Personal art show

Amir Salamat displays his latest work on his patio

by Jahanshah Javid
I met Amir Salamat and his wife Lalé Welsh -- founders of Beyond Persia cultural organization in the San Francisco Bay Area -- for lunch last Sunday. Amir brought out his latest art work and agreed to put on a personal show of my favorites on his patio -- just for you. Also see his website:

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MashGhasesm Consider yourself caught!

by olagh catcher (not verified) on

The artists you mention are OK at what they try to copy, but what they try to copy is visullay boring like old relics--Perhaps you identify?). We Iranians need to get with the program! Alo Alo Amoo! That style has been passe now for 100 years! How come even Western garbage collectors understand art better than our Mohandesses?


What fun! I enjoyed looking

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

What fun! I enjoyed looking at them.



by Azadi (not verified) on

I have noticed some of the comments mysteriously have been removed. What the hell is going on?
Is this the freedom of speech you are advocating?


Pricelss ?

by Mash_Ghasem (not verified) on

"These paintings are priceless,..."
Talk about exageration ! A guy randomly throws paint on a canvas in his apartment's patio and you call these "priceless" ? You should take a look at the works of Katoozian, Aghdashlou and Iman Maleki to get an idea what true painting is.


Salamat's Work

by Monda (not verified) on

Come to think of it we all hide behind our work,Little Boy. Work is a representational tool to our "selves"; it's a major part of us to various degrees at different developmental stages of our lives.

I enjoyed the art as much as the clever presentation of it.


Great job

by me (not verified) on

I liked them all, evan hiding behind your arts(paintings) was a artistic move. Good job


Great presentation....

by Nassery (not verified) on

I loved the idea of holding the paintings in your hands outside and then revealing the artist at the end. It was different and fun.

My favorite was 27. As an abstract that had great composition and color. I wish I had thought of that. LOL.

I love the art, music, poetry (when it's in English and I can read it) and new articles on
I have my morning coffee with this site every morning.

Nazy Kaviani

A Story Within A Story

by Nazy Kaviani on

Ah, what a treat! What absolutely fabulous paintings, full of heart and soul. And how lucky you were to get a personal viewing Jahanshah! These paintings are priceless, and the photographs of the art pieces and the artist in the background tell such a sweet story. I love Amir Salamat's paint-soaked fingers, holding his work for your camera. I think the best stories are always ones where several overlapping stories are said in one. This story was a joy to see and understand through and through. Barikallah to the man who did the paintings, the man who took the photos, and the woman who set the stage for it.


Come on

by Little boy (not verified) on

Why the dude is hiding behind his art work?

Jahanshah Javid

The child inside

by Jahanshah Javid on

Mash Ghasem,
Picasso said, "The critics say I draw like a child. When I was a child I drew like Raphael. It took me my whole life to draw like a child."


JJ jan, I love them! I know

by Sibil (not verified) on

JJ jan,
I love them! I know shit about visual arts. but his work reminds me of your khoda biyamorz mom's paintings and I loved her work.


Looks familiar

by Mash_Ghasem (not verified) on

Looks much like my 4-year old's paintings.