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Hessam Abrishami's paintings & sketches

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Born in the ancient center of the Persian Empire in the town of Shiraz, Iran in 1951 the roots of an enlightening heritage are deep within Hessam Abrishami. It is indisputable that the abundant history and enriching ways of this great land have upheld a legacy of traditions both cultural and artistic. The impact of such flourishing surroundings is immeasurable. In 1975 Hessam left Iran to expand his knowledge and awareness of the world. He sought a formal art education, which took him to Italy, one of the historically great epicenters of art. He began his higher education in Pietro Vanucci, at the Accademia di Belle Arti, where he studied feverishly, honing his skills. The western world opened new doors within Hessam, changing his perception of art. He fondly recalls working with a group of fellow artists creating figure studies. They worked quickly and without restraint, attempting to capture forms with just a few lines. It was exercises like these that brought Hessam into the world of western art and a more expressive style. In 1984 he made the seminal decision to emigrate, recognizing that the center of the art world had shifted to the United States. Over the next two decades, Hessam’s art would become adored and widely collected. There was a significant transition from the modest beginnings of exhibiting his art in small festivals and fairs, to major one-man shows across the nation. However, today Hessam is widely known as one of the worlds greatest living artists, achieved through hard work and extreme dedication to his craft >>> Homepage

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Simple yet fascinating. The B&Ws were very nice, so were colors.

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Everything is sacred.