I'm in Europe and not sure why

Photo essay

by Jahanshah Javid

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to safar kardi be salamat

by bayramali on

Dear J.J

have nice and wonderful trip, have fun

see you soon with lot of talking and Hooka ofcourse :)

take care


khoda aghli bedeh

by khoda aghli bedeh (not verified) on

khooda aghli bedeh be shooma, pooli ham be maa


A local Deli with a “home cookin” flare -- cORRECTION

by tRUE aBADANI (not verified) on

When it comes to an authentic “Dombalan”,
there is nothing like what is being served at JooJa_Balan.com. A long time patron described
it as being similar to “self-serve” cooking with
no limits on ingredients or number of so called chefs.

Since the customers are the chefs, they keep coming back for more, no matter how bad or good the final “Dombalan” turns out.

At the outset, it would seem the popularity is mostly due to variety in dishes served. It would be wrong, however, to assume this is the only reason for JooJa_Balan.com popularity.

To find out more we went and had a short interview with JooJa_Balan.com founder and the master chef
Mr. JooJa Balan (JJ for short).

[We were unable to directly reach JJ for interview. The following is simulated response based on factual information that is publicly available.

HQ: Thanks for making this opportunity available.
Please do not take the following questions as personal attack.

It is however, meant to question your agenda.

JJ: You are welcome. Please go on.

HQ: First off tell us about your self a bit. Where are you from?

JJ: I am from Cary, North Carolina. (JooJa_Balan Servers are located in NC about 65 miles from Fort Bragg)

HQ: did you know North Carolina has one of the biggest DoD Computing research …
HQ: This odd since you do reside in California. As I recall, NC is a research hob for DoD computing. I wonder if this has any thing to do with it?

JJ: hmmmm, Next question please…

HQ: OK, I meant to ask where you come from.

JJ: I come from Iran BUT I have lived most of my adult life in US.

HQ: It is clearly obvious that you have encountered some pivotal and dramatic events IN YOUR LIFE.
Is it fair to say you have gone through profound transformation in your world view.
This clearly can be seen in the way you present the dishes at JooJa_Balan.com

HQ: Are they civilized where you come from?

JJ: This is a very cartoonish and simplistic characterization of my views.
JJ: You see we are not X and not Y and definitely not Z.

We are just plane NOT!

HQ: Do you believe an Islamic society can be a “Civilized” socity ?

JJ: NO. This is an oxymoron proposition…

JJ: I think I am pretty well balanced in my world view…

HQ: Is it fair to say like many Iranian-Americans your critic of Islamic values deeply rooted in selfish reasons?

JJ: As An American-Iranian or is it Iranian-American ?…

HQ: Will you ever go back?

JJ: NO, Not ever.

We at JooJa_Balan.com leading the way for next generation OF …Bombay-Africans …

Bombay-African a group of children brought by the European colonizers to India where they were indoctrinated. Later, used as guides to help colonize Africa.

Are there a new breed of Bombay-Africans in the works. Yes. Where can you find them ? look right here in JooJa_Balan.com!

HQ: Are you OK JJ ?
JJ: Na Man I am pretty fucking far
from OK (JJ or Marcellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction)



"The path
of the righteous man is beset on
all sides by the inequities of the
selfish and the tyranny of evil
men. Blessed is he who, in the
name of charity and good will,
shepherds the weak through the
valley of darkness, for he is truly
his brother's keeper and the finder
of lost children. And I will
strike down upon thee with great
vengeance and furious anger those
who attempt to poison and destroy
my brothers. And you will know my
name is the Lord when I lay my
vengeance upon you."

Rosie T.

Suggestion for next quiz:

by Rosie T. on

Who Is He?

What Iranian expat cyber-personality is half Charlie Rose and half Charlie Brown?

(and which is the better half?) :D


A bit envious . . .

by Zumba is it! (not verified) on

Jahanshah e Aziz,

I am a bit envious; four weeks in Europe and free as a bird . . . Have a great time and send us many photo essays from every where you visit.

Looks like you've lost some weight and are going to finally win the bet with Siamak! Have a wonderful visit with him & his lovely family and forget about diet and what not when confronted with that zereshk Polo & duck. Be safe & come back soon.


Say Hi to "Agha Morteza" ,

by Dokhtar Haj Mam Dali (not verified) on

Say Hi to "Agha Morteza" , Pesar Ameh-e Naveh khaleh-e Maadaram!
He lives in Europe, naneh jaan!
Begoo dokhtar-e Haj Mam Dali salaam resoond, nanh jan! Yaadet nareh,ha!
Wow, the innocent old old days!


safar be khayr!

by shahireh (not verified) on

Very funny, I liked it.


Is that what that water picture said........

by Sasha on

 Yuk! Seriously, the man needs to get  fresher water.  I must say the man must have a very strong immune system to be drinking that water and still be well enough to go to Europe. I guess my grandmother was right when she said "What does not kill you, will make you stronger".  Ha ha ha


PS: JJ white lettering on a white background very difficult to see. Thank goodness Anoymous Fan has eyes of an eagle. :o)




To Mom: There is a fungus among us

by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

It takes a mother to understand these things. The four month old water bottle is sexy too.



by Peshkel's Mom (not verified) on

OK FAN, I see your point. The whole underware/fungus thing shows a vulnerability and naiveté that I can see might seem attractive if you are the nurturing type. JJ, keep 'em coming!


Wow, how much you seem look like Bill Gate!!!

by Abbass (not verified) on

It is mazing. Enjoy the trip.


Auto Erotic Asphyxiation

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

Picture 21 is disturbing. You will be alone, in a hotel, you might get lonely and all. Just remember that the lead singer of INXS had himself killed playing around with that king of adaa! :)


JJ, Watch for IRI not to terror you in Europe.

by (¯`v´¯) (not verified) on

IRI is very active in Europe. Watch out. Europe does not have strong homeland security as US. Do you have a will? Who takes care of Iranian.com? Take it just as a trip note.
This trip is good for you and all of us. Enjoy it.


To Mom

by Anonymous Fan (not verified) on

I thought the undies in the drawer was sexy... ESPECIALLY the part about the fungus...


Some travel tips

by Peshkel's Mom (not verified) on

JJ jan,
these are great testimony to your wonderful persona. But here are some travel tips for this leg of the journey:

1. You don't get "decent" clothes at Target, especially if you're going to wear them for decades you're better off going with Banana Republic, if you want to be sensible, economical, and yet stylish to attract the ladies--and have something left to spend on them. (Note, showcasing your undies drawer, and is fascinating but no aphrodesiac).

2. When waiting for airport shuttle service to arrive, waste less time staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror, and do your one dish instead. That is guaranteed to grow fungus before your undies do.

3. In Amsterdam, be careful with coffee shops, and forego "samplings" with descriptive adjectives like "twister", "Tsunami" and "cyclone". I've seen what you can handle and it's not that! Scroll 2 or 3 down the list.

4. Finally, I'm not judging, but Sarvenaz IS a man (n.zanincanadai1 is right!) so if you want to go there, don't go bareback. Ride safely and enjoy the rest of the trip! (All of 'em).

Can't wait for the next leg.


Spies R US ?

by FF (not verified) on

Dear JJ,
Have a nice trip... Be careful in your meetings honey! Some of them are double agents with stinky underwares & shoes too!

Rosie T.

Please excuse my taking advantage of this thread's visibility

by Rosie T. on

to remind readers that the decision regarding the execution of Ali Mahin Torabi this week is being made as we chat here and dream of Amsterdam. The outcome is by no means certain and there are things we can do to help Ali. Please check recent blogs by Azarin Sadegh, SCE Campaign (Stop Child Executions) and Ali's own blog for details. Ali was recently beaten and placed in isolation when his words on this website were discovered by IRI officials. Where he sits and where we sit is really something to ponder... Thank you, Robin Goldsmith PS JJ, To me you're still Abadani Boy with Dog. Nothing's changed since Candy...


Newspaper in #35 says

by Q on

Newspaper in #35 says "America's Big Lie"


Great Travel Diary

by sk on

This travel diary is great. Keep us up-to-date, will you?

have a safe trip!


Safar Bekheyr

by Khodadad (not verified) on

Khosh begzare aziz jaan. Other than Alaf, visit the Museums in Amsterdam. In Berlin, take a train to Potsdam and visit Sansuci...


to : by here

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

boxers are better for doodool... keeps it cool, good for the sperms


Just lost all respect for

by here (not verified) on

Just lost all respect for you man. How can any self-respecting man wear boxers?


Hajiagha why don't you take pictures of homeless in Vancouver?

by Anonymous666 (not verified) on

Hajiagha why don't you take pictures of homeless in Vancouver? Show us some of the homeless and bad parts of Vancuover. You are the only one I've seen talk about it so much in Vancouver. We'll look for your pictures to see some bad about Vancouver where it is bad. thank you.


bring you camera here for great picture

by Anonymous66 (not verified) on

just bring your camera, is shocking story about poor and homeless, drugs dealers crime in Canada Victoria or Vancouver


Have A Wonderful Trip :), and

by Jamshid P (not verified) on

Please bring some back from 'Dam. I mean "Amsterdam" :)


JJJan I am so jealous about

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

JJJan I am so jealous about you meeting Sarvenaz (I'm convinced it's a guy), please tell her she is very much missed. I am waiting to see what happens with Napoleon. Also, report back on the state of your place when u r back please. Safar Khosh. (az zire ghoran rad nashodi!)


Green short funeral.............

by Sasha on

 What can I  say? Except I have never been at the funeral of some green men's underwear before. I guess there is always a first. :o)


So when can we expect the funeral for those fungus like brown shoes of yours? I don't want to miss that funeral. Ha ha ha ha  :o)  It looks like they are way over due.






When you see Sarvenaz

by montaj (not verified) on

JJ, Please ask her to write the sequel to Napoleon.

Buon Viaggio!

P.S. I don't think you are carrying warm enough clothes for this time of the year in Europe. I hope at least you have some pocket warmers.


in Nice

by Farzad (not verified) on

JJ please share some photos of Sarvenaz. Have fun.


Not sure why..? Let me remind you

by On her Majesties secret service (not verified) on

You are in Europe because you have gone to meet up with your station master in the BBC. It's hard to do any jasoosy and hob-nobbing with the hezbollahi's or open and frank dialogue with the British with the FBI breathing down your neck.