If walls could speak

Photo essay: Tehran street art

by Tanha aka A1one


Realy a Miracle

by TUTEFT on

Hey .

I know this guy from His Exhibition in Manhattan since 2007. He has been in a list of world most famouse street artists.it was called Visual Slang II from Tehran to Telaviv .

I hope He read this page. i like to thank him for all his great art and Originality which made hin one of the most important Street Artists of post Graffiti scene.

A1one has been showing His works in Serious exhibitions in Basel,Paris,NY,LA,Melbourne and alot of other locations. and he is really one of Great artists of the new IRAN.

He is one and Original in his Art and idea and has made a generation  of new art in Middleeast and not just in IRAN.


Take care Tanha -Keep Rocking
We are with You



Banksy Ripoff

by eroonman on

Once again, the lack of originality of Iranians is embarrassing. How can we hold our heads up when all we are known for is the ripoff of others' work.

While I get the intention? It would have been far more effective without the obvious Banksy theft. The non-Banksy stuff is great, but the fact that A1one steals other people's works makes him untrustworthy in my book and a wannabe too insecure to stand on his own body of talent.

This is sad, but an all to common occurrence among modern day Iranians.

One Iranian artist unafraid to be original, a bad poet by the name of Goleh-Sorkhi was not like this. To me GS is the epitome of what a real, arrogant, SOB and proud of it, Iranian ought to be today. Especially today when we have absolutely nothing left to lose, is precisely when we should easily be original. Even though GS's poetry was not good, nevertheless he was a champion of originality, because he didn't care what people thought. He knew he was an original and that's all that mattered to him. And ultimately that what makes him genuine.

I guess A1one is supposed to spell "alone" in some creative way in English, but what makes it and the whole theft of Banksy dumbfoundingly moronic, is that it doesn't. A1one actually spells "a one one" or "A11". You could take that as a play on 911 or emergency, but then the "Tanha" label is meaningless. As you can see not thinking out your label makes you lame as well.

So not only is A1one unoriginal, he is stupid too. Which makes him untrustworthy. If I can't trust you, how can I believe what you are trying to say? Which brings irrelevance into the discussion as well.

OK maybe Stupid is a bit harsh, but A1one is definitely an idiot. But an idiot with potential, if he would only stop stealing and continue on his path towards ultimate originality.

It's not just how good the art is, it's what the message or meaning is. When you steal someone else's work and sign your name under it, you lose my trust. And interest.

Sargord Pirouz

I'm a fan of urban street

by Sargord Pirouz on

I'm a fan of urban street art. 

I'm amazed at how well the Perso-Arabic script works, it's way better than the fat tubular Roman text, found in Western street art for decades now.



A1one is one of Real Heritages on New IRAN/Original and Fresh

by mr.Goome on

Street art began in 60s and 70s and every day some thing new happened. it starter in lasquex wall ,then used by Muralists and in the modern days after world war 2 it started in USA after cultural problems of 50s decade. so i n 60 it started with youth spraying the wall to spread the subculture over the city and get up.Banksy or others are just 1 or two bad examples of street art. and They are around 1 milion Street artists around the world.

But my problem here is that ,Iranian Are the only Nation who try to put their brothers down and take the western people up. like the person in coment who says a1one is a copy of banksy.. i can say A1one is not A copy of banksy. i can just say 

if Banksy was living in IRAN, he may never start to do street art and expression in this level that Tanha is doing with no support and wit many dangers. Banksy could be a employer in Friday Prayers team if he was in Tehran ,and such a dangerous place.

I reall appreciate and love and respect to this Artist who Pioneered this Art and culture in IRAN and all the Middleeast region.

Right now Arabic countres are trying to take this Title from A1one and they pay money to change the things and put "Tanha " down / But Iranians are never trying to Help such Art Hero.

So ashamed For Our Society and ignorance.


Street art began in the 80's

by Saman on

Street art began in the 80's by a guy named Shepard Fairey. He's also the same guy who designed the famous Obama/Hope poster (also being sued for using a photo by AP).

Then the underground art became commercial and spread around the world by a british artist name "Banksy" (you may have seen his work on the Palestinian/Israeli wall).

The work you see above are not original at all and mostly copied from Banksy's style ... but it's still nice to see more of these all over Iran.


I collect graffiti

by عموجان on

Graffiti are urban art that trying to say something to everyday people about current social matters and I think each city have their owner style of graffiti that speaks to people of that city. Actually most of these graffitists are original and well done and they speak well with Tehran culture. But there are few here that I have seen in USA and Europe cities (I don’t see any thing wrong).  But What I like about these, are the loud colors and bold shapes, they don’t look political but they are specially when individuality and colors are not aloud in this regime and I am surprised to see they let him or her do this.


Tanha is nice

by Abarmard on

Who is Tanha, interesting stuff.


Absolutely amazing

by benross on

I must live longer... and I will.




Obviously, some are copies. (In any case "graffitti" has never been original in any way...) One of the points is where and how they are placed and then photographed within a frame....


"Last night I drowned in a puddle"


Some are copies

by عموجان on

But I think they are getting better and i encourage it. I like 15,16,17,19,20 and hope to see more of this. It is a good way for young to say what they want to say.It is better to see this than idiot mullah faces.



by YeahLikeWhatEver on

Amazing how much really good work is happening in Iran and please, all aliens save us from the current trend in "diaspora" ("identity" blah blah blah, "identity" blah blah blah ad nauseum).


Well done! And thank you so much for posting!


"Last night I drowned in a puddle"


I think I can hear the walls...

by comrade on

They whisper to each other, "who is this guy? Have you seen him before?"

The generational gap is freakishly widening. I'm not sure if the youth need us anymore.

Visiting the bloger's site is a must.

"Learning carries within itself certain dangers because out of necessity one has to learn from one's enemies."


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Tanhs's guerrilla art, if it can be called that, is such a refreshing diversion from conventional stuff. He's just one brilliant example of the high degree of creativity in Iranian art today.