God is watching

Paintings that remind us of Neda

by Reza Kassai
I have attached some paintings I did few years ago that might be of relevance TODAY. When I look at these photos, it reminds of NEDA and the movement. I am planning on creating a poster as well >>> www.rezakassai.com



by Reza from DC (not verified) on

Reza, stages of Neda, these pieces now speak of the oppression that Neda endured, her defiance, subsequent martyrdom in face of ill guide regime that mis represents God - to your point, and finally who knows the difference, the ever seeing and timeless eye, which is symbol of God - which now cries tears of blood.


GOD, What God

by nemah (not verified) on

Do you still believe in God???
Iranians do, that's why 60 Millions are being suffocated now, I really don't he is there. No sign of him anywhere, Don't believe me, ask Neda.


God is watching??

by george (not verified) on

which God???there is no god get that out of your mind!!!!!


Beautiful and Striking!

by Assal_B on

Thank you for sharing these beautiful works of art with us. The one that calls out to me most is the blue faced girl with the bleeding tear drop.

I have been in awe since viewing your website. Your Kaza series is adorable and every piece I have viewed so far is 100% socially relevant.

Bravo on such unique talent!