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Photo essay: Bilbao

by Dario Margeli
Bilbao is a nice city by the ocean north of Spain. In fact the last station on the metro will take you to the seaside neighbourhood. It also has a river with several beautiful futuristic bridges crossing it. The Guggenheim museum is built by the river too. Unlike the one they built later on in Los Angeles, the one in Bilbao is better located giving the viewer more space to contemplate the building from a distance. The town also has a cute historic section with streets made of stone. The old section is under a tall hill. There is an elevator that takes you to the top of it. The view from up there is nice, as you can see in one of the pictures. Free wifi internet in the McDonalds paid by the municipality! Very well communicated. The airport has cheap flights by airlines such as EasyJet. Other nearby attractive towns like San Sebastian and Biarritz (France) also have airports with affordable flights. In the same trip I also visited Bayonne in France only two hours drive away.


Great town

by Abarmard on

Looks beautiful. Would love to see the picture of its summer. Love to visit someday. Thanks for posting


desolate and depressing

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

There are very few people in the photos, where they should've been, such as the town center, cultural center, etc. Based on the photos, it seems like a deseretd ghost town.

"rooh nadareh"


Wonderful Basques!

by Kamangir on

Bilbao is the economical heart of the Basque region of Spain, however; to many Basques and Spaniards; the city of San Sebastian (Donosti, in Basque) is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. I visited the city some 7 years ago and is one of the most beatiful and classy cities I've ever seen. The Basque region of Spain differs a lot from the one in France. In France; you have the feeling that there's a lot of marketing on Basque culture: Basque T-shirts, Bsque hats etc... whereas on the Spanish side you do feel the real Basque culture and all its current political issues. Basques are wonderful people, hard working, familiy oriented and very much proud of their very unique and mysterious culture and language the Euskara.

My understanding is that the Bilbao is the heart of the most right-wing Basque nationalists. It's a wonderful region and a wonderful culture.






Come On...

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

It's an ugly city. What's nice about it?


No wonder Javier Clemente...

by Nader on

No wonder Javier Clemente did not want to leave Bilbao!

Nothing beats the beauty of a European country.

Except Iran of course!!