Poor & Proud

Photo essay: Iran & Iranians

by Behzad


Amazing work. Very nice...

by Kamibaba on

Great job.



by kfravon on

wonderful photos...interesting combination at times...i will happily carry your camera bags for you, any time you need help! i mean it!


Beautiful pictures!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Beautiful collection

by Monda on

This morning i couldn't open this link on IC or even IC itself, for a very long time. So I visited Behzad's shots on flickr. They are Amazing!

I too however do not agree with the title. Proud, why shouldn't they be? And Poor?! They have much richer lives than many of us in the Western world or even the Iranian urbanites.  


Very nice

by AntiMozakhraf on

Thanks for sharing. The title could have been different though. I bet a lot of their lives are much richer than that of a lot of ours ...at least from what I can see on IC ;)

Thanks again.

Jonny Dollar

Gorgeous! Loved them all. Poor!!!? Define poor please!

by Jonny Dollar on

You are a very visionary photographer who happend to care for the beautiful people in our country. fantastic photos.

However, I wish you wouldn't use the term "Poor" in your title. I don't know what you meant by poor, but if you mean less fortunate people with much less money, then it is unfortunate. Material thing does not define a persoan as poor.

One might be the richest person on the planet, but a very poor human being in every aspects of humanity. These "poor" people are much richer than many might think. Poor in attitude, character, behavior, honesty, dell, decency...... is much worse than poor in terms of lack of material thing $$$$$$.

We are the children of Kourosh and Dariush, and as long as we preserve and follow our culture, we would never be a poor nation regardless of how rich materially we might be! Peace!

"God is love!"


Rich and Ashamed

by benross on

There is no contradiction in this set of pictures, because it's not about the subjects in front of the camera, but behind it.

It always amazes me that in a country in which the vast majority of citizens live in big cities, the reflection on 'self' can't find any suitable place right where they are living. And this is not new. In movies, even when the setting was big cities, it was -is- about a fringe part of the society. A leftover of the past. A 'Daash Aakol'. A luti. And the true inhabitants of post traditional structure of the society, can only pose in seclusion of their rooms or jump up and down in wilderness. I know exactly how it is. It's so 'been there done that' sort of thing for me.

Speaking of the movies in big city setting, I recall (I don't recall the name but I do some search before sending this) a movie which was a rarity for me. It was about city life as it is. And I recall because it's so difficult to portrait ourselves as we are and as we are living, and make a sense of it at the same time.  Modern Iranian identity is yet to be defined and 30 years of rejecting its emancipation did not help... to say the least.

Photography artistry has amazingly devellopped in the past thirty years. And no wonder...

Because we keep looking. 


I'm pretty sure it was Gozaaresh, Report (1977) 



by yolanda on

The photographer must be very experienced....I like all the photos except #56........it scares me! Hopefully nothing happened to the guy!

My favorites are the nature pictures....such a beautiful country!

Jahanshah Javid

Simple beauty, complicated lives

by Jahanshah Javid on

Lots of hardship and poverty in the villages, but often with dignity.

Then mixed with photos of city boys and their youthful antics...


So Simple, So Beautiful, So Human, So Vivid...

by Khar on

love every picture in the album, Thank You Behzad!

Orang Gholikhani

Nice pictures

by Orang Gholikhani on

They are warming when it is so cold here.

I prefered those picture where people don't care of the camera.