Khomeini's fierce outcry against America

LIFE magazine, January 1980.

by Darius Kadivar

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Respect and Sensitivity for a revered leader?

by I. M. American (not verified) on

On the airplane on his way to Iran Khomeini was asked by reporter Peter Jennings: "What do you feel in returning to Iran?" Khomeini answered "Hich ehsâsi nadâram" (I don't feel a thing).

After his death, a large crowd stormed the funeral procession, nearly destroying Khomeini's wooden coffin in order to get a last glimpse of his body. At one point, Khomeini's body actually almost fell to the ground, as the crowd attempted to grab pieces of the death shroud.

His followers were as respectful and as sensitive as he was, it seems.


Get this devilish face out of here; it is spoiling my day.

by Fed-up (not verified) on

Get the Zahhakish face of this bastard son-of-a-bitch devil out of here. He ruined MY country; tortured, raped, and murdered tens of thousands of MY country's sons and daughters; sent the wealth of MY country to arabs; deceived MY nation in the name of his murderous god and inhumane religion; and forced the laws of arabs down the throats of MY people by force. Get the shitty face of emam khomeini with his satanic eyes out of here.


Rot in hell, every one of them.

by Anonymous-3 (not verified) on

I hope every single demonstrator and akhoond supporter in these pictures will rot in hell.


Religious Prejudices

by Mona (not verified) on

I wish to explain to you the principal reason of the unrest among nations. The chief cause is the misrepresentation of religion by the religious leaders and teachers. They teach their followers to believe that their own form of religion is the only one pleasing to God, and that followers of any other persuasion are condemned by the All-Loving Father and deprived of His Mercy and Grace. Hence arise among the peoples, disapproval, contempt, disputes and hatred. If these religious prejudices could be swept away, the nations would soon enjoy peace and concord.


Comparing Khomeini with Zahhak is an insult to Zahhak

by Hottie (not verified) on

Legend has it that Zahhak killed two young men each day for consumption by the two serpents on his shoulders. on the other hand, it was not unusual for khomeini to line up 300 youth in evin to be shot in one day. So an objective comparing of khomeini to Zahhak is unfair to Zahhak as he was quite mild-mannered compared to Emam, the spiritual leader of Shia islam and islamic republic.


visit iran

by Bibi (not verified) on

Nothing is more educational than visiting iran and mingling with youth for understanding of the extent of damage that IRI has brought to iran, in all shapes and forms. And if you visit, do not spend your time eating chelokabab and ghormeh zabzi, rather go to small towns and down-towns and observe children and talk to youth to see the extent of poverty and depression in them. Any time I go there, seeing my young hamvatans just breaks my heart. The damage that IRI has brought us is so deep that only going back to 1979 needs a generation of effort. Shah, despite all the animosity still shown towards him, was getting too greedy, arrogant, and shrewd and had to go for khomeini to come in and take iran back to where it belonged, 1400 years ago. Khomeini had to come back to either kill the intellectuals or chase them away so that the resource-rich iran with intelligent iranians should continue to be a third-world country that could be humiliated on a daily basis as we see today. Khomeini truly served his masters, let it be Omar and his 1400-year-old mambo jumbos, his rotten ideology, or .... Let's not fall into trap of meaningless words, propaganda, and emotional religious affections and see the reality that our people have to face everyday. This evil devil destroyed our country, killed so many of our young, depleted rich resources of our country, chased so many of us away from our homes, raped our daughters in prisons, and handed over the country to a bunch of nation-less thugs when the devil finally summoned him. Can anyone claiming to be iranian with a conscience accept any of this, let alone all together, and provide any sympathy for IRI. I very much doubt it.


It is simple. We Iranians lost; Others won

by Truthseeker (not verified) on

Iranians lost. West and Arabs won.

So, all we need to do is come together and win against all other forces.

Let's not be losers.


The problem with Iranians is

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

The problem with Iranians is that they always like to blame some one else. Even in school an Iranian student would say "I got an A" however if he got a D he/she would say "teacher gave me a D". The Shahis blame the Mullahs and the Mullahs blame the Shahis and the reason the women wear vails cuz the men have a low esteem and no self confidence and thinking their wife is going to run off with the first man that lays an eye on their uncovered body. .


Don't blame it all on the crazy nutcase puppet Khomeini

by Molah Kosh (not verified) on

He was only a puppet of the west. He was a nothing! His only purpose was to be used by the British, French, and Americans to stop the progress in Iran, and keep the reds out! Period!


خمینی ضحاک زمانه


خمینی مار بدوش بیش از یک ملیون مغز مردان جوان ایرانی را با متلاشی کردنشان در جنگ به خورد مارهای اسلامی داد


او به راستی ابلیس بر روی زمین و یک مفسد فی العرض بود


Marg bar Jomhoori Islami

by Ali Irooni (not verified) on

Marg bar Jomhoori Islami


Those days are gone

by Face it (not verified) on

Shahis were bad in 1979 because we did not know our people, but not anymore after 28 years of oppression. We'll be lucky if we get someone as open-minded and progressive as shah was in another 28 year. Shah was an angel compared to these IRI leaders. He was also very tolerant of islamists, otherwise they would not have survived in such large numbers. Mullas did not want tolerance from shah and did not care for iran and iranians, they wanted FULL control of iran's wealth and power. Let's not confuse the subject or fall into iranian cultural trap and blame shah for sin of the people who marched after an import mulla from najaf with ideas from 1400 years ago.
P.S. I am not shahi, but don't like to blame him for what was not his fault. You can blame him for a lot of other things, but he was only a human with human faults of any leader.


Some of the morans in the

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Some of the morans in the picture who are burning the US flag are now actually living in US or somewhere in Western Europe! OR go hungery to bed, have 2 jobs to make ends meet, or are dead/killed if lucky! Down with USA! A bazar was burned and I got my dastmal ... Fatollah


Path to Real Democracy .......

by koozehgar (not verified) on

The path to real democracy goes through experiencing religious dictatorship.It took Europe 400 years to go through this path. In our case, we have just a few more years left. Dear hamvatans,remember Hafez who said,"Mojdeh keh ayam gham nakhahad maund ,chenan namaundo chenin neez nakhahad maund."


Ajab Khar Shodim

by Pashimoon (not verified) on

Vaghaen Ke. Az "Chaleh" Dar Oomadim, Oftadim Dorosti To "Chah" :(


The best and the worst

by Iva (not verified) on

This evil Hendi man will be known for 2 things. The best thing he will be remembered for is for bringing to light that islamist or religious people are hypocrites at best and the fact that islamists do not care for land or people who live on that land. They simply care for money and power and use whatever means to hold on to that mighty dollar/power.

The worst thing that evil man shall be remembered by is the fact that he promoted islamic hocus-pocus and superstition in Iran which have set the progress of our country folks for generations to come. May he rot in the Hell that he believed in.


Typical Shahis

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Shahis and Fanatics are very similar. They look for
good guy (nostalgia) and bad guy. In fact Khomeini represented
the religious portion of society and if Shah had not demonised them as much as he did, then Khomeini would not be king. Back in 1973 when I came to US, it was shocking that the president professed religion and Bill Graham was respected. You know
if this country was intolerant to those guys today USA might be ruled by those guys. Khomeini did what a religious guy does, it was Shah who brought him to power.


Let me introduce this beast...

by Zabon deraz (not verified) on

This bastard SOB destroyed MY country, deceived MY people, and enslaved MY nation into submission to the murderous islamic republic thieves. He will be remembered in history alongside likes of Zahhak, Alexander, Omar, Genghis, Tamerlane, and Saddam. May god's curse be upon him, his ancestors, his descendants, his worshipers, his followers, and his supporters forever and for eternity.



by MRX (not verified) on

seeing picture of the shit head chusseini makes me want to dump on islamic republic.


Daaraa... Azar... jan

by Anonymous-007 (not verified) on

shooma ham raast migid, ama lotfan be ma kheyli saakht nagir. halla ma yek ghaalaati kardim, khoodemoon midoonim ke darrim misoozim. shooma digeh rooyhe zakhhme ma naamak napaash. :)

Azarin Sadegh

These pictures are like a nightmare..

by Azarin Sadegh on

Dear Darius,


Thank you for all your efforts, but fot these pictures...maybe no thanks! These pictures are like a nightmare, and khomeini was like a disease to Iran. He was the one who brought the worst in any of us. We should be happy to survive after him and to witness his "poison-drinking" moment of failure as a leader, but there were so many who weren't as lucky as us.







by Daaraa... Azar... (not verified) on

Try to make as many words as possible from the following letters: Kh, Sh, M: Kh(oda), Sh(ah), M(Ehan)-- Yu are free to use any vowles you see to make words from differnt commbination of the above three letters--

E.g., Khom, Mokh, etc.

Good Luck!


Tahirih joon :)

by Anonymous-007 (not verified) on

ghorboone zaabbonet ke khayli khoob ghoofi. Aafarina aziz jan! kheyli kheyli khooshemaan Amaad. Aafarina


God Has spoken !

by Tahirih (not verified) on

"Leaders of religion, in every age ,have hindered their people from attaining the shores of eternal salvation,inasmuch as they held the reins of authority in their mighty grasp. Some for the lust of leadership,others through want of knowledge and understanding,have been the cause of deprivation of people".
Religious fanatism and hatred are a worlddevouring fire ,whose violence none can quench .Only hand of Divine Power can ,alone ,deliver mankind from this desolating affliction.
God will hold responsible religious leaders for the tragedies against humanity.They have presumed to speak for HIM(God) throughout history.Their attempts to make the Word Of God a private preserve,and its axposition a means for personal aggrandizement,have been the greatest single handicap against which the advancement of civilization has struggled.


Khashm: The Deal is Closed: Locked and Sealed

by Daaraa... Azar... (not verified) on

Now it is time to screw those who have gotten themselves out of the system by their own very hands and actions...

Run! And Run together and never alone!


Muslems are bootom feeders and you know it!!!

by farabsnow (not verified) on

Muslims are bottom feeders and you know it!!!
This bull crap allah is known to the man kind is noting but BULL SHIT!!
F ayatoilet and his family!


illiterate, ignorant, and despicable POPPET

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

This illiterate, ignorant, despicable animal didn’t know his right from left. Just a poppet, that satanic west brought it to our beloved country to destroy a NATION.



by Farbors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

As HE has allways said his Cry was one out 30 millin crys against the great satan. His Only Cry braught him long years of exile. It was the cry of respectable Iranian Nation which whipped up the ugly shadow of the great satan over thier country. it was the Iranian nation who founded the Islamic Republic and it is that nation which prtect that Republic. Of course the devil has a big interesst to make the Imagination strong: It was only He, now he is gone. Right, he is gone but his Lesson will never be gone. HE himself had not initiated the Lessen. HE, as he has allways repeated, had only shown how to carry outthe lesson Practically. The nation learned and catrried it out. I think Khomaini ahd been satisfied enough to have learned and have given his Knowllege on others. It laid on these Others to make the revolution, banning away the devils and live in Peace and Freedom also woth thier naighbours. That the peace has not come upon the Iranian nation and upon the Revolution is by no meand - so I dare to say - somehow fault of the Nation or of thier revolution. Also the Ideologie on which the Struggle of Iranians is based is the most logical and faultfree Idea. It is the bloodsucker and bloodthirsty great satan who can not relax can not accept that other nations, first of all, the Iranian nation demans its Rights, has devolopped a remarkabale Seldconfidence and give not even one drop oil awya without getting paid for it. In the last few years is the barking and grunt9ng satan run mad, run wild because the Iranians - I mean the ones who live in IRI, have founded it and will preotect it - even understand a bit on modern scientifal theories and have decided to arrange thier lives up to them. For me is Khomaini the ost respectable Being I have ever ahd possibility to know about. He is now, so I am convinced, in Paradise. And the great and the smaller satans will be soon banned from the earth. Thier banning begann in those times as LIFE Magazin and other laudspeakers of the satans. Greeting

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

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