Oil can be a blessing

Photo essay: Circling Norway's magnificent fjords

by Keyvan Tabari
The discovery of oil in that offshore field in 1969 has transformed Norway from a small, poor, and almost inconsequential country to a very rich state that often plays an active, generous role in global peace projects. The image of Norwegian as a people has undergone a commensurate transformation. Once known as frugal farmers and fishermen, Norwegians are now considered masters of energy production and environment. Norway has also become a renowned destination for paying homage to the aesthetics of nature. I decided to go when I saw a photographic exhibit of its magnificent fjords. I hoped this would also be a journey of discovery, helping to anchor my predilections. Some embellished stories I could not verify but I have incorporated them in this account as they are folklore >>> Full text

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I love Norway...

by Princess on

It's a beautiful country with a magnificent nature. While I agree with the fact that the fair distribuation of oil revenues and other natural resources plays a significant role in raising the standard of living in Norway, I also think that their simple and down-to-earth culture as well as the people's appreciation of natural beauty contributes enormously to where Norway stands today. Let's not forget, UAE is a rich country as well, but what a world of difference!!  


نابرابری جنسیتی در جهان

Persian viking! (not verified)

نابرابری جنسیتی در جهان: ایران در رتبۀ 119 ، نروژ در مقام یکم



Bear this in mind Concerned Iranian

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

I lived in Norway working for a security company for 3 years. They have a population of 4-5 million, Iran has close to 70 million.

Norway, if you read their oil laws and regulation history, nationalized their oil without having their internal affairs meddled with by the British, French and the US. Iran has not.

So these obvious factors should tell you that there is a slight difference, they should naturally enjoy a higher living standards.

Iranians are smart and neurotic, we have full reason to be neurotic considering every superpower in the world has strategic interests in our country that they would wish to fulfill with disrespectful and military means.

On the other hand, the weather sucks, it rains constantly, Bergen, the second largest city, is depressing when it comes to the weather. Other than that, its a great country, 100% healthcare coverage and the people are very polite. Statoil, a Norwegian oil firm, is currently involved in Iran.


Difference between smart and dumb

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

According to the Oil & Gas Journal, Norway has 7.7 Billion barrels of proven oil reserves (Ranks No. 18th). Iran has 132.5 Billion barrels of oil reserves (ranks No. 3rd). Look at the beautiful and serene status of the Belgians. Look at the miserable and neurotic status of Iranians. This is the difference between smart and dumb. Yes. Don't be offended my dear friends. Smart, we are not. Neurotic we are.


"Oil can be a blessing."

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Yes, it can.

Only when the revenues from its sales are used to help the people of the country which has it.