Musical Circularity


by Saeed Siadat

“After Islam occupied Iran 1400 years ago, painting and music was forbidden but Persian artists showed their appreciations of these, symbolically through design of carpets, tilling of mosques and calligraphy”. the circularity of Siadat’s visual style is musical. “ circularity is part of art in Iran. Iranian architecture from the past and present is beautifully depicted on the circular shapes of the mosques and the tombs. Also curves and circles (common to the female form) are skillfully used in Persian tapestry. Seeing these art form as a child had a profound effect on me.” -- From an interview by Charles Lonberger

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Iranians' hearts and minds can not be trapped by Islam.

by Babak5 (not verified) on

Great Work. Iranians are free in spirit.


Great art. I added your

by yasi (not verified) on

Great art. I added your site to my art favorites for future visits. Thanks for sharing.