Khuzestan 1958-1960

Photo essay: Close links of kinship made a deep impression, certainly expanding my sense of human possibilities

by Paul Schroeder
These photos, like the group that was posted here in April [see: Memories of an American boy], were taken by my father Charles Schroeder during the time we lived in Abadan, 1958-60. Many of the background details about our stay there were given with the first set. Since that posting we've received many generous and heartfelt responses that encouraged us to bring this new group forward >>> Full text


I`m abadanian native born at

by rahbar (not verified) on

I`m abadanian native born at the time of your stay in abadan.
this is great,awsom pictures thank you ,please find more pics of later years (60s&70s).
peace to the world,god bless