Razor-sharp humor

Recent photos of the late great artist Ardeshir Mohassess

by Saman

Before I could learn to walk my dad introduced me to the wits of two amazing artists. Charlie Chaplin and Ardeshir Mohassess [sample works]. What my dad and I loved about these artists was that, they both criticized social and political injustice using razor-sharp humor … in black and white! Charlie and Ardeshir were one of us and they always stood with the people against oppression.

In the last year or so I was lucky enough to meet my lifelong idol Mr. Mohassess at his tiny apartment in New York. He was as lovable, gentle, kind and humble as I had always imagined him to be.

With the help of his friends I visited Mr. Mohassess several times till the day he was taken out for a private tour of his own work at the Asia Society museum.

Again I was lucky to be near him and trusted enough to take a few photos of Mr. Mohassess during the private tour.

Mr. Mohassess did not like to be filmed or photographed at anytime in his life. These recent images are a few of my favorites taken on 6/30/08, the last day I saw Mr. Mohassess. 

Tonight I got a call from a friend that Mr. Mohassess passed away around 7:30PM :o(

He will always be loved by me and many people who admire his great contribution to our society.
Ardeshir Mohassess
9/9/1938 -- 10/9/2008


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A great loss indeed

by Amir Salamat (not verified) on

Mohasses penmanship, wit and humor will be sorely missed. A true artist in the international level.


A great loss

by ramintork on

I dare predict that the work of Ardeshir Mohasses shall be cherished even long after we the people of his living age have left our mortal coil.

The blackness of his ink and sharp lines has echoed and captured his razor-sharp wit and the brutality of our time.

May he rest in peace.


Damn, damn, damn

by Iranian Reader (not verified) on

We are losing our best and brightest day after day.

Thank you for the tribute, Saman. Much appreciated.

Nazy Kaviani

Dear Saman:

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thanks for sharing the photos. Thanks also for conveying the news of his passing. In a peculiar way, it's easier to hear bad news from a friend. Jahanshah had said he was ill, so the news wasn't shocking but so very sad just the same.

Ardeshir Mohasses was truly a gifted man. His impact on the Iranian arts and social scene has been profound and unique, leaving huge footprints easy to spot and follow, but impossible to easily fill.

I can just see him approaching the gates of heaven with his portfolio case in hand, eager to share his humor and unmatched satire with some of the smarter angels.


National treasure ...

by Yari Ostovany (not verified) on

When I saw the "the late" in your title my immediate reaction was to quickly write a note to let you know about your mistake in the title of your post...

He was an incredibly unique artist. We have indeed lost a national treasure. A great big thank you to all those responsible for putting together the Asia Society exhibition for him.