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Photo essay: Cambodia rising from genocide

by Keyvan Tabari
Our guide at the National Museum of Cambodia began her introduction by saying that “the Khmer civilization is the oldest in South East Asia, as it dates back to the first century.” That was when Indian traders brought with them Sanskrit, Hinduism and Buddhism to the Funan area in eastern Cambodia. The Khmers were a mixed race who had themselves migrated here some three thousand years before from India, China and the islands of South East Asia. The Funan Kingdom was replaced by the Chenla rulers in the 6th century, who in turn lost power in 802 to Jayavarman II. He proclaimed himself devaraj (god-king) and was followed by a long series of god-kings until the 16th century >>> full text

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by Ostaad on

Thanks for bringing up the issue of the lack of description/narrative for the photo series on this Web site. I attribute this to laziness, and lack of respect for the readers.

Even JJ's "report" from Paris lacked any info about the people in shown in the photos.

I hope irritating shortcomings like this will be taken care of from now on.


Great pictures

by Iranyvaliazad on

and unlike other albums, this one provided ample explanation/description.  Thank you.


Amazing!  I'd like

by Anonymouse on

Amazing!  I'd like to visit Cambodia one day.  This is a place where some of world's most horrific atrocities happened.  It is nice to see it flourish and get back to its beautiful landscape and culture. 

Everything is sacred.


Couldn't help noticing the...

by Ostaad on

Persian carpets in shot #16. Great photos, thank you.