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Photo essay: Urban art at the Albany Bulb, California

by Jahanshah Javid
The Albany Bulb is a former landfill largely owned by the City of Albany, in California. Many groups, including urban artists, local homeless, dog-walkers, teenagers, and environmentalists, use the Bulb area and feel they have a stake in it. The Bulb is home a vast array of urban art including mural, stencil, graffiti, sculpture, and installation art >>> Wikipedia

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Esfand Aashena

U look good, if u dont kill me 4 it this'd be a good avatar pic!

by Esfand Aashena on


Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

Great Eye

by Darius Kadivar on

Eery yet Amazing Photos. I could see this as a Setting for a Science Fiction film like Mad Max or some other story set in an Apocalyptic Future.

Thanks for Sharing.  


Ever Since Laci Peterson

by Faramarz on

Ever since Laci's body and her son's were discovered in that area, I have had a very uneasy feeling about it. Although I can see that on a nice sunny day everything looks great.

Thanks for the pictures.