Parked in time

Photo essay: Old cars in Iran

by Mehrdad Naraghi


Dramatic Photography ! : ) ( :

by Shahriar Taherkhani (not verified) on

This is one of the most wonderful- both dramatic, artistic Architectural photagraphy I've ever seen since 25 years ago!

Composition, coloring, lighting which fading in and out is beautifuly done!
It looks the photographer did want to use a perfect time on a very interesting object by using the day light and shadows belended to gather for a amazing contrast which helps to create a Dramatic, Political Photography,without pointing out no body!
I love it very much that I sure : )

Also.......... : )
I clearly can see what is the message on all Images, in a way I could relate that to people who are choose to be static verses being open-minded.
I mean what would be wrong If some one keep their car and take good care of their cars before they start falling a part? : )
I beleive thats SAD :( to see such images like this happening any where in our dearest Homland. I know some times they don't have the right Part to fix it.
but it doest mean to leave it off the street and let it get dust and rust and completely to die on its owner ( If there are ).
Not to forget ...... the people who did these nice photograpgy he must be a mulity talented Not only in Art but also in Engineering, Architectural, Soicialogy, Psycology.Thanks to the photagrapher and please keep up the good work : )

My best regards to you, all.


Very good pictures!

by IraniIrooni (not verified) on

Even with some cars basically non-operable, it reminds me of the old days, the peaceful, the happier and the more loving days. Hopefully we will all be able to go back home and rebuild hand-in-hand to re-live those better days. Great pictures.


Re Bullet Holes

by car buff (not verified) on

Those are not bullet holes. They are marks left behind from CHAHARSHANBEH SOORI Tagagheh or Narenjak as we used to call them.
That caught my eyes too and reminded me of my youth. There was a tall white building down the street from us that had thousands of those marks on it. I was responsible for most of them. lol.


Very nice pictures! Thanks!

by SN (not verified) on

Very nice pictures! Thanks!


More old cars

by bahram9821 on

clip of more old cars in Iran



Bullet holes?

by Siamack on

Is picture 7 showing bullet holes/marks all over the wall? Excellent pictures by the way. I wonder if Iranians in Iran are as passionate about classic cars as (some of) us here in Europe/US? I guess not.


Nice pics :)

by پیام on

Such a shame that the classic Jaguar on picture 12 is left behind that way. Would be worth alot here in europe!


Old cars are becoming rarer

by Anonymcs (not verified) on

Old cars are becoming rarer these days. There are a lot of regulations in place, to replace "machine dood-zA" & inefficient cars. (e.g. credit given towards old, and even dead cars) When you travel to Iran, you see some old cars, but mostly new ones.


Great Photography

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

I learned a lot! Very nice framing, lighting, etc. Great job!