Madame Helene's First Grade Class

Photo essay

by Bianca Zahrai
Photos from Tehran's Jeanne D'Arc school; Madame Helene's First Grade class, depicting our end of the year school play and last day of school when final report cards were handed out. Circa 1975. Also see recent photos of the school: "My old stomping ground".


question for Bianca

by mori (not verified) on

Dear Bianca
thank you again for the picture #008. I have only this pic for that time. I'm in the last row , 3th from the right ..
where are you??



The children........

by Nadias on

are adorable. Thank you for sharing.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Please, let's just get along!

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

Please let's not let our inherent Iranian character come out here too and infest these pictures which were posted as an innocuous post. Let's just get along and enjoy the pictures, instead of ruining these memories as well by our petty bickering, nitpicking, name-calling.


Another Foozool....

by Reza-San Diego (not verified) on

What a joke.... Now we have someone by the name Atoussa as a new foozool!!!
Listen up people!
I just came here to bring my sister with Bianca or someone else in that class together.... That's all!!!
I didn't know that there are so many complexed individual who are using this comment section to express simply their FOOZOOLI to mock someone's miss spelling with stupid sarcasm or write a presciption on line like someone who thinks she is cute, but she is not.....
If you (MAZ & Atoussa) are the generation who studied & learnt French in Iran, No wonder why Iran went down the drain....
Now, You are outside Iran, suffering from inferiority complex (maybe because of your looks!) and have too much time to waste on line and on this site to show off your empty & dilutional personalities....
You made me write this because you proved yourselves with your writing here. Maybe, Nobody told you this, but I tell you! GROW UP........
NOW, I wish , I could just communicate with Bianca instead of answering foozoolhaye mahale' on this comment box !!! :-)


Dear Narenj & Maz

by Atoussa (not verified) on

It seems that Maladie D'Amour and Reza are off their Prozac antidepressant. They can easily get ticked. Watch out!


Maz !!!

by Reza_San Diego (not verified) on

Listen up dude! I don't need your apology to begin with, especially when it's not sincere & it is expressed once again with complexed sarcasm ...
My problem with you personally is that you were never asked for your opinion about what I wrote to someone else to start with!!! I was simply trying to have a possible communication between Bianca & my sister who also attended the school. Who are YOU??? Jeanne D'Arc's French spelling teacher? And why do you have to be such a FOOZOOL and jump inside a communication that is none of your business??
Unlike you, without sarcasm, I do apologize to everyone for using a foul language on you in French earlier...
Think about it! Who is the show off NOW Maz?
You maybe book smart, but you've got some serious growing up to do dude....
Good luck & Peace....


khaleh zanaki

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

cat fight , guy style


Agha Reza, Chill!

by Maz (not verified) on

Reza jân, cool down! I was just teasing you. Don't be such a foul-mouthed "nâzok nârenji". I apologize if I hurt your feelings. (I admit that I was sarcastic. But I never foul-mouthed you. I thought Marjane was gonna win on Sunday!!? Ha ha!) As "Anonymoose" said "live and let live". How is the restaurant/real estate empire (just kidding, you are a different Reza in a different town)?

French is a lovable but such a phonetically screwed-up and hard-to-reform language. The spelling reform that the Spanish language went through couple of hundred years ago would seem such an impossibility when it come to French. (In a future unknown, it would be very difficult to carry out spelling reforms when it comes to "linkages". You can't get rid of them. They are stuck with French forever.) Spanish is a much better alternative.

¡Muchas Gracias!
¡Hasta Luego!


nice pictures

by IRANdokht on

I wonder if that was the same Mme Helene who was teaching a few years before 75 too, she was married to an Iranian as I recall... uh oh I am dating myself here LOL  You did good keeping these pictures!

Very NICE! 



Maz Satrapi !!!

by Reza -San Diego (not verified) on

I did not attend any French school and I admit, I made a mistake in spelling of "Merci Beaucoup". I was very happy to see my older sister's photo and wrote something quick for a nice lady (Bianca)& other civilized readers here to see if she knew my sister and perhaps bring them together... There was no show off involved here and it was a simple & honest mistake/typo....
I can speak & understand 5 languages (including a little French)! I don't have to prove myself to anyone and certainly NOT to a loser like you with so much complex!!!
The only phrase that comes to my mind for a OOghdeie individual such as yourself is :
Va te faire enculer... And please don't vomit on a nice subject like this with your own Existential Problem/ Identity Crisis... Perhaps, best for you is to see a doctor... :-)



by Maladie d'amour (not verified) on

all you had to do was look at couple posts down to see my post(reply) already.

Since I don't always look at things too carefully I can't blame you too much either.

Take a chill pill girl, you might induce a heart attack or something with your anger level!


Dear Maladie D'amour, If you

by Narenj (not verified) on

Dear Maladie D'amour,
If you are much younger than when these children who were in 1st class in 75, then when did you attend J.A.? in 1979 school was about to close....Razi was better? They threw girls in a dingy site of the school.the boys got the good site of school......I think ur memories are fuzzy if u compare what u have seen from Razi to J.A.


Jeanne D'Arc First Grade Pics

by Sayeh (not verified) on

I was in this class as well and would love to get my hands on these pictures. Dear Bianca, you have captured and shared so much of my childhood memories -- Thank You!


you are right , I missed circa 1975

by J'eanne d'arc (not verified) on

It was rather assumptuous of me to say they are way older generation than me, Obviously i had gone directly to the pictures and not read the paragraph.



To JA & Maz

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

How much "way older generations" than you could these pictures of a bunch of first graders in 1975 be, since Jeanne D'Arc was closed down right after the 1979 revolution?

Maz, why do you have to become a Mollah Loghati? Live and let live and quit being so petty...

Let's just enjoy the pictures and memories, shall we?


I was in this class!!!

by Morvarid K (not verified) on

I open the website like everyday, when I saw this title and pictures I couldn’t believe it ..My god …I was in this class and I remember that day well. I tried to remember everybody in those pictures I could just remember few of them:,,, Niloufar. M, Atoussa gh, Mitra.M etc… I had a wonderful memories from Jeanne d’Arc school. You made my day. Dear Bianca I would reallllly appreciate if you could send me those pictures by email etc.. I tried to save them from the website but I had some problems, here is my email address:
Thank you so much for this pictures.
Morvarid K


The tiles are very nostalgic

by Aredshir Keyvan (not verified) on

The tiles are very nostalgic for me.


Parlez Vous Français ?

by Maz Satrapi (not verified) on

I am assuming you atteded a French school as well. If that is the case, you don't know how to spell "Merci Beaucoup". If you didn't attend a French school and you have an itch to show off, then either check your spelling with sis, or use a dictionary or a basic phrase book.

Merci Beaucoup!
A Bientôt!


Saw my sister ! :-)

by Reza_San Diego (not verified) on

In photo No.7, 3rd little one seating from Right!!!
Yeah................. I think, I found my sister, Negar..... :-)
Merci Bouquot......... :-)



by Maladie d'amour (not verified) on

These pictures are way older generations than me but the last picture made a twist in my memory lane as the twist in 'the railing reminded me of exactly where that pathway was.

Jeanne d'Arc was a bitter sweet memory for most people who attended it, in a prison like kind of way and if you were there you know exactly what I mean. Razi was sooo much better. I did always want to attend Catechism with the Armenians who would be pulled out of class for mass.