This is my room


by Roxana Manouchehri
Philipp Haas writes: “This is my room, this is my studio” it says in Perso-Arabic script on one of Roxana Manouchehri’s paintings from the “Feel the Expanse” series the Teheran-born artist is introducing to us in the present exhibition. The painting is showing a windowless, unfurnished, dimly neon-lit interior easily identifiable as the artist’s Korean studio in North Eastern Seoul’s Changdong district. Ironically the premises of the Changdong Art Studio where the artist is currently attending a 6-month residency programme prove an ideal setting for Manouchehri’s criticism of the sterile functionality western aesthetics have been obsessed with for almost a century>>>


Alienation within spaces to which we do not belong

by ramintork on

This work reflects on the sense of alienation within spaces to which we do not belong.

With globalization we have entered a new form of alienation towards cities and spaces where we live.

These images show this alienation using characters from our every day miniature Art put in these almost empty spaces. These characters being icons of who we, they are then put in these large spaces where perspective is exaggerated as a means to amplify these emotions. #11 depicting a woman covered with a cling film like substance depicts the feeling of existing and becoming muted.

In some ways there is an Edward Hopper quality to these images i.e. with muted characters being within a space but being cut off from the world but instead of New Yorkers we have Middle Eastern players and narrative.

These themes are investigated by other Iranian Artists such as Mitra Tabrizian but in a different format.


Thank you

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I really liked number 8, 17, and 30.



these are good

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