Photo essay: A village in Fars

by Dena Karari

در کیلومتر 80 جاده توریستی نورآباد – شیراز در شهرستان ممسنی در و شمالغرب شیراز در بخش دشمن زیاری ، روستای کوچک اما زیبای کیدون قرار دارد ، روستایی با قدمت در دامنه کوههای زاگرس. کیدون یا قائدان در لغت به معنای جایگاه "کی" ها می باشد و "کی" در گویش محلی به بزرگان منطقه گفته می شود. از آنجایی که لغت معرب لغت "کی" "قائد" می باشد ، روستای کیدون در منابع رسمی "قائدان" نامیده می شود>>>


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روستای کوچک اما زیبای کیدون
Oct 25, 2011
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Nice, but

by Cost-of-Progress on

some of these pictures might as well beenhave been taken thousands of years ago given the primivitive nature of life....and you wouldn't know it.

3rd largest oil producer, a self proclaimed military power (LOL) and above all after 32 years of divine rule, this is the condition of life for the masses?





Nature is beautiful

by onlyinamrica on

But people's way of life is soooo primitive. Shame on every single Iranian. 


Picture 5 is a shocking example of how

by JavoonDeerooz on

out of date the agricultural technology is. You cannot feed a nation of 80,000,000 when  plowing the ground with bulls.

Payam Mim

بسیار زیبا

Payam Mim

دستتون درد نکنه . عجب عکسها و چشم اندازهای زیبایی

امیدوارم کارهای بیشتری از شما ببینیم


we just have to agree to disagree

by sbglobe on

You are right - by “their pictures” I did not mean to refer to the photographer but the pictures themselves. Different people with different background have a different definitions of poverty -

G. Rahmanian

I Was Not!

by G. Rahmanian on

I Was Not talking about the photographer and you damn well know it! I was referring to the comment that says: "I can tell you this is not poverty!" If this is not poverty, then what is poverty then?

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

Not only the photos, but very obviously, the mind behind the camera, which moves to capture in order to share its relationships.  The photos could easily hang in a gallery and quite a few blurr the line of Fine Art.

Please, promise, never stop taking pictures and

thank you.


G. Rahmanian

Poverty Of Mind!

by G. Rahmanian on

Poverty Of Mind is even worse than physical poverty!


Nice Job!

by sbglobe on

As someone who have visited and spend time in similar villages in (north) of Iran (Mazandaran/savad-khoh) I can tell you that this is not poverty – simple yes but not poor Beautiful Pictures – I sure can see myself spending some times there

Esfand Aashena

Very nice pictures!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

G. Rahmanian

It Is Sad To Learn!

by G. Rahmanian on

It Is Sad To Learn, Dear Dena, that poverty has yet to emigrate from the villages of Iran.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I can imagine your photographs as large posters, framed or pinned to the wall, magnifying their beauty. My favorites are 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 28, 30, 33 and 34.

I hope you will share more of your photo essays.



by yolanda on

I feel that all the villages are frozen in time! Thank you for sharing!


loved it

by Sid Sarshar on

beautiful pictures, you are a very observent person. thanks for sharing them with us.

Sid Sarshar