Paint on poost

Body art

by martinarmand
Martin Armand is an artist that many aspire to; his humble attitude makes it very easy to talk to him yet you can't help but to feel privileged to sit next to him once you see his work. His genuine smile and sincerity are welcoming of conversation. This professional makeup/hair artist for Film, TV, and print is sought after by many major players including the film and commercial industries due to his exquisite abilities and attention to detail. Presently based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful cities on earth, he got his start as a hairdresser at an early age >>>


Paint on Poost

by Zarebin (not verified) on

Stupid concept, third rate painting .... whats the point?


great work

by f. borhani (not verified) on

very nice .good to see these works.



by darchin (not verified) on

Great job Martin. glad to see you posted your work here. keep up the good work.



by Tahcheen (not verified) on

Wow, he is a very talented individual. Beautiful work and concept.