I went back to Iran too

Photo essay

by Cyrus Swire
My name is Cyrus Swire and at the moment I live in Toronto, Canada. I would love to contribute with some photos from my latest trip to Iran. I know lots of people post there pictures from Iran here on this site, but trust me, mine are very strange and I am sure embarrassing to myself and my dear beloved family. (It's just funny!) I am tired of everyone smiling and looking in the camera and I am tired of taking pictures of the environment. (There is not much environment in Tehran today to take picture of!). Visit my site:swire.weebly.com


Your Cousin

by shahram (not verified) on

I sure like to meet your cousin when I go Tehran next week. She is so nice and you may never know!!!


Finally something different

by Jooje (not verified) on

Finally my prayers went through....
Sick and tired of pictures showing how beeeuuutiful Iran is.

Something more real for a change...Thanks

Zan Amrikai

So funny

by Zan Amrikai on

Loved the faces you were making.  I laughed out loud looking at these.  Loved the karate one...thanks for posting these and for posting such funny captions, too, Cyrus.


loved the pics, so funny.

by Seagull (not verified) on

loved the pics, so funny. thank you for sharing.


Yay... and yay again! Go

by sohan asal (not verified) on

Yay... and yay again!
Go ahead and have the time of your life...
Love the 'lab-e ghonche' in pic 11!
Khastegaar befrestam??


More power to you!

by Bozmajeh (not verified) on

Cyrus, I am sick and tired of Iranian "Assa ghoort dadegan". Thank you very much for sharing your moments of silly fun with everybody.

(I should take a trip to Sweden to see how it is. I live in Canada quite happily but now I am curious!)


Wow! She is hot!

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

Your pictures and sense of humor are fine, but your causin is definately the highlight of your photos. Next time please take a few more pictures of here. She is a beauty.



by thanx (not verified) on

Very cute and funny.

Apparently the place to be is Denmark...


Anyway, good move Canada to Sweden, wish I could move there :(

Good luck. What are you doing there?


Damet Garm!

by Kamangir on

Thanks for sharing those good moments with us.

Sale no mobarak!



Ari Siletz

#16, Cyrus Atkinson!

by Ari Siletz on

Cyrus, You are Iran's Mr Bean.


Thank you!

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

This is great! Thank you for sharing your candid pictures; very refreshing!

To PoonehTehrani and farokh2000, take a chill pill! Just enjoy the pictures for what they are, good, clean fun!


Thank You!!

by Feshangi on

I killed myself laughing. Your sense of humor is priceless!




Afarin. Keep up the craziness

by benbagheri on

Afarin. Keep up the craziness!


not all of us depressed

by Anonymous123 (not verified) on

Damet Garm, Mordam az bas depressed people didam. I hope you don't listen to Darioush (Khanandeh) either. It is about time to get rid of fricking sad faces (I know just saying that makes me sad)

Be Happy, always


Thank you!

by CS on

That’s the sweetest thing could write to me! Thank you so much!


I wanted to make people laugh and enjoy themselves with these pictures! After dealing with depression in years my mission on earth is to as giving with all I have in my life, money (ok not all of it), happiness, sadness!


Cool, at last

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

At last someone who doesn't take himself too seriously and obviously had a fun time.
I like your Iranian Hitler, doing a 'chap chap' version.

To Poonahtehrani: get over it. The caption was written with fun and love.
You remind me of one those PC maniacs who see offence everywhere, when none is intended to ingratiate themselves into self-importance.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Thank you for the pictures, and my favorite is #19 . I guess most persian also love tadigh which is the best part of polo, isn't it?? :))) Cyrus jan wherever you live( Iran, Sweden, or Canada) tanet salamat va delet shad.

best wishes for you and your dear family, and Happy Nawrouz.



Well, well, well. What do we

by poonehtehrani on

Well, well, well. What do we have here? A bit of humour. Che jaaleb! Until I got to picture 018. You think Autism is funny? You're in Canada right? Could I have 30 minutes of your time to show you how funny Autism is?


Which one is better Canada or Sweden?

by Anonymouse on

Since you moved from Sweden to Canada can you tell us which one is better?  We have an Iranian artist in Canada who at one point was talking about leaving Canada for Sweden. 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I loved your sense of humor. I was sick of all the dry photo essays from Iran too. You made me laugh very early in the morning. I think I'll make it through the rest, with a smile. Thank you!



by farokh2000 on

Congratulations!, you HAVE managed to make an ass out of yourself.

It would have been better not to have shared these with everyone on this site.

Enjoy yourself!