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Reuters - A French satirical weekly whose office was fire bombed after it printed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad has reproduced the image with other caricatures in a special supplement distributed with one of the country's leading newspapers. The weekly Charlie Hebdo defended "the freedom to poke fun" in the four-page supplement, which was wrapped around copies of the left-wing daily Liberation on Thursday, a day after an arson attack gutted Charlie Hebdo's Paris headquarters >>>


Re: Sacred vs Profane ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

So using this logic:

Insulting an elected leader, or a not-so-elected Monarch - is very different to insulting people's deep belief systems,via a sacred figure, my very very good sir.

If I'm talking to a "Satan Warshipper', I should keep my opinion of "His Imperial Evilness" to myself, even if they are factual and backed by historical events and data.  That, madam is called "Appeasment" in my book, and to say the least, that's a bad policy, we all know what happens to those who try to appease "Evil", see Nevil Chamberlain.  This "Political Correctness" business has to stop somewhere, may god give us the good sense to know where.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Secular Government is an essential tradition of Iran's

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It separates the church and state, so people of one Religion can not interfere in the law and do completely insane things like prevent people of opposing views from expressing themselves, even against views held by a majority of people.

JJ said "Free societies have learned to live with such outrageous attacks on
those in power as well as their own religious figures. Cartoonists,
satirists, critics are protected under the law. No one can persecute or
lay a hand on them without risking jail."  This is not a mute point, it is what a free society does, it protects all (minority views), not just some (majority views).  So it is essential to be able to ridicule religion, because there are those that do not agree with religions and they are free to express themselves.

Khomeii brought to Iran Freedom for Islam, but he did not bring Freedom for all Iranians, so people can do anything they want in the name of Islam and if they want to leave islam the punishment is death, if they want live based on their own conscience there are severe punishments.

A free society is a tolerant one, tolerant of other peoples views and opinions, if I want to insult islam, I am free to do so in a free society and others are free to insult me.  The beauty of these images is they are also making truthful arguments regarding he intolerance of islam towards others and how they use terror against people that think differently. Very True. 

Poor Hafez, obliterated the ideas which Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based on.  But he lived at a time where he was not free to write his great arguments, so his real work was hidden from most because he was Using the language of Persian intellectuals & scholars, Dari.  It was Goethe who read his works and the translated works and gave Hafez a famous name in the West by saying it was not until I read Hafez (the intellectuals version) that I discovered God.  Sadly most Iranians to this day do not know the true magnificence of their philosophers thinking, because they only know them as poets, yet they are far more.  

For me one thing these pictures show is that Islam, which you feel is deserving of special treatment is far far away from Good thoughts, Good Words & Good Actions.  That is ultimately what being Free promotes Good because people can always debate the truth behind any assertion and discover the Truth.  Preventing this is an act of Ignorance which leads to evil, like we have in power in Iran.

Hafez for Beginners

"Sacred" vs. "Profane"

by Hafez for Beginners on


JAHANSHAH ( Editor): 

First off ROYALS, say in the UK,  may be "holy" to some, but aren't religious figures, in the modern sense of the word. So that ones's a moot point. Neither are politicans "holy" or Sacred figures to the public.

I have yet to see other "Sacred" figures from other religions posted in offensive scenarios on Front Pages (not South Park, some random show) . Like, say,  Jesus (and pardon me Jesus) sucking on a man's privates, I mean, there are claims he's "gay" - or Moses (pardon me, too sir) doing something stereotypically anti-semitic (torturing children for money, say) - on front pages of news stories. ("South Park" as an exception doesn't really cut it. That's on Cable. I have yet to see Jesus and Moses mocked on FRONT PAGES of newspapers, doing offensive acts, sir. And this coming form the mouth of a woman who is more spiritual than religious! But I see hypocritical arguments a mile off - Please show me a cartoon of Jesus or Moses/Abraham doing something offensive on the front page of a legitimate Western Newspaper, my good sir. 

Your argument was very unconvincing to me, and lacking in the understanding the diffeence between the sacred and the profane. I was very surprised! Very!

"Sacred vs. Profane"

There's a big difference between the two my good sir. Insulting an elected leader, or a not-so-elected Monarch - is very different to insulting people's deep belief systems,via a sacred figure,  my very very good sir.  So all those examples of Monarchs and Politicans you threw in were a waste, and insulting actually - to a person of "faith." (I'm sure unintended.) 

I have never seen one front page cartoon of Jesus doing something crass; neither of Moses. I was very surprised by your post here, Jahanshah.

SUGGESTION: Post to the Front Page two highly offensive Cartoons of Jesus and Moses. I suggest, Jesus getting serviced by a buxom man (sorry again, Jesus) and Moses doing something anti-semtic and offensive (sorry my dear Moussa, too) THEN - do come and let's discuss the reactions. Maybe even the New York Times could run this experiment?  

I don't want to have a mean tone, here - but you broke my heart, Jahanshah. Even the cover image - of Statue of Liberty and Mohammad doesn't hold water. One's secular, no-one really worships money - one is religious. See? Peace out.  

Jahanshah Javid

The problem

by Jahanshah Javid on

What is key here is FREEDOM vs. VIOLENCE. Politicians, celebrities and prophets (Jesus in particular, much more than Mohammad) are routinely made fun in free societies with satire and cartoons.

The British royal family are lampooned constantly. American, French, German, Israeli, Japanese... rulers are viciously attacked by cartoonists in their local mass media all the time. There are countless comedies and skits about Jesus and other Christian figures. Consider this Christmas song by the makers of South Park. Can you get more offensive than this?

Free societies have learned to live with such outrageous attacks on those in power as well as their own religious figures. Cartoonists, satirists, critics are protected under the law. No one can persecute or lay a hand on them without risking jail.

Muslims MUST learn that their sacred beliefs and figures are sacred to THEM, not to the rest of society. They MUST understand and ACCEPT that they cannot take matters into their own hands and harm those who draw cartoons of Mohammad, desecrate Islamic symbols, or criticize their beliefs. That is the problem -- violence as a means of retaliation against words or drawings or any form of expression that some my find offensive.

Fool Me twice...

Perpetual Peace?... Sure let's call it that ;)

by Fool Me twice... on

                                                                                                کارتون حضرت محمد دست در دستِ بانوی آزادی بی حجاب کاملأ  اُرگانیک بو(دندی). ولی همینکه خواستم خوشحال شدمی, دوزاریم افتادندی که این بانو یک کافر هستندی!.... و متنِ صریح قرآن کریم تکلیف را روشن نمودندی... و اینچنین بیان گردیدندی...
 ***سوره النساء ؛ آیه  ٨٩ «« کافران را به هر کجا یافتید گرفته و به قتل برسانید و از آنها دوست ویاوری نباید اختیار کرد»». ***
***سوره الاحزاب؛ آیه ٦٢ ««این سنت خداست که همهً ادوار اُمم گذشته برقرار بوده که مخالفان و فتنه انگیزان را رسولان به قتل رساندند و بدان که سنت خدا مبدل نخواهد گشت.»»***
***سوره الانفال؛ آیات ١١تا ١٤ ««و یاد آرای رسول آنگاه که پرودگار تو به فرشتگان وحی کرد که من با شمایم, مؤمنان را ثابت قدم بدارید که همانا من ترسی در دل کافران می افکنم تا گردنهایشان بزنید و همه انگشتاشان قطع کنید. این عذاب مختصرِ قتل و اسارت را در دنیا بچشید و که برای کافران در قیامت عذابِ آتش مهیاست»»***.

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Harpie-Eagle: Sometimes when you have nothing more to add, you are "silent." It's not a sign of defeat. I hope you understand what I mean. 


گمنام جون می‌دونستی یه شعر درباره تو گفتند:


در مذهب من بد نام بهتر بود از گمنام

جبریل امین ار نیست شیطان رجیم باشد


شاعر (گمنام)



Brother Gomnam ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

You sound like a good Sharia following member of Umma, you care to comment on any of the "FACTS" I stated about Quran and the history of Islam, or have you not even studied Quran in Persian like most Moslems have not.  Also rebuttals would be great on the atrocities commited by moslems of "Sadre Islam" including Mammad himself and his pedophilia commited on Aiesheh, specially those done to our fellow country men 14 centuries ago.

I notice the "Liberals" became totally silent now, hopefully you have more resolve in your beliefs.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


If you have ever attempted

by Gomnam on

If you have ever attempted tyo write any poetry, you would realize that one cannot write a good poem, if one does not believe in what he is writing.  The great poets may have been critical of the so called Ulema, or the clergy. That is different from thinking, as you seem to, that Islam is inherently violent and opposed to science and philospophy.


از علی آموز


از علی آموز اخلاص عمل شیر حق را دان مطهر از دغل در غزا بر پهلوانی دست یافت زود شمشیری بر آورد و شتافت او خدو انداخت در روی علی افتخار هر نبی و هر ولی آن خدو زد بر رخی که روی ماه سجده آرد پیش او در سجده‌گاه در زمان انداخت شمشیر آن علی کرد او اندر غزااش کاهلی گشت حیران آن مبارز زین عمل وز نمودن عفو و رحمت بی‌محل گفت بر من تیغ تیز افراشتی از چه افکندی مرا بگذاشتی آن چه دیدی بهتر از پیکار من تا شدی تو سست در اشکار من آن چه دیدی که چنین خشمت نشست تا چنان برقی نمود و باز جست آن چه دیدی که مرا زان عکس دید در دل و جان شعله‌ای آمد پدید آن چه دیدی برتر از کون و مکان که به از جان بود و بخشیدیم جان در شجاعت شیر ربانیستی در مروت خود کی داند کیستی

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

amirparviz: thanks. I continue to learn much from the man. 


Good Point Hafez For Beginners In Many Respects,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Historically Both Judaism & Christianity were no better, even worse. So your point is totally fair we need more Greats like Hafez who can slam all 3 religions based on truth and reason and lay in to all of the liars with equal determination and vigor.  The real pity is most Iranian don't know of the power of their own intellectuals works because they were written during times of religous tyranny, where educated and intelligent people would get persecuted for their thoughts and expressions.


Hafez for Beginners ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

You sound like a level headed and reasonable liberal person.  I wanted to ask you a question, how would you feel as a woman if your husband and 15-16 year old son were beheaded by savages and then you were married forcibly (Read Raped) to one of those same savages that very night.  Well, my liberal sister, I have news for you, this exactly what is condoned in Sourehs such as Tobeh, Mohammad, Baghareh, Aal Emran, etc. and this is exactly what was done to the jewish women of Bani Ghinghah and Bani Ghoraizeh tribes of Madineh, as well as any of the poor Iranian women living near the border of Iraq 1400 years ago.  This is exactly what happenned to many European women in the 7th century until the moslem marauders got their butts kicked by Chrales de Martel.

So face it lady, these cartoons may be funny, but more than that they are an expose' of an evil idealogy that has had a grip on the human race for 1400 years.  It is every human's responsibility to call it like it is, no more of this bul**** politcial correctness and Moslem apologism.  BTW, I didn't see any of the cartoons making fun of that Tazi psycopath (Mammad) raping a 9 year old girl child in the name of "Islamic Marriage", her name was Aiesheh.  Next time you want to be politically correct and ultra liberal, think about the future of your children instead.

Also, this barbaric and un-compromizing nature of Islam is what makes it somewhat Immune to a rennaisance, like Christianity went through.  You see they call "Mammad" khatam en nabieen, means this is it, he is eternal and his protocols are also etrenal and un-changable, this is what makes this backward idealogy so dangerous and this is exactly why it is everyone's moral responsibility to expose this cult by stating facts and directing attention to Quran's evil instructions.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland

Hafez for Beginners

Freedom to Cherry Pick

by Hafez for Beginners on

The nastiness of this "freedom": Would stand out - if we had Jews and Christians portrayed the same way. Freedom to ridicule is fine - but Freedom to cherry pick not so much. (although I'm noticing a few thrown in for good measure - but the title post still has Islam as the only religion with the moslem turban.)

Christ and Moses: There are images of Jews milking German babies for money - prior to WWII - can you imagine the "freedom to ridicule" folks getting away with that, now? Or a cartoon of Christ as  "gay" - sucking on a man's privates? (pardon me Jews and Christ)

Let's get real:
"Freedom to ridicule" meaning to cherry-pick one relgiion, is ridiculous. That's what I'd choose to "ridicule." I didn't count the total, but it wasn't evenly distributed, or even evenly insulting.


Gomnam your post had ignorance in it and irrational too

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

To those Iranians who insist that Muslims are irrational and ignorant, I
would like to remind you that Avicena, Zakaria Razi, Rumi, Hafez, and
many more Persian Scholars, Philosophers, Scientists, and Poets have
been devout Muslims.  In fact the greatest majority of them.

This is not true

Iranians now know exactly what islam is, against freedom of thought, unscientific, intolerant and killing people that want to change or dress as they wish. As for Great Iranian thinkers they lived in a similar time to us where the shah's were not protecting their freedom, like the pahlavi's did.  So they had no choice but to say they were muslim to prevent themselves from being terrorized by this Religion of terror.  Great persion thinkers were not devout muslims, that would make them as stupid as the consensus of backward and weak iranians the mullahs control their minds today. 

For a fact most of their work ridicules and pokes fun at islam, the religion of lies and ignorant people.  The reasonas an iranian you may not know how joyfully people like hafez urinated on thekoran is because he was not free to urinate on the koran in public, every single poem of his is written in the Dari language, which was used by Iranian intellectuals to speak freely among each other in a land of islamic intolerance.  When you read the real meaning between hafez's beautiful poems, through its translations, you realize they have a much sweeter meaning as he communicates his ideas to other intellectuals and takes a nice big long dump on verses of the koran itself, the book of the ignorant and intolerant brainwashed people.

Get yourself educated, it is the only way to free yourself, don't just rely on the one book, read many. Especially read hafez and & rumi poems translated in the language of scholars, the dari language and enjoy the enlightenment that is the birth right of every Iranian. Their anti-islam views and truthful thought, unlike Islam, is what makes them Persian Greats.



What Rumi, Hafez .. . were?

by عموجان on

Supporter of killing any body with opposite opinion. 

Then they must have been the most confused Iranian philosophers ever. Their work speaks of how beautiful life is, but on the side they wanted dead any body that didn’t like their poem. 

Give me a brake, no, give yourself a brake G.


I personally do not think

by Gomnam on

I personally do not think that these cartoons are done in good taste.  They are a deliberate attempt to rouse rage and anger.  The people who have drawn such cartoons have done so very contemptuously and without much wit.  Whether all those who call themsleves Muslims are aware of this or not, Mohammad himself forbid iconoclasim to prevent anyone idolising him. To those Iranians who insist that Muslims are irrational and ignorant, I would like to remind you that Avicena, Zakaria Razi, Rumi, Hafez, and many more Persian Scholars, Philosophers, Scientists, and Poets have been devout Muslims.  In fact the greatest majority of them.  Perhaps you should refrain from passing judgement so hastily, and recognize that they have asked many ontological and epistemological questions of which most of you are unaware.  In fact I am almosty certain that the cartoonists who drew these unwitty cartoons and those who take such great joy in viewing them, don't even know what ontology or epistemology mean.  Neither do I believe that any Muslim should be so angry about these cartoons, since if you have faith in a absolute creator, you should recognize that such childish acts have no bearing on the creator's might.



by Arj on

Especially #4, says it all!



by Raoul1955 on

I am indeed impressed that this site has the courage to publish these.  Hopefully muslims won't kill the publisher.
I LOVE number 29, depicting a typical liberal attempting to reason with a muslim.  Well, he is getting what is so deservedly his...  :-)

Azarin Sadegh

Haha...I LOVE them all

by Azarin Sadegh on

My favorite: "C'est dur d'etre aime par des cons!"...Priceless! Thank you so much for the laugh!



the more these cartoons are published , the better

by jasonrobardas on

May be ,the moslem fundamentalists will be desensitized to this non sensical intolerance .....that makes them act so barbaric !!!


Cartoon Therapy

by divaneh on

Many thanks to all these artists. This is the first step on the rational thinking process and the sensitivity training as MG pointed. You can not kill people for poking fun at your beliefs. If it hurts, then dig deeper for the inherent weakness. Interestingly the Parisian Mullah condemned the attack in Paris which shows that like Christianity, Islam will change and adapt itself to the modern world when it has no power.

Mash Ghasem

Welcome to Muslim 'Sensetivity' Training

by Mash Ghasem on

Censorship 5 Mohamed Cartoon



Take a piece from each Cartoon

by عموجان on

Put them together you will get a picture of what Mohammad’s face look like. One angry man. Great cartoons, Muslims should relax, enjoy life for what it is and come out of  their fantasy world. Like #42

Don’t worry Faramarz there many more with evil thoughts but they haven’t catch-up with you yet. I just did.


This is not fair!

by Faramarz on

Now the posting is corrected and it looks like that I am the one who is  pre-occupied with evil thoughts!

Mash Ghasem

Good stuff

by Mash Ghasem on

Especially #s: 2,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,17, 28, 29, 30

# 17 captures the spirit of times!


A Great Collection

by Faramarz on

خدا گردن همه شون رو بزنه!


Posted by Artits or Artists! You can tell that JJ has been pre-occupied by evil thoughts