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Photo essay: Iranians and Americans celebrate together

by Jahanshah Javid

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Orang Gholikhani

Nice photos

by Orang Gholikhani on

and nice comments.




Thank you, Mr. Javid.

by Feshangi on

These are great pictures and it is always nice to see the people you know, like Dr. Ensani, who brings energy and smile wherever she goes and who has done so much for the Iranian community and the city of San Francisco. Not to mention that she was my son's favorite professor at the SFSU. Also the talented Mr. Hourian whose art has been part of San Francisco as long as I remember. 



ladan K

Great Job JJ

by ladan K on

There is also an article about his event in the non-Iranian press




the woman in number 11. Jahanshah

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Can you please ask her that I really like her jacket with the embroidery , so that she can say 'pishkesh' (p&p included)?

By the way, how come I've turned from a chicken to a goldfish? I can't wait to become a fruitfly. In the name of science an' all.

Leila Radan


by Leila Radan on

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful night!  It was fabulous to finally meet you there dear J and this photo essay is most definitely one to be bookmarked.

Thank you!


President Bush's Nowruz Greeting

by Mersedeh on

Here's George Bush's Nowruz Message to go along with the pretty Haft-Seen spread that he made for us. Ham sofraro khodesh chideh, ham in tabriko khodesh neveshteh....





Too Sexy For Nowruz

by Mersedeh on

"Mr. Javid" is not in the pictures simply because he is too sexy for Nowruz! He knows that if he makes an appearance in these photo essays, all of our attention will divert to him instead of the topic, so he prefers to stay 'behind the camera'....

[just kiddin'...your work as a photographer is improving Jahanshah-jan...You've come a long way from your walks in the neighborhood! :) By the way, you have really lost control with your love for the little red fishies, although they are very very cute!!]


nice pictures

by IRANdokht on

the comments were even better :o)

thanks for sharing them 



Chera Mr. Javid khodeshun tu

by poonehtehrani on

Chera Mr. Javid khodeshun tu axa nistan?


Norooz Mobarak to all from around the world!

by Seagull (not verified) on


Your comment on pic #28

by Midwesty on

was really funny :O) Thanks Jahanshah!


Very nice; unlike our Dallas Norooz party!

by benbagheri on

This looks like it was so different from the all-Iranian Norooz party I went to in Dallas, Texas last week (I won't say where and which party, because the people who organized it, did so with the best intentions and I don't want them to get upset at me!) We were all Iranians, but it was so cold and formal feeling! No one seemed to be there to have fun! Women ended up sitting in one side of the hall and men on the other (which is fine in our culture if you happen to be attending a funeral!) People hardly spoke to each other! It was like everyone had come to just satisfy some kind of emotional or cultural obligation!  It felt a little sad to be honest! 



by Majid on

I do agree with you on this one,

"Har sokhan jaaee-o har nokteh makaanee daarad"

But it sounds're right, we DO dance! and if we don't, at the very least we "Beshkan" to the beat (dance at heart), no matter what!

I'm not against being happy and moving to the sound of the music, and it was Now rooz in this particular occasion, But! 

I DO agree with you.


Just one thing!

by Kamangir on

Thanks very much for sharing the pictures with us. Through this site I have come to realize that Iranian community in California is very active culturally, or at least very active compared to where I live currenlty. The city of Vancouver.  However; I'd like to mention something and I'd not like anyone to get me wrong. I think I need to mention this to other fellow compatriots. Ever since I was a kid, I always noticed that music and dancing is a great part of our culture. We've great and very rich music. This cheerful music and dancing takes place almost in any cultural event where several Iranian gather. I've attended several interesting Iranian meetings in the past in different countries and to be very honest with you have never felt very comfortable with the dancing part, specially if there're non-Iranians present. There's a difference between a party and a cultural event. I've the feeling that the dancing with all its related noise seems to devaluate and diminish the seriousness of the event. There're times that it doesn't seem appropiate. Please, I'm not trying to sound smart, neither I'm trying to denigrate that part of our culture, but there's a time for everything. When i was browsing the interesting pictures posted here, I noticed, again the dancing individuals and again in this case it doesn't just look right.

This is just my opinion!




by urstruly (not verified) on

How refreshing, cute blond hair, THIN, and a cute YELLOW dress. very pretty...

Mona 19

Thank You Mr.Javid...

by Mona 19 on

for sharing the beautiful pictures.You're absolutly right that's one of most beautiful haft seen I've ever seen :)))

Sheida Jan, Happy Nawrouz...Your haft seen table was GREAT..You did an AWESOME JOB :)

Best Wishes,Mona