Promising Future

Photo essay: Folklore in India’s villages

by Keyvan Tabari
abstract: To understand India you have to see its villages! This dictum is often repeated to signify the hold of tradition on Indian society. Surprisingly, I found signs of entrepreneurship in the few villages of central India I visited which seemed to promise the future. These were all the more impressive as the past was still stubbornly strong in the mix of religion and history that was the mainstay of the folklore of these villages. This was the scene of the struggle between individual vitality and the inertia of group comfort >>> more

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Interesting pictures! Weirdest things are always found in India.

by Anonymouse on

I've heard these monkeys can be very aggressive and sometimes come to the streets and pick fights with people?  I wonder if people fight back?  I mean with fists, kicks and all.  If it was me and a monkey attacked me (in a tour) I would pick a big stone and aim at the monkey who attacked me and WHAM throw a fast ball at him followed by throwing sticks or whatever I can find closeby!

There also didn't seem much of any TV or any entertainment for people?  Do they have internet connections in these places?  If so, I suggest sending JJJ to live for a few months in India and report back! LOL ;-) 

Everything is sacred