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by Saeed Siadat
Saeed Siadat showed his artistic talent at a young age by drawing over his homework with colored pencils in school. He was encouraged by his teacher who displayed his work on the classroom wall. This helped propel him towards a career in art. Saeed received his Bachelor's Degree in graphic design from "College of Decorative Arts" in Tehran, Iran. During those years he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator at "Ayandegan", Iran's most prestigious newspaper>>> artbysaeed.com

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Dee M


by Dee M on

 Great to see some healthy females with real curves

 and shape for a change!

A refreshing change from the anorexic western medias 

portrayal of an ideal!!

I belive theses are beautiful and tastfully done


 Mr Khan it might be time you questioned 'your conditioning'

 and allowed some beauty into your soul





look at the things the way theya re not the way you think they a

by Anonymous on

these pictures are beautiful figure drawings and one needs to have an artistic eyes to see them.i guess it would be great to stop labeling and judjing things base on your narrow minded mentality


I only wish all the models

by Balouchi (not verified) on

I only wish all the models were Persian and that Saeed would have used different "Shawls" and take the opportunity to introduce more colors that Persian paintings are famous for.



by Majid on

Very well put my friend.

As we say in Farsi

"sar e cheshme baayad gereftan be beel

cho por shod nashaayad gereftan be peel"


If "UZAIR KHANs" were put back in their hell hole centuries ago.... we were HOME now!

Now....... ALL we need is an "Uzair Khan" to pop up here and dictate us how to run "IRANIAN" . COM !

American Wife


by American Wife on

Exactly!  Is this double standards of what?  What about OUR rights?  We are viewers too and we demand equal recognition of our rights!

I ask you, where are the Chippendale dancers?

I think it's a matter of how you read and interpret something... it's not that something that has a bit of porn in it constitutes "fine art", but as Eroonman correctly says, some of the finest art involves nudity (or as you put it "porn").  One does not necessarily equate to the other.

It probably would be a good idea to place the article under a different catagory. FRONT page in your face might BE offensive to some, without ANY criticism of their gentle senses.  I actually am of that mind.



by Miny (not verified) on

Only if Saeed could concentrate a little on face value too..then the body of his art would be purrfect i say so...and what is noteworthy he has tried to depict all ethnicities...tells his mind...tells he is an artist for sure...


"Click or not click" 101

by Majid on

I'm sorry...I'm not trying to hi-jack this issue but......

What's in the first  page catches my eyes!....then I'm curious to see what else is in there? then I keep clicking and clicking and.... all of the sudden....POOF...."I'm bache ye peyghambar" !! I've never ever in my life seen a female body ! (forget about Play boy and Hustler magazines in the trunk of my car and under my bed for a second) !

My RIGHTS have been violated ! My emotions are hurt !  

GROW UP people! you don't like it ? D O   N O T   C L I C K !!

It's that easy !!

When you buy a news paper...do you read A to Z ? 


Hey, Hey now!

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Let's Keep in mind that Most important of all everyone is entitled to their opinions on this site and should not be subject to any kind of Humiliation, whatsoever. Having said that, it is a shameful thing to denigrate somebody and his/her choice of religion, under the guise of art.

Seems to me that to eroonman, anything that has a little bit of porn theme to it constitutes "some of the finest art world civilization has to offer". IT


No Censorship!

by eroonman on

Wile this might not be the best quality painting, or an example of the best art, the choice to put it up for us to see and comment on is absolutely correct.

While the obviously conflicted Uzair Khan (your name says it all dude! in this day and age! you give yourself a title in this day and age!) is seemingly objecting to these pictures, the fact that he has done so on this page is proof that in fact He and his entire family can see these pictures, especially if he commented on them. How could he comment on what he can't (supposedly) see!

Mr. Khan, please be advised, that if you travel to Rome, FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT got to the Vatican museum. There are lots of rampant boobies for your family not to see there.

Also, if you go to Paris, please do not go to the Louvre either. There are lots of boobies there as well. And Buttocks! Loads of buttocks! White, fat and jiggly, lovely French, Italian, and Flemish rumps. Many may many rumps!

While you will miss some of the finest art world civilization has to offer, it is a small price to pay for your family's continued ignorance.

But here, on this "web side", as you put it, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. For like the Louvre and the Vatican museum, we happen to believe in boobies and buttocks.

Actually most of us are boobists.

But you sir, are just a boob. Now go ahead and switch back to Qoran-Talk.com. I heard there is a riveting forum discussion under "Hitting your wife when she talks. Just good manners, or a sign of your true love?"


Play it fair!

by Unregistered Fish! (not verified) on

I think there should be a warning next to the title of the article that warns the viewer of adult content.

To play it fair can Iranian.com put some naked drawing of men for us ladies too?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

If your family cannot visit this website, then click on the big red X at the top right hand corner of the page and free up some bandwidth so others can see it.

American Wife

they're not particularly good

by American Wife on

nor stimulating.  poses are unrealistic... far too staged.

I don't think it should be on the front page.  But it's kind of silly to say your family can't visit the website because of it.  you see MUCH worse on HBO.  If your kid is old enough to be interested in visiting iranian.com, he's old enough to see this.  if you're taking about a young child... what's he doing on iranian.com anyway?  and if you're talking about  your wife.... uh, isn't that just a little controlling???

all in all... just kind of silly.


These pictures are very artistic and unique.

by Derakhshandeh (not verified) on

These pictures are very artistic and unique. They are truly art and if put on large canvas or frames they can become really good expensive pieces of art!

Although I couldn't help but feel that the models may be paid prostitues! Sorry but that is how I felt. Not that there is anything wrong with it. Probably paid prostitutes paid to just to pose. Maybe on slow nights?!

Really good pieces.



by Anonymousity (not verified) on

Uzair, these images are interesting art, but if you find them too stimulating for you and your family then you and they have obviously had a serious under-exposure to female beauty. You must be living under the oppressive yoke of the mullahs.

For the rest of us men, we know that the female form is God's greatest achievement, and His greatest gift.



by Nifky (not verified) on

Uzair, if your family can't visit the website, I have a few suggestions for you either move to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Iran.

Also, those pics are Yummy! :D

Overall, European women are far better looking than Iranian women.


Cenosr or just plain common sence!

by choghok on

I am for freedom of speech but I think Iranian.com should not be in your face as it is with the picture of the nude model in the first page. They should like sites like YouTube ask for users confirmation before they show pics or art of nudity.

Maybe some people want to discuss politics but are not interested to be shown naked people or vice versa :).

I think he has a good way with the color composition but the angles he has chosen are a bit porno angles and the models become things since you do not see their face and expression.

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Uzair Khan......My FaMily Cant eiThEr

by Majid on

SO....I DicktaTe thEm PLZ visit anOThEr Wb Side !

Deeeee EnD!**


Uzair Ahmad khan:web sites are like TV

by Anonymous Iranian (not verified) on

Uzair Ahmad khan: web sites are like TV channels,if you do not like a channel you just change the channel and watch another channel .


بسیار عالی

امیر کبیر در سازمان ملل برای دفع مالاریا ، آبله و شیعه (not verified)

زاویه دید استاد قابل تحسین است و رنگ حوله ها و قالیچه ها زیبائی را دو چندان کرده است.

این شخصی هم که در زیر شکوه و شکایت کرده است ازآنهاست که در تمام سالهای انقلاب حامی سانسور بوده و احتمالا روزی یکبار هم زنش را کتک میزده فقط بخاطر ثواب آخرت آن.

یکی نیست بگه آخه میفرمائید ما تمام این عکسها را سانسور کنیم که چی، شما بهت برخورده؟


My Family Cant visit That Wb Side BECAUse of These Pictures

by Uzair Ahmed Khan (not verified) on

My Family Cant visit That Wb Side BECAUse of These Pictures PLZ remove These Pictures !*