Jordan's riches

Photo essay: Historical sites

by Rami Yelda
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a fascinating country with many historical sites. Petra, an ancient city built around 100 B.C. by Nabateans, (north Arabian bedouins) is the crown jewel of the Jordanian antiquities. Recently, UNESCO added Petra to its list of the new seven wonders of the world. Jarash or Jerasa (Roman Gerasa), is another captivating ruin. Many biblical sites such as the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo (Jabal Musa) and several old Christian churches and monasteries add to the historical richness of Jordan.



by mrclass on

who do you think built those stuff, Arabs?


Beautiful country in hands of Monarchists!

by Nader on

Great pictures and thanks for sharing them.

But every time there is talk about Jordan, I cannot forget King Hussein's comment during Iran/Iraq war. He called Khuzestan the 14th province of Arabs!?

Hard to forget it. Very hard! 

We shall remember hostilities like this towards our country. Some day...



by Khodadad (not verified) on

Nice pics. I wish you had taken some of Philadelphia and also the Red Sea ports. Anyway, it must have been amazing.

The statement below is also pretty amazing. So, if the Romans were not there, nothing would have happened? What 19th century history book did you read that in? Who lived in Petra or Jaresh (Gerasa)? Who built what is there? if the style is Roman, does it mean that the people who built them were Roman too?


it's good

by mrclass on

that romans once lived and passed by there, otherwise none of this stuff like city of petra would exist today.