Historic change

Photo essay: Americans get ready for Obama inaguration

by Farrokh Khatami


American Hussein and Canadian Hussein

by hajiagha on


canadian hussein


American hussein

his name is hussein and my name is hussein.

he became president of the most powerful country in the world.

I became homeless after I land in Canada.

here what make different between canadian democrcay,and American.

immigrant must change hair color, or have leness, or change name .

mostly in one of the highest racism place in Victoria Canada ,

we have 1 immigrant = as 1000 white canadian

canadian hussein


American hussein


president clinton was

by to educate u (not verified) on

president clinton was great.
Real democrats are more compassionate towards poor and ecne toward foreigners
so give the new guy chance. if he is independent he wil do great


Thanks for the pics. The

by A.Parsi on

Thanks for the pics. The build up has been very exciting, I just hope Obama will bring change and politics won't let us down again.


Thank you for waking me up Gol dust

by پیام on

It is absolutly amazing how I have been asleep for such a long time. I cannot begin to thank you enough for waking me up. Thank you very very much.


Amazing how Payam has been asleep in the last 8 years!

by gol-dust on

you forgot to add ahmadijejad to the 3 names and....


Obama, Bush, McCain

by پیام on

Whatever. All the same. Same policies, different puppet ( same puppetiers).

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Nice pictures. Even with the cold, gray DC skies, your photos captured lots of vivid colors.

Tomorrow should be great.