Follow Your Heart

Photo essay: Young Elizabeth Azadi already has her own line

by NYC Art Institute
Sometimes there’s a detour on the way to your dream. For Elizabeth Azadi, who always wanted to be in Fashion, there was a 10 year sojourn in the family’s construction business. But she always knew that that field “wasn’t in my heart,” so she made the switch. Even though a recent graduate, she has already created her own line, “based on what I learned at The Art Institute of New York City. I learned everything I needed to know in the two years that I attended here,” she says. “The instructors are hands on, and they held my hand and guided me. The Fashion Design program has opened endless opportunities for me.” Currently, Elizabeth’s line is selling on a fashion website. She will also sell her creations out of boutiques. She is as modern as could be, yet is still tied with invisible threads to her country of origin, Iran. -- The Art Institute of New York City