Freedom and shame


by Mona Shomali
Overall, my art has been most influenced by the (California) bay area figurative movement (1950-1965), and Iranian or Iranian- American art. The women are nude because nudity can represent so many different extremes within the narrative of being Iranian American: freedom and shame, tradition and modernity, public and private, vulnerability and pride, ownership and selflessness, oppression and liberation. The live model subjects of the paintings have been various Iranian friends and relatives over the years. All the paintings are oil on canvas>>>


nice but..

by HEVAK on

nice paintings.. but to me some of them look sad, not peaceful..

is that what we are? sad women? maybe.


Very Nice

by AnonymousLOVE (not verified) on

Dastet Dard Nakoheh,

I love the style and the Persian elements, but most of its very peacful and calming.


Nazy Kaviani

To be, to paint, and to see real

by Nazy Kaviani on

Dear Mona:

I loved your art and I loved your subjects. The real-ness of your subjects is impressive to me. That you said they were Iranian women didn't move me as much as their "perfect in their imperfections" body types. Is the (Iranian) viewer supposed to feel shame in looking at these images? I didn't. I was touched by the honesty in your art which must only come from your heart. Thank you for sharing your art with me.