Pulses of Life

Photo essay: China's back alleys

by Parviz Forghani
China is a beautiful country full of natural picturesque scenery, giant pandas, the great wall and many things more such as beating life in its back alleys. I recently visited two cities -- Beijing and Tai Yuan -- and tried to touch the pulses of life with the lens of my camera.

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Parviz Forghani

Dear Vatanam, Very

by Parviz Forghani on

Dear Vatanam,

Very friendly prople, right no tourists around! I walked in the back alleys to touch the life of ordinary people

Parviz Forghani

You're welcome JJ

by Parviz Forghani on

You're welcome JJ



by comments on

My favorite is # 5.  It's so real.

And, adorable:)

Jahanshah Javid

Say Chineeeeeese :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very nice pictures Parviz. Yek donya mamnoon for sharing.


Beautiful! No tourist places, only chinese life. Great!


I was surprised to see many of them smiled whe you took their photos. Could it be that it was not Beiging? It was in Tai Yuan then? Why Tai Yuan? merci!

Esfand Aashena

Nice! I liked the tricycles and trikes! No chinese food pics?!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred