seems to be screaming words which cannot be uttered. There is such intelligence and exuberence in these, I assume, young Iranian painters' work.

I particularly loved Narges Hashemi's women. I thought I knew those women and I could have easily joined their summer's afternoon's sisterly chats and naps! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.