People at Work

Photo essay: Various professions in Fars, Hormozgan, and Yazd provinces

by msabaye
Why do we work? To earn a living, to define a purpose and structure in our day or our lives, or...? What defines work? In my travels across Fars, Hormozgan, and Yazd provinces in Iran, I observed many people at work: A fortune-tellers with his birds outside Hafezieh, another with chick peas on a street in Shiraz, a Qashghai woman in the fields, a Mama Zar warding off spirits in Bandar Abbas, young artists making sketches at Bazar Vakil in Shiraz, a salesman working at a pottery shop in Meibod, children doing their homework (their work!) in an alley next to Iskandar prison in Yazd,... Everyone looked so serious, so absorbed in their work, and yet they all seemed surprised that I took an interest in what they did. Here is a selection of photos from 2005-2009.

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Esfand Aashena

Nice Pictures!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


Let us all sing together

by Thought on

شاهنشاه ما زنده بادا پايد کشور به فرش جاودان کز پهلوی شـد ملک ایران صد ره بهتر زعهد باستان‏ از دشمنان بودی پریشان در سايه اش آسوده ایران ايرانیان پيوسته شادان همواره يزدان بود او را نگهبان ای پرچم خورشید ایران پرتو افکن بر روی این جهان یاد آور از آن روزگاری کسود از برق تیغت بر کران در سایه ات جان می فشانیم از دشمنان جان می ستانیم ما وارث ملک کیانیم همیشه خواهیم وطن را از دل و جان بودیم و هستیم پیرو حق جز حق هرگز نخواهیم از جهان با شاه پرستی مملکت را داریم از دست دشمن در امان ما پیرو کردار نیکیم روشندل از پندار نیکیم رخشنده از گفتار نیکیم شده زین فضائل بلند آواز ایران    --------------------------------------------------------------------   Long live our King of Kings And may his glory make immortal our land For Pahlavi improved Iran A hundredfold from where it once used to stand Though once beset by the foemen's rage Now it has peace in his keeping sure We of Iran, rejoice in every age Oh, may God protect him both now and evermore Oh, Sun that shines on Iran's banner, Shed upon each nation rays strong and fair. Those days keep in our recollection When thy flashing sword brought peace everywhere. We give our lives in thy shade benign, And take the lives of each enemy. We are the heirs of Kianis' line; Oh, beloved land, ever wholly thine are we. Of Right we've been and still are champions. What is right is all we ever demand. Through worship of the King, we ever From the enemy will guard this our land. "Good Deeds" the first virtue of our call, "Good Thoughts" the light our hearts and minds to guide, And through "Good Speech" shining, one and all, This is Iran's fame that will echo far and wide.

Arash Kamangir

Life unchanged

by Arash Kamangir on

I saw a documentary of a German pairs who visited Iran in 1962 and comparing your photoes to thiers show amazingly that not much has changed in the last 50 years. Iranian are a very conservative volk who have the government they have deserved.