House of Artists

Photo essay: Art lovers' community in Fisherabad, Tehran

by Abadani Boy
The House of Artists of Iran, a community of artists and art lovers, was established in the semi-derelict buildings of the Fisherabad barracks, which was abandoned when the army garrison was relocated. Considering the centrality of this location, Tehran Municipality purchased and reconstructed the garrison in 1988, and its two main historic buildings became important centers for artistic activities, which include film, theater, exhibitions of photography, painting, concerts, lectures, music and dance, and other artistic activities. The artists’ associations and centers within this community include: The House of Theater, including puppet theater artists, play writers, art designers, and street theater actors, The House of Music, the Association of Filmmakers, Film Animation, Graphic Designers Association, Documentary Film Makers, and Painters and Photographers of Iran. Also, the Association of Theater Directors, Theatre Instructors and Researchers, the Association of Young Filmmakers, Documentary Film Producers, Society of Architects, Urban Planning, and the Press and Calligrapher Associations use this community regularly.

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Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

Dude, see if you could get your hands on a copy of the Magazine, #1 through 6, every single issue has such magnificant art work it just drops your jaw, page after page. Our humble residence would be empty without copies from pages of Tavos on the walls. Someone said that the magazine is actually printed in Holland, highest quality paper and print.

Beh omid rozy keh har Eroni majaleh Tavos dashteh basheh!

persian westender


by persian westender on

Looks like a comprehensive source for Iranian modern Arts.

In general, as long as it’s politically and “morally” OK, IRI let it roll.  And it is an example that if they do not mess with something, it really can bloom in Iran. Potentials for artworks are huge!  

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

thanks for the info PW, those gardeners, and those gardens of art, right in middle of Tehran, vov, vov. 

How did you like Tavos the magazine? It's really a shame Tavos doesn't have a section here on IC, cheers

P.S. Adadani boy, Abadan Brzileteh, ay val.


See now?

by ComraidsConcubine on

 The work coming out of Iran is by far superior. Thanks, Abadani Boy.

That seahorse is delicious!

persian westender

A must see place in my next visit of Iran

by persian westender on

The idea of making a sun out of lanterns is so brilliant (#14 and 15)!


Mash ghasem, your question made me curious and I only could find this about Fisherabad

..  این باغ الان هم وجود دارد و بالاى میدان فردوسى قرار دارد و در اصل متعلق به کامران میرزا پسر ناصر الدین شاه بوده است و علت نام گذارى آن به فیشر هم این است که او باغبانى داشته که اروپایى بوده و نامش فیشر بوده است و این باغ به نام او معروف شده و چون فیشر این باغ را آباد کرده است نام «فیشر آباد » را بر روى آن گذاشته اند. این باغ بعدها تبدیل به پادگان شد و خوشبختانه در چند سال گذشته آن را از پادگان به پارک تبدیل کرده اند که خانه هنرمندان هم در آنجا قرار دارد.

Source:          //


Mash Ghasem

Who needs Utopia?

by Mash Ghasem on

when you got this.

Mesmerizing from begining to the end.

Not since the Arts Jouranal TAVOS had the humble one been so impressed by Modern Iranian Arts. Kudos




P.S. How did it get that name. "Fisher," sounds like a jewish-american: military advisor, CPA,...?


Not to mention the excellent

by shooli on

Not to mention the excellent vegetarian restaurant!



by yolanda on

The sculpture garden looks modest, the indoor art gallery has great exhibits and art show!

Thank you for your great Iran series!


Azadeh Azad

Paradise in Tehran

by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you, Abadani Boy, for this wonderful photo essay. If there is an afterlife, I'd like to spend an eternity in the House of Artists of Iran and do art work for eternity - no dull moments like the conventional, monotonous paradise :-). And of course, there won't be an Islamic Republic there ... The IRI will be in Hell, a couple of blocks away from the Paradise of the artists.