Rainbow of colors

Photo essay: Colorful Norooz in Tehran

by Kiomars Ehdaivand



by Majid on

امیر کبیر............. خدا خفه ت کنه با این کامنتت در مورد «هفت کین» !
از بس که خندیدم آبجو از دماغم زد بیرون... لا مصب!!


در مورد هفت شین


دوستان مسله هفت شین شایعه یا بی پایه نیست. بسیار مستند و چندین جا به آن اشره شده و مربوط به قبل از اسلام هم نیست. هفت شین در چند قرن بین حمله اعراب نا یکی دو قرد قبل از قاجار هم بوده! و یکی از بهانه های نگهداری سلاح در منزل بوده که عربها آن را برانداختند!


These colorful merchandise stands are all...

by farrad02 on

These colorful merchandise stands are all located in Tajrish square in afluent far north district of Sheimran in Tehran. Just look at the prices listed for pistacios and other foods. No person south of Vanak sqare can aford these prices. The reality of Norooz ia far less colorful for a great majority of Iranians.

The fact is many people are simply unable to buy most of what you see in these pictures. And that is the reality that Islamic Republic and especially its current president and his government have brought to bare on the happless people of Iran!

What people of Iran need now is fundmental change!



آقای حمیدی

امیر کبیر و امر بمعروف (not verified)

شراب یکی از "شین" های هفت شین بوده چه شایعه ای است؟ اولا اگر این خوابی که بشما وحی شده در قبل از اسلام بوده که ما بهش "شراب" نمیگفتیم و این لغت عربی است. لابد سال آینده هم ادعا میکنید که "کاپوت" هم یکی از هفت "ک" هفت کین بوده تا اینکه انگلیسها آمدند و ما کردیمش هفت سین!!


Yallah... Get moving...

by luciferous (not verified) on

Go to those (too many) who can't afford any of these 7 shes, harry up. then soon is the time of next nowruz.


haft "shin"

by ahamidi (not verified) on

As you may know, wine was one of the original "shin" of the haft shin. When Muslims attacked Iran that "first" time, they changed it to haft sin, mainly because of sharab (wine).

What a wonderful change for the better ha? Take the wine out of a tradition, which even at that time was well over a thousand years old, but introduce blood, anger, and mourning to that culture, well done Mammali!!!



by Abol Danesh, Ph.d (not verified) on

There is a competing interpretation of "haft Seen" that the original one was "Haft Sheen." However, in order not to stir the controversy for the happy and festive time of ancient norooz I recommend a glass of wine also ornamte the norooz table. This way we might remain hopeful that there will be peaceful coexistence between Vineger and Wine in the future in Iran from there on...

"If you drink that glass of wine you shall run a kilometer the next day or so after...two glasses of wine...then two miles, three glasses... then ..." The anonymous Champ


پاچه‌ها رو که دیدم

lucifercus (not verified)

well as i sow the pic 34 i had to emphazise: they are all MAHVASH-Like pachees. There were times Iranians had to be satisfeid if they got only a TWEEGY-Like pachee.


Go to those (too many) who

by Luciferous (not verified) on

Go to those (too many) who can't afford any of these for some legitimate reasons.

* reply: بروخودت
you will have alot of difficulties to find any. better search there where one lives.

Orang Gholikhani

Very beautiful

by Orang Gholikhani on

You feel the ambiance


وای دهنم آب


وای دهنم آب افتاد، دلم به تابتاب افتاد ( پاچه‌ها رو که دیدم).

Jahanshah Javid

Oh what joy

by Jahanshah Javid on

How incredibly beautiful and uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing.


Wonderful Photographs!

by Homesick for Tajrish (not verified) on

Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and for your thoughtful look into all the beauty of Norooz. I loved looking at each and every one of them. Thank you!


I loved your photos,

by Pia (not verified) on

I loved your photos, specially the ones with mass tone of one dominant color, such as, #1, 3, 8,17... and many others.

Very inspiring.


My sympathies

by Hooshang (not verified) on

Go to those (too many) who can't afford any of these for some legitimate reasons.