Persian Delhi

Photo essay: India's capital is the tale of many cities

by Keyvan Tabari
From the fairyland airport of Faro, in the pristine Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, I flew over the lofty white peak of Mount Everest and landed in Delhi. Under the gray blanket of smog comprised of dust, car fumes, and smoke from the many open wood-fires that served as heaters for the poor on this cold late November evening, the capital of India palpated with the chaotic traffic of buses, carts, trucks, motorcycles, rickshaws, hand-pushed carts, and pedestrians who spilled over into the roads where the broken sidewalks ended unexpectedly. Nobody paid attention to the police at the intersections who flailed their arms to conduct the movements in directions which were blocked anyway ... more

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Merci Jenab-yeh Tabari! As usual very educational!

by obama on

You are a true traveler. You do a thorough research and love to share it with us, that is why we see them 7 month later! This is indeed very much appreciated! I noticed number of stars of david on the mosques! Do you know why, or if it was added later?

I am wondering why there are not many comments here from all those guys who are flooding the anti governement blogs. One reason might be their lack of appreciation f0r your hard work, and the other your subject (mosques)! Thanks!

Paul Schroeder

Nice windows onto Delhi

by Paul Schroeder on

Keyvan, you've packed a lot of background plus great photos from Delhi. I was lucky enough to work there summer of 97 and was surprised at the Persian cultural influences especially seen in architecture. I've been back twice since, and now have many 3D photos (a passion of mine) - it looks like you and I were there during Eid last year, here's link to a photo of a man with goats; also a scene in the Nizamuddin neighborhood and a bridge in Lodi Garden. I'd like to get to Iran to take some 3D photos there too. Thanks again.

fl O ra


by fl O ra on

These photos are really beautiful. You've done a great job!


Nice photos!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.