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Photo essay: U.S. Joint Services Open House Air Show

by Mehdi Jedinia
The annual Joint Services Open House Air Show (JSOH) held for three days at Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland. The JSOH is an annual air show conducted during Armed Forces Week that projects aviation capabilities and heritage through static displays and a number of airborne demonstrations. There were over 200 aircraft and military vehicles on display and over 70 vendors selling their wares and fare at the JSOH this weekend, which also commemorated the 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Almost 80,000 visited the show.

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great photos. Wow! He is a

by xx34344 (not verified) on

great photos. Wow!
He is a good writer and also a good photographer.
I love him. Kissssssssss

Joe L.

Can do attitude

by Joe L. on

Its this can do attitude that made the United States a great country and I also noticed the same attitude when I visited Iran.

Wish for my government to stop words and show with honesty by action that we want peace with great nation of Iran.


Amazes me

by Anonymous-Patriot (not verified) on

It amazes me when I see parents bringing their kids to enjoy a day of fun and games next to bombs and bullets of the global arrogance. They start'em really early around here!!! I suppose when you are in the business of occupying other countries and destroying the world, this kind of pastime becomes pretty routine.


The Disease of Permanent War

by Anonymous7 (not verified) on


Military Industrial Complex

by Peace2 (not verified) on

Military Industrial Complex and bullies showing off their toys to poor people who don’t even know where their tax dollars are going.



by پیام on

I envy you, wish I was there too.