Photo essay: Persian model

by Ghormeh Sabzi

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Natural Beauty

by nicksaf on

This lady is a natural beauty. Totally agree with fussygorilla on this take. Iranian women have  the most beautiful eyes in the universe! Nose is a different story, God did not want them to have everything perfect! Usually half American/Iraninans are also gorgeous as well. I have 3 daughters that count for that as well. Good luck to this young lady.

A fan of Iran, Esfahan!


persian beauty?

by fussygorilla on

Whoever she is, like most Iranian girls, she has beautiful eyes and they sure know how to use make-up to make them even more so. But, those noses!  They all need a good plastic surgeon and apparently they do. Plus eyebrow and eyelid tattoos that are soooo common, they all look alike.  The Islamic system managed to cover all women into one black blog but could not do anything to cover those eyes.

As a woman, I certainly appreciate thei gorgeous eyes. I have travelled all over the world and Iranian young women have the best. So do the young Iranian men.


مفرح ِ ذات است و ممد ِ حيات




هر دم از اين باغ برى ميرسد

تازه تر از تازه ترى ميرسد



by KouroshS on

Ain't she one big pretty mama....

Can we leave phone numbers here or are we supposed to ask for hers? how does it work?:)


Carpet and Oil

by عموجان on

Isn't the only valuable commodities produce and exported from persia, I say good job to her parent.